10 Quirky Historical Figures and Their Equally Quirky Pets

We all know stories of eccentric people throughout history. What's more fascinating for us, pet lovers, are their eccentric choices in animal pals. Here are ten famous(ly quirky) people throughout history who had weird and exotic pets.

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10 Elvis


Elvis was an animal lover, and over his life he had a whole host of animals, including many dogs, horses, donkeys, spider monkeys, and even a peacock – until it started damaging cars at Graceland. One of his most exotic pets was a wallaby, given to him by Hollywood agent Lee Gordon. Elvis later donated the wallaby to the Memphis Zoo.

9 Salvador Dali


Dali, ever the eccentric, of course, had equally eccentric taste in pets. He had an anteater, who he'd take for walks around Paris, but his real love was an ocelot named Babou. Babou was known to accompany him on his travels, and was even invited into elite art salons.

8 First Lady Grace Coolidge


The First Lady of the Coolidge White House was an animal enthusiast. She had a whole menagerie, including a pygmy hippo, two lion cubs, a wallaby, and a bear. Her favorite pet, however, was a raccoon named Rebecca.

7 Tippi Hedren


Tippi Hedren, star of the Hitchcock movie The Birds, was also an animal rights activist. She had several adult male lions living in her Hollywood home, but she later moved them to a nature reserve that she founded.

6 Josephine Baker


The ever-glamorous Baker shocked crowds by appearing publicly with her beloved cheetah, Chiquita. She was known to walk Chiquita on a leash down the Champs-Élysées in Paris.

5 John Quincy Adams


In 1826. Adams was gifted an alligator by the Marquis de Lafayette. The gator lived in the White House for the duration of his presidency. It's unclear whether the giant reptile actually roamed the halls or was kept in a special room, but it was said that Adams was quite fond of showing it off to guests.

4 John Barrymore


The troubled, legendary actor loved animals, and drew comfort from his many pets. Among them were many birds, an opossum, a mouse deer, six dogs, a monkey, and a vulture named Moloney, who would sit on his lap and rub noses with him. Barrymore actually got a whole second home for his pets, where he preferred to live most of the time.

3 Audrey Hepburn


During filming for the movie Green Mansions, Hepburn was told to bond with a co-star, which, in this case, happened to be a tiny fawn named Pippin. The two got so close that Hepburn kept Pippin after filming, letting the deer roam her estate.

2 Frida Kahlo


Frida Kahlo, along with husband Diego Rivera, had a fondness for wild animals, especially deer. Kahlo's favorite deer was a miniature named Granzino, who was featured in her paintings.

1 Josephine Bonaparte


Napoleon's first wife had a taste for exotic pets. Among them were many dogs and exotic birds, and a female orangutan who she dressed in elegant clothing and trained to sit at the table during meals.


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