10 Shows Riverdale Lovers Will Be Obsessed With

In case you all have been living under a rock, you might not be aware of one of the most entertaining shows on television right now. Fans of Riverdale know what we are talking about. The series is loosely based on the iconic Archie comics, and we can't get enough of Archie, Veronica, Betty, and the gang. We love these fictional teens so much that we need much more than just Riverdale in our lives. Here are ten shows that will be certain to grab your attention if Riverdale is your jam. Here's to so much Netflix and binging guys!

10. Looking For Alaska

If there is one thing that all Riverdale fans jointly love, it's a good old book-turned-movie. John Green fans and Riverdale fans alike are in luck because word on the street is Hulu in the process of transforming the adored read, Looking For Alaska, into an eight-part miniseries! We don't know a whole lot about the project other than Josh Schwartz, the producer behind teen faves like Gossip Girl and The O.C. wrote the pilot. Riverdale fans, as well as fans of The Fault In Our Stars and Papertowns, can go ahead and start getting giddy over this television winner.

9. Powerless

Cheers to the strong and empowered feminine heroine! Powerless stars Vanessa Hudgens as Emily Locke. Locke serves as a key employee for Wayne Enterprises. She works her tail off to develop products that help to protect everyday citizens from the evil superpowers of notable villains. Much like Gotham, the entire series is set in a DC Universe. Comics-turned-television series lovers will not be able to resist this twist on the good old classic DC premise. This is one of those shows that comics fans and their disinterested girlfriends can watch together because let's be honest, who doesn't love Vanessa Hudgins?

8. Pretty Little Liars

This series stemmed from the mind of author Sara Shepard, who originally penned the plot surrounding Spencer, Aria, Emily, Hanna, and the rest of the town of Rosewood. Pretty Little Liars is full of secrets, scandal, and relationship drama. All plots that readers might remember from the books are brought to a whole new level of "What in the actual heck?" Good luck only watching one episode of this series per day. Go ahead and cancel all future appointments until you run through all seasons of this guilty pleasure. There is some Netflix and chilling in your future people.

7. Between

This co-production between Netflix and Canada's TV City has two seasons under its belt thus far, and fans are begging for more. While we haven't heard much about a third season, it seems reasonably possible that it will happen. Teen drama and Riverdale lovers everywhere are crossing their fingers. This show takes place in a quaint little town that looks pretty perfect--except all of the adults dying off. The village of Pretty Lake gets quarantined, and the older kids take charge. This series draws in teen viewers who enjoy a hint of mystery and a flair for drama.

6. Gossip Girl

Ahhhh. This pick is an oldie, but a goodie. Of course, this show parallels Riverdale because it was first a book and then got spun into a television series. The television adaptation of Gossip Girl is different from the book in that it dives far deeper into the dramatic elements of romance, mental illness, crime, and illegal substances. It's one of those wicked indulgences that you watch, all while thinking that the plot lines are entirely horrifying, (especially for those of us who are adults now and parents), but you can not stop watching. It's impossible. If you start this drama, you will finish it, probably throughout a few weeks.

5. Supergirl

This comic book-based television series is based around the female heroine character of Kara Danvers, who is Superman's cousin. This kin to The Man of Steel hails from the planet Krypton and while she is certainly no ordinary human, she sure as heck tries to be while living among the humanoids on Earth. She takes a job working at none other than CatCo Worldwide Media, which fosters her ordinary person side, but she also kicks a whole lot of bad guys butts as her alter ego, Supergirl. It's a timeless story, but the concept of "Superman" really never gets old.

4. Stranger Things

Two things first: If you don't love the series Stranger Things, then we can not be friends. Also, you are seriously missing out. This show is so good, especially if you are a child of the eighties like myself. The cast, the cinematography and the emotional tugs at the heart meshed with fantasy and action make this show irresistible. It new and inventive while being so very awesomely throwback all at the same time. Very much like Riverdale, the series is set in a fantasy world and is mostly based on a book. Everything about this series screams, "Watch Me!" so listen up and tune in.

3. iZombie

Good looking zombies with likable human sides are so fetch right now. iZombie is yet another comic series that television writers and producers had the good sense to transform into a palatable television series. The DC comic-based show revolves around zombie-gal Olivia Moore, aka the pretty, intelligent zombie chick who is a little more good than evil. In the television series, Moore uses her "special talents" to help solve crime cases and bring justice to the suffering victims of the world. Of course, there is some brain-munching going on too because you know...zombies love themselves some brains! You can't have a zombie show without some human meals.

2. Jessica Jones

This is another winning pick for those viewers who live for comic character-turned-television hero based shows. Jessica Jones isn't nearly as famous as say Vampire Diaries or Pretty Little Liars, but it has a specific fan base, and those fans adore this character. It's based on the infamous Marvel character who forgoes life as a superhero to start over as the head of a detective agency. Season 2 is set to be released on Netflix in March of 2019, so now is the time to catch up on Season 1. You have a bit of time, so there aren't any excuses for not bringing yourself up to speed with this one.

1. Vampire Diaries

The CW show, Vampire Diaries, is a favorite among teens and it quickly grabbed the attention fo Riverdale fans and Twi-hards alike. Teens love themselves a little bit of vampy romance, that is for sure! This series stemmed from the young adult novels penned by L.J. Smith and centers around main character Elena Gilbert and her vampire brothers, Damon and Stephan. There is horror, fantasy and of course some loving to be had in this show. Tune in if watching youngsters navigate the uncertain fantasy world of nonsensical drama is your thing.

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