10 Reasons Why The Rise Of Skywalker Will Suck (10 Why It’ll Be The Best Star Wars Movie Yet)

In 2012, the world almost came to an end with the fulfillment of a prophecy. Walt Disney purchased LucasFilms and promised to make new Star Wars films. Instantly, there were fierce debates all over the galaxy. The original trilogy is an all-time classic that changed cinema forever. However, the prequel trilogy tarnished the franchise and nearly brought it to an end. According to Screen Rant, fans have mixed feelings when it comes to the sequel trilogy. In 2015, The Force Awakens hit theatres and pleased a majority of the fans. Of course, there were still many doubters. Things have changed since that film, and the franchise isn't the same. Many doubters feel they're proven right.

Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker has fans both excited and dreading the release. Some hope it brings the saga to an end (finally). They hope that ending is fitting and one they want to see. Other fans can't see a way to save the series at this point. They've lost all hope in the franchise and the force. Once again, it's a battle of good and evil. Here's a closer look at the galaxy and beyond. Here are 10 Reasons The Rise of Skywalker Will Suck (And 10 Reasons It'll Be The Best One Yet).

20 Last Jedi Was A Major Let Down - Disappointment

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Fans were nervous before the release of Force Awakens, but most were happy when it was over. The doubters still found something to doubt, but there was still balance in the force. However, The Last Jedi undid all the goodwill the sequel trilogy had. It left fans feeling sour and unsure about the final film in the Skywalker saga. If Last Jedi is any indication, the final movie is bound to disappoint.

19 Kylo Ren’s Redemption - Best Yet

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Many theories are floating regarding Episode IX. Fan speculation has run rampant, and some interesting theories emerge. There is one theory in particular that, if executed correctly, could make the film. The theory suggests that the film's main antagonist Kylo Ren will turn to the light side and have his redemption. It might be time for Kylo Ren to return to using his real name, Ben Solo.

18 Too Many Star Wars Films - Disappointment

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The original Star Wars trilogy came out between 1977 and 1983. The groundbreaking series was unique and ahead of the curve. It was like nothing in theatres at the time. That's not the case this time around. The market now features similar movies and special effects. In particular, the Star Wars Universe has oversaturated the market. There are too many Star Wars films in the galaxy. That makes Episode IX just another movie.

17 Anakin Skywalker And Tying It All Together - Best Yet

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The producers have dropped a few hints regarding the final film in the series. One that has fans excited is the idea of tying the Skywalker saga altogether. Indeed, there are rumors of tying all three generations of Skywalker together. That would mean a possible appearance by both Anakin and Luke Skywalker. Luke's a given to make an appearance, but an appearance by Anakin/Darth Vader would take the film up a level.

16 Snoke Ignored - Disappointment

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The Force Awakens introduced two main villains. Kylo Ren took center stage, but it set Supreme Leader Snoke up as a future antagonist. Fans were interested in this new villain and his possible connection to the previous films. However, Last Jedi cut that out when Kylo turned on Snoke. Hopefully, the producers won't ignore Snoke's role in the last two films.

15 Princess Leia/Carrie Fisher’s Final Role - Best Yet

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It's safe to say the original trilogy would not be the same without Princess Leia. She became one of the most prominent characters in the saga. She returned for the sequel trilogy and appeared in all three films. Sadly, Carrie Fisher passed away before completing filming on her role. However, the producers had enough unused footage from the first two films that they were able to include her.

14 The Fans Are Tough To Please - Disappointment

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Star Wars fans are equally as famous as the films themselves. Indeed, the fans are the most loyal and dedicated in the world. They know every detail about the movies and the characters. They even know details that the actors don't know. However, they can also be tough to please. They can break down every aspect and find something to hate. There will always be a portion of the fan base they can't satisfy.

13 Jedi vs. Sith War Reaches Its Climax - Best Yet

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Star Wars films have been about many different wars. Indeed, it's a battle between good and evil. To be specific, it's a battle between the Jedi and Sith. The Rise of Skywalker promises to bring an end to the epic battle. It's the climax of a never-ending war between the Jedi and Sith. The final film promises it'll finally come to an epic ending.

12 Relies Heavily On CGI - Disappointment

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A New Hope first hit theatres in 1977 and was an instant hit. The ground-breaking film changed special effects forever. However, the film didn't rely on special effects. The film told an incredible story that left audiences in awe. The last movie relies heavily on CGI to make the film. The story is often weak and not on the level of the original trilogy. However, Force Awakens didn't rely on CGI like The Last Jedi.

11 Director J.J. Abrams Returns - Best Yet

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The Last Jedi left fans angry and with feelings of frustration. A lot of the blame fell on director Rian Johnson. However, Force Awakens had fans feeling happy and optimistic. Part of the credit for that went to J.J. Abrams. Fans are excited about Abrams' return. His return gives the franchise a new hope with Abrams back at the helm.

10 No George Lucas - Disappointment

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It's safe to say that Star Wars wouldn't exist if it weren't for George Lucas. Lucas' vision became a fantastic reality. He created the universe, characters, and backstory. He played a significant role in the original and prequel trilogies. The prequel trilogy had a rocky start, but most agree Revenge Of The Sith is a good movie. However, he has no role at all in the sequel trilogy. He gave Walt Disney his notes, story treatments, ideas, and outlines. However, the studio largely ignored those notes.

9 Rey Becomes Villain Theory - Best Yet

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As noted, there's a theory that this film will serve as Kylo Ren's redemption. However, that's only the first part of the theory. In the second part of the theory, the film's protagonist, Rey, turns to the dark side. Indeed, the theory suggests that Rey becomes the film's villain. That does seem a bit tough to pull off, considering this is the last film of the saga. Regardless, it's one of the more interesting theories.

8 Solo: A Star Wars Story Was A Major Let Down - Disappointment

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When Walt Disney decided to continue with Star Wars, they also decided to expand the universe. As noted, they've oversaturated the market with Star Wars films that none feel special. Indeed, the last few films haven't done well at all. For instance, Solo: A Star Wars Story let fans down and was a disappointment. Fans also became cautious about the future of the beloved franchise.

7 Lando Calrissian Returns - Best Yet

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The Rise Of Skywalker features the return of several famous characters from the original trilogy. Fans are excited about the return of Lando Calrissian. Of course, Lando appears in Solo but was played by Donald Glover. Billy Dee Williams returns to portray the original Lando. The sequel trilogy has brought back characters from the past and mixed them in with some new ones. Lando's return has fans feeling excited about Episode IX.

6 Too Similar To Episode VI: Return Of The Jedi - Disappointment

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Force Awakens wasn't without its complaints. Indeed, the biggest complaint is that it was too similar to the previous Star Wars films. It followed a very similar plot to A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back. Fans worry that The Rise Of Skywalker will be too similar to Return Of The Jedi. Fans are hoping for an original story that leaves them feeling happy.

5 Ending Skywalker Saga - Best Yet

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The final film in the saga promises to bring an end to the epic Skywalker saga. Of course, many fans feel Return Of The Jedi already accomplished that. However, the sequel trilogy can still bring the saga to a conclusive ending. It's time for the Skywalker and Solo family to take it easy for a while.

4 Not The Actual End - Disappointment

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As noted, the film promises to bring an end to the Skywalker saga. However, that's not the end of the Star Wars films. Indeed, Walt Disney plans to continue expanding the galaxy more and more. They've already started with Rogue One and Solo. Both films fall into the A Star Wars Story category. They're considered separate from the Skywalker saga. Therefore, the market is about to see even more Star Wars films.

3 Emperor Palpatine Returns - Best Yet

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The Rise Of Skywalker marks the return of the most devious villain in the galaxy, Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious. He's the mastermind behind the main antagonist in the original and prequel trilogy. It would make sense for him to reappear in the final film to bring it to its end. Fans could barely contain their excitement with his appearance in the trailer.

2 Can’t Live Up To The Original Trilogy - Disappointment

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The sequel trilogy has done well but still struggles. One of the main problems is it'll never live up to the original trilogy. The films are so great and set the bar so high no film after can even compare. They fail to meet the same standard and tell an original story. It's destined to fail because its in the shadow of the original trilogy.

1 Will Hopefully Answer Questions - Best Yet

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The Rise Of Skywalker has the potential to be at the same level as the original trilogy. There are several burning questions fans haven't received answers for yet. For instance, who are Rey's parents, and why did they leave her behind? Indeed, there's a long list of questions set up in the first two films that need answers. If these questions have answers, fans will leave the theatre very happy. The answers and a conclusive ending will make this a great film.

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