10 Rides WWE Completely Wasted On TV (And 10 They Didn’t Dare Touch)

The WWE is not about wrestling. It’s not about the smack talk or even that it’s a machine that churns out its stars into full-fledged celebrities. What it’s really about is the spectacle. Events feel big, the action is thrilling and the storylines theatrical.

For wrestlers to perform, they depend on allies, adversaries and most of all, eye-catching props. Cars, trucks, limos and even tanks not only serve as ways to transport wrestlers to the ring, but also aid them in their destructive ends.

Harder than a padded mat, cars catch wrestlers as they’re slammed, thrown and beaten into its exterior. While many cars get destroyed by wrestlers in the WWE, there are plenty they drive in but wouldn’t dare put a scratch on.

We’re going to look at the cars wrestlers didn’t hesitate to wreck, along with the cars they’d take a personal beating over before letting anyone lay a hand on it.

20 Wasted: Big Show Crushes The Big Dog On Hackney Carriage

via YouTube user WWE

After exchanging heated words, Big Show took out his anger on Roman Reigns during a match in London. For the first couple minutes, Big Show repeatedly flung Reigns into the side of a stationary Hackney Carriage. Then, for the final act, he raised Reigns up by his throat and threw him down, making a huge indent in the roof (YouTube channel WWE).

19 Wasted: Eddie Guerrero Betrays Tajiri

via YouTube user DoubleZWWE (TheDoubleZTV)

Eddie Guerrero wasted his own vehicle back in July 2003 during a Smackdown when he teamed up with Tajiri vs Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin. Benjamin had hit Tajiri into the hood of Guerrero’s truck. Guerrero was furious. He ended up taking out his frustration on Tajiri and slammed him down, breaking the windshield (YouTube channel DoubleZWWE).

18 Wasted: "Stone Cold" Steve Austin Dumped Cement On Vince McMahon’s Corvette

via WWE.com

No one wants to see a nice Corvette get ruined. Then again, it belonged to Vince McMahon, so that makes it easier to swallow. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin did a stone cold move when he got a cement truck and dumped all of its contents onto McMahon's white Corvette, making for one memorable moment—even though it was a waste.

17 Wasted: Undertaker Tombstone Piledriver On Top Of Hearse

via TJR Wrestling

In a major event billed as “Armageddon” on December 17, 2006, the Undertaker took on Mr. Kennedy in a brutal showdown that involved a Hearse. The rules stated that in order to come out the victor, someone had to throw the opponent on top of the vehicle and drive out of the arena. The Undertaker delivered a brutal Tombstone piledriver on the Hearse, which sent Mr. Kennedy packing (TJR Wrestling).

16 Wasted: Braun Strowman Tips Over Semi-Truck

via Sportskeeda

Braun Strowman was not happy. Kurt Angle had just fired him, thus resulting in a Strowman flipping out. The two got in an argument, with Angle telling him to leave. That’s when Strowman lifted a semi-truck and actually pushed it on its side. All Angle and those who were present could do was look on in amazement (YouTube channel The Fumble).

15 Wasted: Randy Orton RKOs Wade Barrett On Car

via fanpop

After countering Randy Orton’s RKO in the ring, Wade Barrett fled backstage. Orton chased after him to continue the fight behind the scenes. They eventually found their way into a garage with crew members fleeing the area. That’s when Orton threw Barrett on the roof of a car and RKO’d him (YouTube channel Blazing Lion).

14 Wasted: Hulk Hogan Rammed The Rock’s Ambulance With A Semi

via WWE.com

Talk about hitting a guy while he’s down. They loaded The Rock onto an ambulance and were on their way to the hospital when all of a sudden, Hulk Hogan emerged from a semi-truck and went to work with his crew wrecking the ambulance. That’s when Hogan came up with a plan to ram the ambulance with his semi-truck.

13 Wasted: Vince McMahon’s Blown Up Limo

via Deadspin

Vince’s white Corvette wasn’t the only vehicle lost. His white limo also met an untimely end, only in a much more dramatic fashion. Erupting in flames, Vince McMahon’s limo blew up before audiences; eyes and the WWE even staged it to look like Vince actually was in it at the time it exploded.

12 Wasted: Seth Rollins Slams Chris Jericho Down On Sedan Roof

via YouTube user Brandon Wilkinson

Seth Rollins was on the top of a black sedan when he grabbed Chris Jericho by his leather jacket and pulled him up there with him. It was on top of the car that Rollins pinned Jericho’s arms and slammed his head down. Be sure to check out candid photos Chris Jericho didn’t want to take and those he didn’t mind(YouTube channel WWE).

11 Wasted: Hulk Hogan Demolishes The Undertaker’s Bike

via WWE.com

Hulk Hogan sure loves driving into vehicles. He ended up plowing into The Undertaker’s bike with a semi-truck. The Undertaker even struggled to get his crushed bike out from under the semi-truck and looked for Hogan in a rage. It was not a pretty sight for The Undertaker or audiences.

10 Left Untouched: "Stone Cold” Steve Austin's ATV

via YouTube Channel WWE Mania

One of Stone Cold’s more memorable entrances was when he first rolled out on an ATV. Despite bumping into the ring a couple times while chasing Theodore Long, the ATV remained in top-notch condition long after the event was over. Stone Cold even chased Vince around backstage while on his ATV and drove it on top of The Boss’s black limo.

9 Left Untouched: John Cena's WrestleMania Mustang

via NEO Sports Insiders

One of the coolest ring entrances involving a car (outside of all Eddie Guerrero’s) was John Cena’s at WrestleMania 23. Rolling up in a black Mustang from outside of Ford Field was a memorable way to kick the match off. Even though the car broke through a wall of glass, the car itself was A-OK.

8 Left Untouched: Kurt Angle’s Milk Truck

via Cageside Seats

Kurt Angle has had his rivals over the years—not to mention the WWE’s fanbase. It was during his discord with Stone Cold Steve Austin though that Kurt Angle’s milk truck came into the picture. Despite the truck being at the center of Austin’s frustrations, and getting doused with milk in the process—it would ultimately survive “Milk-O-Mania" (Cageside Seats).

7 Left Untouched: A Handful Of Cars From John Cena and Eddie Guerrero’s Street Fight

via YouTube user WWE Mania

There were more than ten cars used for John Cena and Eddie Guerrero’s street fight in 2003. Even though a blue sedan lost its windshield, the hood of a car got banged up with a shovel and a couple of red sedans got nicked, many of the cars came out of it unscathed.

6 Left Untouched: DX Tank

via YouTube user PEEP SHOW

During SummerSlam 2009, DX had an explosive entrance. Staged to look like missiles were firing onto the stage, the team rolled out with military personnel, jeeps and a tank. Even if the WWE wanted to wreck the tank for some reason, they would have a tough time disassembling this armored vehicle.

5 Left Untouched: Eddie Guerrero’s Lowriders

via Tumblr

Of all the wrestlers throughout the WWE’s history, Eddie Guerrero had some of the best ring entrances. While not all of the Latino Heat's cars survived the matches—such as his black pickup touched on earlier—many of his lowriders did. During one match in particular, Guerrero even took a break to kiss his blue lowrider after getting kicked by Último Dragón.

4 Left Untouched: "Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s Beer Truck

via Pinterest

Before Kurt Angle gave Stone Cold a taste of his own medicine, The Texas Rattlesnake rained on The Rock’s parade. He jumped up on top of a Coors truck and said some heated things about The Rock. Beer may have gotten all over the truck—along with Vince’s $3,000 suit—but the truck never got wrecked.

3 Left Untouched: Limo Behind Ahmed Johnson’s Car Roof Slam

via Uproxx

It may not be as electrifying of a car roof slam as The Undertaker’s was on a Hearse, but it’ll do. Ahmed Johnson Pearl River Plunged D’Lo Brown on top of a sedan in the middle of the street. While that car got the brunt of it, it’s the white limo parked in the background that got off easy (Uproxx.com).

2 Left Untouched: WWE Jet

via Bleacher Report

The WWE jet is not only the preferred ride of the organization’s execs, but it also stands as a symbol of the WWE’s success. Sporting a black paint job with a red stripe down the side, the jet is a sight to behold. Except for the time DX spray-painted its logo in green on the plane, it’s remained untarnished all these years. (Bleacher Report).

1 Left Untouched: Triple H’s Motorcycle

via WWE.com

In a match between Triple H and Seth Rollins dubbed "The Ultimate Thrill Ride,” Triple H took that title to heart for his grand entrance. He mounted a three-wheeled motorcycle while Stephanie McMahon had his back. He even had a police escort ride along with him, ensuring the bike was safe from harm.

Sources: YouTube, TJR Wrestling, Cageside Seats, Bleacher Report

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