10 Plot Twists That Hurt Movies (+ 5 Cancelled Ones That Could've Saved Movies)

Filmmakers have always wanted that big "dun-dun-dun" moment in their films. The one where the audience gasps at a big revelation, and the plot twist that they created takes them on a roller-coaster ride for the rest of the film. While visionary directors have accomplished this very feat with their masterpieces, not all films are created equal. For every "I am your father", there are many duds out there in the cinematic universe.

All it takes is for one bad plot twist to completely ruin what would be an otherwise great movie. Or, a bad plot twist can even make an already bad movie even worse. While these are sometimes laughable, it is upsetting sometimes to see movies fall by the wayside because of one simple mistake. Here are 10 Plot Twists That Hurt Movies (+ 5 Cancelled Ones That Could've Saved Movies):

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15 Hurt - Wild Things

While Wild Things was not poised to win any critical awards, it has a special place in the hearts of most boys who grew up in the 1990s. As one of the most explicit films to receive a theatrical release, the amount of adult content in this film was very surprising. However, no amount of it can save a film from poorly written twists.

By the end of this film, everyone has turned against each other multiple times, mostly without any reason. The film tries to make up for its poor plot by adding in twists and turns, but ultimately it just leaves viewers annoyed.

14 Hurt - Orphan

While some plot twists gain points for originality, others fall flat because of how unbelievable they are. While Orphan does have an out-of-the-box twist, it became more of a punchline than a good talking-point.

When it is revealed that the 9-year-old Esther is actually a 33-year-old woman, it was shocking. Unfortunately it was not in the way filmmakers intended, as most viewers were laughing their way out of the theatre. While Orphan provides a medical explanation for Esther's appearance, it is so farfetched that not many people took it seriously.

13 Would Have Saved - Iron Man 3

While most MCU movies earn incredible praise, there are some on the list which President Kevin Fiege would rather not have out in the world. On the heels of the first Avengers, Iron Man 3 was poised to be a big success. However, once the film's ultimate villain - and one of Iron Man's greatest foes - was presented as decoy, fans were understandably upset.

However, the film at one point had a much different twist which could have saved it from being considered a failure. Rebecca Hall was originally the film's villain, which would have given the MCU its first female villain. However, the studio allegedly nixed the idea fearing that toy merchandise sales would suffer.

12 Hurt - Safe Haven

Nicholas Sparks movies are not always the most critically acclaimed films on the market, but they certainly have their place during date nights and Valentine's Day. While films like The Notebook are among the favorites of these melodramas, others have not received as much love.

Safe Haven did have a solid base for a romance film - girl meets a guy and they fall in love while he helps her overcome her past. However, including the ghost of his ex-wife in the story was certainly a laughable twist which resulted in this film achieving one of the lowest Rotten Tomatoes scores.

11 Hurt - The Dark Knight Rises

Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy helped set the standard for what fans should expect out of superhero movies. His films helped usher in a renaissance for superheroes on the big screen, which have dominated the box office for the past ten years.

The Dark Knight Rises was not poised to beat out The Dark Knight, however it was doomed from the moment of their big plot twist. Once Marion Cotillard was revealed to be Ra's al Ghul's daughter, fans checked out fairly quickly. There was little the film could do to match its predecessor, but fans expected much more than this plot twist.

10 Would Have Saved - Get Out

Jordan Peele's Get Out was one of the pleasantly surprising films in recent years, and deserved the accolades that it received. On its own, there is little wrong with the film as its powerful message was heard loud and clear. Despite how nearly perfect it is, Jordan Peele's original ending to the thrilled actually improved it even more.

Instead of Chris being rescued by his friend Rod from his nightmare at his girlfriend's  house, Chris is picked up by the police and ultimately charged for his "crimes". Peele ultimately decided to move away from this ending as it was "like a punch in the gut" for the audience.

9 Hurt - The Village

Director M. Night Shyamalan has become well-known for his twist endings over the years. While there are numerous films of his which could be included on this list, The Village is always at the most discussed. After drawing in viewers with an engaging story about monsters in the woods outside of a rural 19th-Century town, it all unravels with an implausible twist ending.

Following the reveal that the film actually takes place in modern-day, and was fabricated as a community for the residents, all viewers let out a collective groan. Fans were hoping for a big pay-off about monsters who were preventing the residents from going into the woods, but they were let down by Shyamalan once again.

8 Hurt - Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

The things that made films like Raiders of the Lost Ark and Temple of Doom so exciting were completely removed from the last installment of the Indiana Jones franchise. Despite the financial success of Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, fans were very disappointed to learn what the film had in store for them.

While the first films focused on the adventure behind recovering artifacts rooted in history, this film introduced aliens and psychic powers. Unfortunately, no fans of the franchise asked for Indy to be dealing with any of these things.

7 Would Have Saved - Terminator 2

James Cameron's Terminator 2: Judgment Day was one of the most ground-breaking action films in the 1990s. Featuring special effects which had never been seen before, the film became an instant classic. Unfortunately, multiple sequels have driven the Terminator franchise into the ground over the years.

Cameron was very close to altering the future by having an alternate plot twist for this film's ending. The film almost ended with Sarah Connor watching her grown-up son playing with her granddaughter, which makes the sequels impossible. If only fans had a Terminator to themselves to go back in time and change the course of history.

6 Hurt - Spectre

Despite originating in the 1960s, the Bond franchise continues to be among the most popular and profitable movies when they are released. Since joining the franchise with Casino Royale, Daniel Craig has also shown to be a very successful and popular James Bond. However, the latest Bond film did come under criticism for its strange plot twist.

The big reveal that Franz Oberhauser was actually raised alongside Bond when they were kids made too many fans think about the plot twist from Austin Powers in Goldmember. When the most successful spy franchise is being compared to a parody of those films, there is certainly a problem.

5 Hurt - Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

Since its inception, the Fantastic Beasts franchise has developed a lot of controversy for various reasons, but this latest film added one more reason to the list. The needless plot twists that this film took to try and cement itself as part of Harry Potter's legacy were rejected by the community, which led to this film being the lowest-grossing Potter film to date.

The reveal that Creedence is actually Dumbledore's brother felt like a bad plot line from a soap opera. Fans were well aware that Grindelwald has an impending duel against Dumbledore, but adding in this layer to the story just made things confusing, which they were better off leaving out.

4 Would Have Saved - Fatal Attraction

Glenn Close is incredibly proud of her performance in Fatal Attraction, and enjoyed playing the role of psychotic Alex Forrest. Following her falling in love with Dan, she becomes obsessed with him and ultimately meets her demise at the hands of Dan's wife. While this did create a film which resulted in six Academy Award nominations, the film almost had a much different - and even scarier - ending.

Rather than waiting for Alex to meet her demise, she took her own life in an attempt to haunt Dan and his family even further.

3 Hurt - Us

Jordan Peele's second outing as director was certainly successful, but not as critically acclaimed as his first film. Us certainly upped the scare-factor in comparison to Get Out, but the ultimate twist during the film was not as well-received.

While the reveal of Get Out's big twist was shocking, Us' reveal was much more telegraphed. Most fans were able to spot what was coming a mile away, which made the enjoyment of the film much less. While still a great film to enjoy, it was not nearly as satisfying as his debut.

2 Hurt - Hancock

Hancock was what many consider to be the beginning of the end for Will Smith's bankability as a box office star. The superhero film was a big hit at the box office, but it began a downward trend in terms of critical praise. While Smith does not have a hand in writing the films he stars in, fans saw this film as "jumping the shark".

Fans enjoyed the portion of the film dedicated to Hancock and his surly behavior. But when it took a turn to introducing other superheroes - including Charlize Theron - fans were much less interested. Other films of Smith have done well since then, but many consider this to be his last great blockbuster.

1 Would Have Saved - Scott Pilgrim vs The World

Scott Pilgrim vs The World pits the awkward Michael Cera (as always) against multiple ex-boyfriends as he vies for his new girlfriend's heart. While the film is very faithful to the graphic novels, it did not win the heart's of many viewers and bombed at the box office. However, it has gained a following afterwards as a cult film which legions of people enjoy.

While it has gained an "extra life" after its theatrical run, fans have always maintained that the alternate ending is much better suited for the film. Rather than Scott ending up with his new girlfriend Ramona, fans have screamed for the alternate ending where he chooses his best friend, Knives. So many friends have ended with the best friend getting overlooked, and fans have always wanted this to be the difference maker.

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