10 Refreshing Sangria Recipes to Get Your Next Party Started

On a hot summer day, be it a calm afternoon outside, a dinner with friends or even reading a book on your porch, there is no better accompaniment than a nice pitcher of something fresh, fruity and cold.

Mixology is the more dangerous cousin of cooking, and much like cooking, experimentation can be fun, delicious and open up whole new combinations.

Here are some quirky and delicious recipes to try this summer.

10 White Sangria with Lavender-Mint Simple Syrup


Lavender is great for headaches, so if the sun gets to you like it does me, retreat under a parasol and sip on this. The combination of slices of apple, nectarines grapes and lime add a bit of flavour, without making it too sweet. You can find the recipe here

9 Peach Beer Sangria


Now, I know this isn't exactly a traditional sangria, what with the lack of wine, but give this a try. The combination of peach and beer is fantastic, it's sweet, but balances out the bitterness of the beer, to make it a great summer sangria contender. You can find the recipe here

8 Pineapple-Mojito Sangria


Ok, I know not all things that taste good go well together, but think about this... With the rum and the pineapple, you're most of the way to a pina colada, and by adding lime a dry white and mint, you're just making it fresher and fruitier, and perfect for summer! You can find the recipe here

7 Honeycrisp-Apple Sangria


This sangria was meant as more of a fall sangria, it's sort of like a more alcoholic cold mulled wine, but there's no reason why you can't drink that in the summer. Plus, when the sun sets and it gets a little chilly, you'll be thankful for the extra spice that warms your glass. You can find the recipe here

6 Spicy Sangria


In the past, I've resorted to adding fresh chilies, or using chili tequila to making spicy sangria, but I like this recipe, and the great color combination of that nice purple and bright green. This recipe commits, whole hearted, with 1 whole seeded jalapeno and a teaspoon of hot sauce. Try this at your own risk, and enjoy!

5 Lychee Sangria


If you love lychee like I do, you are already half way out the door to get the ingredients. That said, this is not a high alcohol content sangria, St-Germain is only 20% alcohol/volume, but this will taste and look fantastic. You can always add vodka or champagne and play around a bit with it. You can find the recipe here

4 Sangria Verde


What's good about this recipe is the fact that there is no added sugar, and with the soda and fruit, that's probably just fine. Having this recipe on hand particularly appeals to me because I like the idea of a green sangria for christmas or for st-paddy's day. Plus, green is my favorite color. You can find the recipe here

3 Chocolate Cherry Sangria


I didn't know how I felt about chocolate wine on it's own, before the idea of putting it in a sangria, but I'm definitely warming up to it now. I'm thinking a nice addition to this would be cherry kirsch, if the cherry flavour doesn't come through sufficiently with the cherries. You can find the recipe here

2 Melon Mint Sangria


Honeydew melon is a summer staple for me, so it's a no-brainer to add it to sangria. Now, I'm not one to question Martha Stewart when it comes to presentation, but I think this would look much cuter if all the melons were melon-balled, give it a try if you want, but then again, this is sangria, put in as little or as much effort as you want. You can find the recipe here

1 Rosé Bourbon Sangria


This is everything I want in life, citrus, strawberries, wine, watermelon, raspberries, rosé AND bourbon. I am enamored, I tell you now, there is nothing like lemonade(or grapefruit juice) and bourbon. You can find the recipe here

Now that I've written about all these beautiful summer sangria recipes, all I can do is wait, impatiently, for summer to actually start.

Keep hydrated, everyone, and drink responsibly!

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