10 Signs He's Screwing Around (+ 10 He’s Committed To Her)

When a girl is with a guy and she’s into the relationship wholeheartedly, she will often wonder if her fella is feeling the same way. Is he as connected to her as she is to him? When he’s not showing her the signs she needs to feel secure, she may doubt that he’s as committed as she’d like him to be. And what if he does all the “right” things, but she’s still having her doubts? What’s a girl to do?

While it’s no good for a woman to live her life questioning her guy’s motives or motivation, she does need some sort of clarity in order to carry on. Being unsure only leads to confusion, which can cause her to become distant, accusatory, or even angry. The guy will not know what her deal is…unless her suspicions are valid – he’s dating around.

Here are 10 signs he’s not being honest with his girlfriend and he is seeing other people and another 10 that prove he’s just as smitten as she is and 100% on board with the relationship. Any gal who’s wondering what’s up should peruse these items and get a better idea if her man is a keeper or a creep.

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20 Dating Around: Never Texts Back Right Away

Via: celebrityphotos.co

A guy who's totally all in with his girlfriend can’t wait until she texts. No matter what he’s up to, he doesn’t hesitate to reply right away, showing her she’s important and his number one priority.

If he’s busy, the text will be brief and he will promise to get back to her soon. If he has some time on his hands, he can spend more time crafting a message that will make her feel like she’s the only woman in the world.

But if she texts and doesn’t hear back for hours, days, or even at all, she can count on the idea that he’s dating other women. He certainly won’t have a chance to text back everyone in a timely fashion.

19 Dating Around: Won’t Say Her Name When They Talk On The Phone

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There’s a Destiny’s Child song that alludes to this idea…when a guy won’t say a girl’s name while he’s on the phone with her, she can assume that he is in the company of another woman.

If there’s nothing to hide, then why not shout her name from the rooftops? But when he acts like he’s on the phone with one of his friends or a family member rather than the woman he’s supposed to be in a relationship with, she will become concerned and curious.

Who’s he with that’s keeping him from saying her name? This question will linger until he finally fesses up.

18 Dating Around: Takes Her To Out-Of-The-Way Restaurants

Via: usmagazine.com

There are plenty of restaurants in town, many with bustling social scenes and delicious food and drinks. All their friends go there and everyone loves the atmosphere and energy. But lately, he’s been taking her to strange spots – dive bars across town and hole-in-the-wall eateries.

She asks to go to someplace closer (and cooler), but he’s set on driving the distance to dine someplace else. It could be that he’s seeing someone else and doesn’t want to run into her. With so many people around, he’s bound to bump into his other “boo.”

Not only is the food bad, but so is the company. She ought to ditch this guy for one who’s not afraid to be seen with her in public.

17 Dating Around: Always Smells Like Someone Else’s Perfume

Via: prettygirlssweat.com

Every time her guy comes home “late from work,” he seems to smell like women’s perfume…and it’s not hers. He claims his co-worker douses herself in fragrance and the whole office smells like her when they leave, but she’s not buying it.

There’s no way another person’s scent can be so strong. He has run out of excuses and she’s onto him. He’s dating someone else and she’s got a thing for heavy perfume.

Not only is this guy not being upfront, but he’s a bad liar. She should buy him a bottle of cologne and a one-way ticket out of town.

16 Dating Around: Can Only Date During The Week

Via: elle.com

She wants to go out on Friday or Saturday night like everybody else, but her man is suddenly only available mid-week, say Tuesday or Wednesday night. She’s not interested in a night on the town when she has to get up early for work the next day, but he leaves her with no other options.

Not to mention, he won’t say what it is that is keeping him busy on the weekends. He is never straightforward and his excuses are always jumbled. If he’s not busy, he’s “not feeling well,” but she is getting a hunch that he’s out with another honey.

15 Dating Around: Never Clear On What His Plans Are

Via: elle.com

She always wants to invite him places but he can never commit. Not to anything. She would love for him to meet her folks or friends, but his plans (whatever they may be) always interfere with what she’s doing. No matter the day, he’s busy. And if he is not doing something else, he still won’t join her in case something else pops up…perhaps a date with another gal he’s also dating.

He’s playing her like a fiddle, and she is feeling like a fool. She’d be far better off planning her life without him in it. Then she won’t have to worry if he’ll be available.

14 Dating Around: He Never Seems Genuinely Happy Around Her

Via: cafemom.com

She’s totally in love but he’s not quite there yet. In fact, whenever he’s with her, it seems like he’d rather be someplace else. He’s always pouting and mopey, and she can’t understand why. They seem to get along great and do fun things, but nothing makes him smile.

He seems happy around his pals and when he’s on the phone, but when the two of them are together, he’s just not himself. She’s unsure why he’s feeling the blues, but he’s not giving her any answers. Until she finds out he’s also seeing other women, she’ll keep wondering what she did wrong.

13 Dating Around: He Picks Fights Based On Nothing

Via: zig.com

Just when the day was going swimmingly, he finds something to pick at and the whole day is ruined. She is all smiles and sunshine, but he wants to ruin the mood by starting an argument with nothing to back it up. It’s as though he’s looking for trouble so he can storm out and blame her for the stressful situation.

Little does she know that he’s pulling these shenanigans so he can sneak out and see one of the other girls he’s dating. Now she’s upset, but he’s home free. When he gets together with lady #2, there’s a whole new side of him that his original girl doesn’t get to see.

12 Dating Around: He Doesn’t Listen When She’s Talking

Via: Hollywood.com

When he talks, she’s all ears. She loves hearing his perspective on any topic, thinks he’s super smart, and loves his views on anything from the day’s news to pressing social issues. But when it’s her turn to speak, he completely zones out. It’s as though she’s talking to a brick wall. And he doesn’t even try to pretend like he’s interested.

She’s furious and hurt, but he’s got other things on his mind, namely the other women he’s dating. She deserves a guy who gives her the attention she deserves. Maybe his ears will perk up when she says she wants to call it quits.

11 Dating Around: Refuses to Use the 'L' Word

Via: hollywood.com

They’ve been dating for over a year and she’s sure that he’s “the one.” She tells him she loves him all the time, and while he acts like he loves her too, he never utters the words. She can’t understand how he can behave the way he does yet doesn’t tell her how he feels.

If he tells her he loves her, what will he do about his other fling? He keeps his distance so he can explore other options. He’s still playing the field, so he won’t be swept into the romance until he strikes out with the others. She shouldn’t wait forever for him to finally tell her he’s in love. If he doesn’t know by now, she’s only playing herself.

10 Committed: Totally OK With Their Social Media Status

Via: spontany.com

Guys who are committed to their girl have no issues when she wants to post pics of them together on social media. In fact, he encourages her to do it, and the more, the merrier. He wants the whole wide world to know that she is taken, and he is the lucky guy who gets to call her his love.

Even if he is not big into the social media thing, if she is, he doesn’t mind if she shares his pics with her friends and followers. He has nothing to hide, and only pride for his one and only.

9 Committed: He Starts To Look Like Her

Via: admin.pensandpatron.com

They say people start to look like their pet after a while, or perhaps they tend to pick pets that resemble them. Does the same go for guys?

When a guy is committed, does he become a carbon copy of his girlfriend? Take the example of Brad Pitt. Look at his pics on the web with the woman he’s currently with and it’s as though he slowly transforms into her. Pitt is definitely handsome, but he can morph into something even better when he’s truly in love.

When a gal feels like she is looking in the mirror when she sees her man, she can consider him a keeper.

8 Committed: He Wants To Adopt A Pet Together

Via: marthastewartweddings.com

It may be too soon for kids, but when a guy is committed to his lady, he knows he can also commit to “co-parenting” a pet. Having a furry friend together is a bonding experience, making their connection even stronger. Cuddling up with their four-legged friend on nights in will give them that “happy family” vibe, and knowing they are both responsible for another living creature means that they can truly count on one another.

She can see what kind of caregiver he is, and he can prove to her that he’s in it for the long haul. Plus, the animal will now have a forever home filled with love.

7 Committed: They Share Inside Jokes and Secrets

Via: businessinsider.com

Inside jokes and secrets are not only reserved for “besties.” They are also for couples who are just as close. When a girl can trust her guy with all her heart and soul, she can also rely on him to be her rock, in good times and in bad.

Being close with another person means sharing a common connection, one that no one else can truly understand or replicate. When a guy proves that he is that precious stone she’s been seeking, she can open up and share anything and everything. It’s the kind of closeness that can’t be broken apart.

6 Committed: He Stays In Great Shape For Her

Via: cafemom.com

Not every guy is built like an Adonis, but there’s a way to stay fit and healthy. When a guy shows his girl that he cares about his shape, it means that he’s still trying to look good for her, even if they’ve been together for a while.

If he was once in good shape and has let himself go, it shows that he has given up - not only on himself, but on her too. True, a relationship isn’t all about looks, but being somewhat aware of one’s state of appearance is important. He wouldn’t like it if she went from mini-skirts to “mom jeans.”

5 Committed: His Friends Think They Are The Corniest Couple

Via: weddingestates.com

Some people think “corny” is a bad thing, but when a couple is truly in love, they embrace the “corn” for all it’s worth. Their friends think they are the cutest couple around, but their lovey-dovey relationship is sometimes too sweet to swallow.

But since he is so committed to his gal, he turns up the “corn factor” whenever they are in front of their friends, just for a reaction. She loves how he is unphased by the whole thing, and it makes her adore him even more. She knows their friends are just jealous anyway. One day, they’ll be lucky enough to have a relationship just as corny.

4 Committed: Skips Guys’ Night To Hang Out With Her

Via: vogue.com

Fellas should certainly still hang with they guys even when they are in a committed relationship, but when the other guys are single and “ready to mingle,” a guy with a girl at home would rather stay there by her side than watch his pals make fools of themselves trying to impress a lady.

When he has the love of his life in his living room, why go to the bar to turn away women he doesn’t want anyway? Perhaps if it’s poker night or the men are watching a football game he will join in for some fun, but on those other nights, he’s happy to hang out with his honey.

3 Committed: Looks At Her Like She’s The Only Woman In The World

Via: brit.co

When a guy gazes into his gal’s eyes like he’s looking into the star-filled night sky, he’s as committed as a man can get. He is showing he’s vulnerable and in love, without the need to break his stare and look away. He is mesmerized by her beauty and grace, and cannot imagine that there could be another person as perfect as she is.

She can feel his sincerity and feels the same way about him. She has no doubt that he’s fully invested in the relationship, and knows he’d never step out on her. This guy is grateful to have found such a wonderful woman, and won’t chance losing her by doing something regrettable.

2 Committed: Mundane Days Are Just As Fun As Fancy Nights

Via: thefineline.org

When a guy is in love, he doesn’t need to do anything super exciting in order to have a nice day with his girl. A simple walk around town or a stop at the coffee shop make for a fulfilling afternoon, as long as they can talk and laugh together. Sure, going out for a fancy night on the town is certainly something special, but it isn’t necessary for making the relationship interesting.

Once he’s committed, he can chill out and realize that going overboard won’t impress her as much as his honesty will. Simplicity is just as special as the spectacular when a guy is with a girl he can’t get enough of.

1 Committed: Talks About The Future (Marriage, Kids, etc.)

Via: lolwot.com

There’s no doubt in a woman’s mind that her man is all in when he brings up the subject of marriage and kids. If he were dating around, he wouldn’t dare talk about such important issues, but when he’s committed these conversations are part of the next steps.

Discussing the future can be daunting for some, but when a guy knows that he has found the woman of his dreams, he can’t wait to plan for more adventures with her. He sees the path towards happiness in her eyes, and she can tell that he’s ready to settle down and get their future moving forward.

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