10 Signs He's Faking A "Nice Guy" Act (10 Signs He's Legit Dreamy)

Some guys are really good at hiding who they really are, even when they've been in relationships for years! On the surface he might look and sound like a legitimately good guy, but on the DL he's actually going around behind her back, ruining the relationship and twisting things around so when things go bad it's never his fault - ever!

It's tough to tell if a girl is with a genuinely good guy or if she's getting played when there are men out there who've been playing their whole lives. Luckily, there are a ton of signs he'll show if she looks closely enough. He'll reveal who he truly is and what he's really doing behind the scenes, but only if she knows how to interpret the signals he's giving her.

Here are 10 signs he's definitely faking the whole "nice guy" act and 10 that show he's actually a legit dreamy man who is worthy of her trust.

20 He's Fake: He's Always Checking Out Her Social Media On The DL

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Any man who feels the need to go through her social media accounts without "liking" or commenting on posts has got to be either low-key stalking or trying to find something that isn't there.

By pretending he doesn't look at her posts he's trying to lull her into a false sense of security in hopes of her slipping up and revealing something he doesn't like.

19 He's Legit: He Openly Checks Out Her Social Media Sites


A man who is confident in the relationship won't be afraid to "like" her posts. He has no reason to go behind her back to look through her public pictures, memes or messages in secrecy.

After all, he's her man already. If he has a question about something she posted, he'll ask her. It's that simple.

18 He's Fake: He Tells Her What To Wear

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Any man who tries to tell a woman what she can or cannot do is not the dream boat he claims to be. She should be free to decide exactly what she wants to do and how to do it!

If she wants to wear a cute bikini to the beach, he isn't allowed to tell her not to!

17 He's Legit: He Encourages Her To Be Her Own Person


Everyone has their own interests. A real deal dream man knows this and will encourage his woman to follow her passions.

Even if he doesn't like what she does, he isn't going to pressure her to change what she likes - he'll gladly give her the time and space to cultivate her own talents and invest in her own interests without giving her a hard time.

16 He's Fake: He's Insecure


Insecure men tend to bring other people down with them. When he's unable to confidently do something, his hesitancy starts to rub off on his girlfriend.

It's not her job to "save" him - real relationships are those in which both people have their act together and rely on each other. If he's insecure, he'll rely on her for everything and won't be able to reciprocate.

15 He's Legit: He's Confident


Confident men are drawn to confident women. When he's talking to her and sharing stories or ideas, he isn't afraid she'll laugh at him. He knows who he is and he's going to do what it takes to reach his goals.

It doesn't matter if some people ridicule him because he believes in himself, and that's all he really needs.

14 He's Fake: He Brags About Never Arguing With Any Of His Exes - Ever


Any man who claims never to have had an argument with an ex is either a liar or he just dumps women before an argument can arise. Either way, he's not the real deal.

If she's looking for a real man, she'll look for one who can at least be honest and who isn't afraid of an argument or two.

13 He's Legit: He Can Openly Talk About Previous Relationships


Knowing why a relationship failed and learning from it is one of the many signs of a mature man. When his new girl asks questions about his previous relationships, he's not afraid to share what the problems were or how he plans on overcoming or avoiding them with this new relationship.

He has no secrets, so his new girlfriend can rest at ease.

12 He's Fake: He Expects Her To Be Open And Honest But He Has Secrets


Any man who expects something from his girlfriend but refuses to reciprocate it is scum. He isn't the real deal at all!

In fact, these kinds of men are the worst nightmares because they hold their girlfriends to certain standards that they can't even meet! Why would a woman waste her time on a man who can't measure up?

11 He's Legit: He's An Open Book


The real dream man is an open book. He doesn't mind sharing what's on his mind, how he's feeling about things or what his goals and dreams are. He has no secrets from his girlfriend because he's not playing games.

When she asks him questions, he gives clear and direct answers, never dancing around topics.

10 He's Fake: He Goes To His Ex For Advice About The Current Relationship


There is never a good reason for a person to rely on their ex for anything. It disrespects one's new partner.

Even if they were great friends before and after they dated, the closeness will worry his new love, so while he can still be friends with his ex he shouldn't go to her for relationship advice.

9 He's Legit: He Leaves His Exes Where They Belong


Even if the previous relationship ended on good terms, he knows better than to spend a lot of time with his ex. Now that he's in a new relationship, he isn't going to ruin it.

He knows his new girl should be his priority, and her feelings matter to him so he'll keep his exes in the past where they belong.

8 He's Fake: He Dislikes It When She Hangs Out With Her Friends


Selfish guys are the ones who always pressure their romantic interests to back out of plans and to blow off their friends.

He doesn't care about her friendships or what she's missing out on because in his mind he's supposed to be her priority. He gets jealous when she's happy with people other than him and he's willing to get into arguments over it. Lame!

7 He's Legit: He Encourages Girl Time


It's important for people in relationships to cultivate their friendships. Even if the romantic relationship pans out, she's still going to need a little girl time with her squad!

If he's the real deal, he'll understand he's not the only important person in her life. He'll encourage her to have fun with her friends and won't stand in her way.

6 He's Fake: He Causes Drama


The real deal won't cause unnecessary drama. If he's always trash-talking people and getting into situations with other people, then he's not the dream she was hoping for.

He's just a kid playing games, looking for some way to stir up trouble. If she's looking for the real thing, she needs to know he's not it.

5 He's Legit: He Talks Things Out


No relationship is perfect. When things start to go south, he's willing to talk through the issues and come to a conclusion both parties can agree on.

By handling things in a mature way, he proves he's ready for a real relationship. Instead of giving up on the relationship when times get tough, he rises to the challenge to fix issues.

4 He's Fake: He Always Wants Things To Go His Way


If she's wondering if he's a dream guy but he's always wanting things to go his way, then the short and simple answer is no, he's not the greatest guy for her.

He's too selfish to do the relationship justice and she's important enough to be heard by her partner. She deserves better and he needs to grow up.

3 He's Legit: He Listens To What She Wants


A man worth his salt is willing to listen to his woman. He wants her to be just as happy as he is so he'll ask what she wants and actually listen to what she says.

That isn't to say he'll always give her everything she wants - it's just that he's willing to compromise so both parties can be happy together.

2 He's Fake: It's Been A While And He Still Won't Use The 'L' Word


If she's been dating him for several months and he still hasn't dropped the "L" word, it may be time for her to look for someone else.

There are only two reasons why he isn't going to tell her he loves her: He doesn't love her or he's too shy/nervous to say anything. She'll know which it is so she'll know what to do.

1 He's Legit: He Tells Her About His Relationship Goals


If he's willing to talk about his feelings and relationship goals with her, he's totally legit! When men bother to share their feelings for their SOs, they're basically allowing themselves to be vulnerable - and making it clear they see a future for the relationship.

Guys who are open like this are honest because they expect their partners to be honest as well. If he's open, he's the real thing looking for something real.

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