10 Reasons Why Rabbits Are A Girl's Best Friend

You're finally done school. You get a job, and you move out to live on your own for the first time. For most animal lovers out there, this means that it's finally a chance to get a pet of your own. While most people wonder whether they should get a cat or a dog, rabbits rarely cross their minds. We're here to change that. Dogs and cats are seriously overrated. Dogs are a huge responsibility requiring walks, frequent potty breaks, and tons of training. Cats are notorious for being too independent, and will shed just about everywhere. Fish and reptiles are not particularly affectionate, and most rodents have a distinct and pungent odour. What's a girl to do? If this sounds like your thought process, then a rabbit may just be the perfect pet for you!

Here are 10 reasons why rabbits are a girl's best friend.

Rabbits are a 10-year life commitment. They are great house pets but they are also very peculiar. If you are interested in getting a rabbit, please visit House Rabbit Society or your local animal shelter for more information

10 They gives lots of kisses

Once your rabbit realizes you are a friend and not some giant monster that is going to eat them, they’ll start asking for kisses and pets relentlessly. They’ll nudge you lightly with their nose if you haven’t pet them in a while. On top of that, when they really love you, they’ll reward you with many wet kisses and licks to show their appreciation.

9 They love to snuggle

Once a rabbit trusts their human, they become incredibly affectionate pets. Your rabbit will happily hop up and snuggle into your arm, and cuddle for hours.

8 They can roam freely in your home

Most people picture rabbits to be like typical rodents; living in a smelly cage, leaving a trail of poop pellets wherever they go. This is simply not true. Rabbits can be easily trained to use a litter box (much like a cat) and can roam free around your house without making a mess! Just make sure to rabbit-proof your home.

7 They don’t bark or make excessive noise

Worried that your neighbours will be pissed off by a dog's barking, or by the midnight run that all cats seem to take? Well, that would never be a problem with a bunny. Bunnies don’t vocalize unless they sense an imminent threat. They are generally very quiet and your neighbours will never even know that you have a fluffy creature in your house!

6 They are entertainingly awkward

Rabbits are just the right amount of weird to make you smile. They put themselves in weird positions in weird places. Even if you are having a bad day, you won't be able to help but laugh when you see them being their awkward selves.

5 They love to Netflix and chill


Picture this: After a long day at work, you get home, throw on some yoga pants, and sit on your couch with a blanket, a glass of wine and turn on Netflix. You're too exhausted to go out for a walk, let alone make a dinner for yourself. Does this sound like you? If it is, then a rabbit is your perfect companion. Rabbits love to just lounge around. They’ll spend the majority of their day stretched out on the floor, or beside you on the couch!

4 They love to go for walks

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While your rabbit might live indoors, they definitely will not complain about the occasional outing to the local park! You can put them in a harness and take them out on adventures in any season.

3 They're very clean

Rabbits are very clean animals. They’ll groom themselves meticulously to keep their fur nice and shiny. You will never have to go through the trouble of bath time with rabbits.

2 They encourage healthy eating

Rabbits love vegetables and it is a vital part to their healthy diet. By having a constant supply of greens in your fridge for your fluffy friend, you’ll also be encouraged to eat more vegetables! Plus, how cute is the thought of making a salad for both you and your bun? Definitely an Insta-worthy moment.

1 They are irresistibly adorable

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Let's be honest – a big part of why people want a pet is because they're cute. It is definitely by no means the only reason why people are drawn to pets, but it is something people consider. Unsurprisingly, rabbits are one of the cutest pets you can have. Look at this pair of cuties! How can you possibly say no to this face?!

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