10 Reasons Why Frozen 2 Might Suck (10 Why It'll Be The Best Disney Movie Yet)

Frozen has become the highest-grossing animated movie of all time. Disney so far has been dominating the movie box office and with Frozen 2 coming on the 22nd of November, 2019, it is possible that the sequel will outperform the 2013 film.

Being a sequel can be a good thing as there are still unanswered questions the first Frozen movie left us. However, knowing Disney's reputation of sequels, it is normal to show concern if this movie will not be as good. With Wreck-It Ralph having a successful sequel, there is a possibility that Frozen 2 will end up being just as good or better than Frozen.

Here are ten reasons why Frozen 2 might suck and another ten why it might be the best Disney movie sequel to date.

20 Might Suck: Second Thoughts Behind The Scenes

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After Frozen's success, it was no surprise that there would be a demand for a sequel. Disney CEO Bob Iger has mentioned to CNBC host David Faber, "Disney would not 'mandate a sequel' or 'force storytelling,' because to do so would risk creating something not as good as the first film." He has a point since a sequel is usually made out of pressure and to make more money.

19 Best Movie Sequel Yet: Unbelievable Animation

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Frozen's animation is nothing short of gorgeous. The visuals and aesthetics were one of the best features the movie had without question. While waiting for six years was agonizing, Frozen 2 is expected to have improved animation. The trailers have already shown a lot of fantastic visuals so far!

18 Might Suck: Potential Cash Grab

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Knowing Disney, it is a big cash cow that would use all their might to milk a franchise to make enough money. With Frozen 2 coming, we can see Disney swimming in the money. There is a lot of love and effort put into the film, but there are still concerns regarding Disney being greedy.

17 Best Movie Sequel Yet: Answers Questions

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The first movie left us with a lot of questions. Where did Elsa get her powers despite being born with them? How come Anna didn't have any powers? When did she learn how to use a sword? Directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee have stated that questions will be answered, so that gives us hope.

16 Might Suck: Can't Outdo Dreamworks

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When it comes to animated sequels, DreamWorks excels in continuing the story while making the characters and movies overall masterpieces. Disney does not have that luxury with their record of successful sequels critic and financial-wise. We hope this won't happen with Frozen 2, but anything can happen.

15 Best Movie Sequel Yet: The Voice Cast Comes Back

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Having the cast return to voice their beloved characters is always a good thing in a sequel. It shows that the actors have adored their characters and see how impactful they are. Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Jonathan  Graff, Josh Gad, and Santino Fontana have returned to reprise their roles in the first movie.

14 Might Suck: Cast Aside Anna

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As far as we know, the trailers for Frozen 2 show Elsa's growth and determination to know more about her powers. Anna also is important to Elsa's character, so we hope that Anna will not be shafted due to how much screentime she had in the previous movie.

13 Best Movie Sequel Yet: Figuring Out Elsa's Power Origins

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The Grand Pabbie trolls had knowledge of Elsa's powers, and during the first few minutes of the movie, we wanted to know more of how Elsa was born with her powers. The sequel will thankfully explore that and stray away from other source material like Once Upon A Time.

12 Might Suck: Have An Anticlimactic Ending

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Another concern other than being a potential cash grab is Frozen 2 having an anticlimactic ending. This would give Disney an excuse to continue the Frozen franchise when the first movie has already established itself as an incredible film. If Frozen 2 has an unsatisfying ending, we will be very disappointed.

11 Best Movie Sequel Yet: The Directors Return

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While sequels are hard to make, having a directorial return can help ease the filmmaking. Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee are returning to direct and write the story to Frozen 2. They have expressed concerns regarding a sequel to Frozen, but both believe that the sequel will be just as good, if not better.

10 Might Suck: The King And Queen Return

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For this entry, we are mentioning the worry that the parents will either be revived or have survived the ship crash all this time. The parents have appeared in the trailers, but many fans have been questioning if they are still alive. Would it be worth it for Elsa and Anna's character development? We certainly don't think so.

9 Best Movie Sequel Yet: World Building

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Many Disney movies mostly take place in one location in order to focus on a group of characters. Frozen 2, on the other hand, will have Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven travel outside of Arendelle to discover the origin of Elsa's powers by means to save their kingdom. It will be a thrilling adventure, we hope!

8 Might Suck: Frozen-mania Comes Back

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While this is a good thing for Disney, Frozen merchandise was plastered everywhere. Everywhere you go, there's a chance you'll see something Frozen related. This will make people who haven't given Frozen a chance to think that the movie is incredibly overrated and disregard it completely and not take it seriously.

7 Best Movie Sequel Yet: Worth The Wait

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With Frozen released in 2013, six years of waiting for a sequel seems like a good amount of time. While there are short films and other forms of media for the franchise, a proper sequel definitely deserves its time to improve the previous movie. After all, it would ruin the franchise if a sequel was released a year later.

6 Might Suck: Giving Elsa A Love Interest

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In all honesty, Elsa is a perfect example of a character that is praised for being independent and not relying on a love interest. She manages to be an interesting character without having a partner, and with that, Anna already had two love interests! If Elsa were to get a boyfriend or girlfriend, it would not improve her character development whatsoever.

5 Best Movie Sequel Yet: Outperform "Let It Go"

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You are probably sick of "Let it Go" even though the song's attention has died down. One of Frozen's greatest achievements is the soundtrack, so we hope that the sequel will have that one catchy song that has a great message. Maybe it can be a duet instead of just Elsa?

4 Might Suck: Disney Sequel Syndrome

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This has been referenced before, but Disney back in the 90s was pushing for beloved movies like Aladdin to have sequels. They were made for video and the quality was certainly downgraded. They even drifted away from the plot to where it does not add anything. Wreck-It Ralph managed to break that curse and we hope Frozen 2 will do the same.

3 Best Movie Sequel Yet: Characterizing The Cast

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A sequel is a good thing for beloved characters to have growth in their character arcs. It will be fun to see how Elsa will discover her powers, how Anna and Kristoff's relationship will progress, and so much more. We are nervous, but excited to see these characters again and how they will go through their journey this time.

2 Might Suck: Frozen Was Fine As Is

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Frozen 2 will definitely answer a lot of questions, but even if a sequel was not to be made, Frozen is already a great movie as it is. We can safely say that if Frozen 2 ends up being a critical disappointment, then we can always appreciate the first movie and its creative takes as a Disney movie.

1 Best Movie Sequel Yet: Redeeming Hans

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Hans' voice actor Santino Fontana has confirmed that he will return in the sequel. Hans was charismatic and cunning, and his reveal as the film's villain was shocking. Not much is known about his role in the sequel, but we hope that he can be redeemed for his actions.

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