10 Reasons Why Bagels Are The Ultimate Breakfast Food

Bagels: the holy food no matter which religion you adhere to. There is truly no other food out there quite like a bagel. Dense, hearty, and chock-full of that rich dough we all love so much, bagels reign supreme above all other breakfast foods.

Check out 10 reasons why bagels make the best breakfast food.

10 They're hearty

A bagel, unlike a piece of fruit or a cup of coffee, will actually fill you up. You aren't going to be trying to snack all morning at work because you're starving. No sir, a bagel will give you all of the energy and fuel you need to be set until lunch.

9 They're great on their own

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You could buy a bagel in the store, literally add nothing else to it, and it would still taste amazing. With delicious flavours like poppyseed, and cinnamon & raisin, bagels taste good without any spreads or toppings. This is a huge help when you're running late to work or class and can't bother taking the time to slather cream cheese on a bagel.

8 But they go even better with cream cheese

I stand by my statement that bagels alone are yummy, but there's no denying that bagels with cream cheese are also pretty damn good. Bagels and cream cheese go together like macaroni and cheese, or peanut butter and jelly. The combination is just too good to resist.

7 Or as a side dish to a full breakfast plate

While bagels are certainly hearty enough to be your entire breakfast in the morning, they also know how to complement a full breakfast like the one pictured above. All restaurants should start serving bagels with their breakfasts as opposed to toast, because really there is no contest.

6 You can eat them for dessert

Whoever said bagels are a savoury food was 100% wrong. Just look at this cinnamon dessert bagel with marshmallows, pretzels, and Nutella! I am literally drooling. Sometimes people just want to have dessert for breakfast – this is a way to do so while feeling a little less guilty.

5 Or class them up with some smoked salmon for dinner

Bagels can go from being your plain, yet scrumptious, breakfast food one minute, to being ultra-gourmet the next. With the addition of some smoked salmon (a bagel classic), cream cheese, tomatoes, and red onion, this bagel is suitable to be eaten at any and all meals of the day.

4 They're easily transportable

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If you're on the run, you can easily buy a bagel and eat it as you speed-walk. If you're not in the mood to run and eat, a bagel can just as easily be stuffed in your purse for safe keeping until you get to the office. Unlike soft bread or fruits that easily bruise, bagels are a sturdy and reliable breakfast food that will survive any transportation routine.

3 They can be rainbow-fied

And we all know that if a food can be turned into a rainbow, it is worthy. The rainbow food trend made its way into bagels not long ago, and while reviews have been mixed, you must admit it's pretty fun to look at.

2 They're healthier than a donut

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This is just science. Bagels are healthier than donuts, yet equally as delicious, thus they are the superior breakfast food. Just check out this bagel above covered in thin cantaloupe slivers and pecans. Healthy and tasty AF.

1 Basically, they're little rings of heaven

There's no denying it. Bagels = life. So go forth and buy a dozen bagels right now.

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