10 Ridiculously Adorable Wild Animals We Wish We Could Share Our Homes With

The internet is full of pictures with white tiger cubs, lazy red pandas and playful elephants… and then there are those cute, exotic animals no one really knows about. One of my strange passions is to search for these crazy, unknown animals that I would love to adopt right now, and if my letting agency wouldn’t be so strict, my home probably would be an animal shelter full of weird animals. Whether you are a university student who is not allowed to keep pets or a grown-up taking care of various different animals, these little wild cuties will definitely melt your heart!

10 Gundi

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We especially love…

…when they are together with their family

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Little, breathing furballs with probably the softest and fluffiest fur ever. These little creatures look like the perfect mix of a chubby hamster and a chinchilla, and they are probably winning every who-has-the-cutest-ears contest. It probably doesn’t come as a big surprise that their most important mission in life is sleeping through days and waking up to eat, so they would probably be a perfect fit for many of us.

9 Quokka

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We especially love…

…their selfie-face!

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Australia’s new favorite animal is famous for its adorable smile and snuggly face, and we can absolutely understand why quokkas have become the center of attention for tourists

Dear Australia, can we have some of these cuties over here as well?

8 Pink Fairy Armadillo

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We especially love…

…that they are PINK.

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No, this isn’t some made-up name – "fairy" is actually in their official name. As if their name and color weren’t convincing enough, just look at their clumsy big claws, small nose and super soft fur! And I just can’t get over the fact that they are pink.

7 Poto Bird

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We especially love…

…the eyes that shine brighter than our future. Duh.

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There is something so adorably creepy and scary about this bird that it makes me want to cheer him up and discuss his problems. It looks like a depressed, tiny version of an owl with the largest, saddest eyes ever, and although they might eat our souls while we are asleep, I still really really want one.

6 Capybara

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We especially love…

…how chill they are with all the other animals.

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Or what I like to call "giant guinea pigs." As a former owner of the laziest guinea pig ever, capybaras are my new favorite animal, and it would be a dream come true to see this huge rodent play around my home…or sleep…or simply just exist near me.

5 Axolotl

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We especially love…

…that smile.

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This adorable beastie looks like a mini dragon on prozac that lives under the sea and just wants to play and join charity organizations. After researching, I found out axolotls are actually salamanders, and are also known as walking fish – except they are way cooler than a usual fish or salamander. Good news for those of you scrolling through this list (and wishing you could have one of these as pets): you can get axolotls as pets! Just make sure to do your research first.

4 Fennec Fox

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We especially love…

…those eeears!

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Fennec foxes are taking the cuteness level of a fox to the next level with their small button eyes, huuge ears and soft fur. They are known to be very curious and playful animals, so they would be the perfect company for a cat or dog.

3 Dik-dik

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We especially love…

… that stunning face!

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Is there anything more beautiful than this miniature deer with the eyes of an angel? From the funny nose, to the big eyes, and small ears, this fragile creature stole our hearts immediately. (How can something walk on those spindly legs by the way?)

2 Wombat

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We especially love…

…how lazy they are!

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Oh, this is such a classic. Wombats enjoy doing absolutely nothing... and when I say nothing, I mean it. I was obsessed with them as a child; I would watch them at the zoo for hours, and all they did was eat and sleep. My spirit animal ?

1 Tree Kangaroo

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We especially love…

…family photos of tree kangaroos

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If kangaroos weren’t cute enough, let me present to you the tree kangaroo! A furry friend that, just as their name suggests, loves to climb trees. With the face of a frightened bear and the fur of the fluffiest cat, how is it that tree kangaroos aren’t trending already?

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