10 Subtle Signs That Show He Really Likes Her (+ 9 That Could Go Either Way)

A boy passes a girl a note in elementary. A guy waves from across a crowded room. A gentleman holds the door open. And ladies all around the world wonder… Does he like me or not??

It can sometimes be hard to tell the difference between a nice, friendly dude and a man who wants more than just friendship. Just because some good moments are shared does not mean that we should go ahead and immediately start planning our weddings and naming our kids!

However, many gals find themselves overlooking sweet gestures and missing out on hints that someone is wanting something special... So what are things that men do to show that they really like us, and which signs could go either way?

We will be breaking all of that down to help ladies know once and for all if it is true love, the friend zone, or nothing at all.

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19 If He Messages Her, He Likes Her


It's easy to double click a photo on social media to like it, but sending a direct message or text requires effort and thought. That being said, if a guy goes out of his way to talk to a girl, he may actually like her.

And we don’t mean necessary texts about important topics; we are talking about random times when he just is saying hi.

18 If He Likes Her Social Media Posts, It Could Go Either Way

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So, yes, if he likes a photo or a post online, that could just be a normal thing—nothing to get too excited about, really. Just think about how many things the average person likes on social media every single day!

However, he could just be liking one person’s posts and photos, a special person’s, and that could be mean something.

17 If He Touches Her, He Likes Her


One of the oldest ways people gauge if they are being flirted with or not is through physical touch. From playful punches to brushes up against each other, touching is usually done in a purposeful way.

So lean in, return the favor, and be flattered over this little act here!

16 If He Hugs Her, It Could Go Either Way

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A common form of touching is hugging, and this is not always a sign that there is a crush. People hug all the time, due to not having seen each other for a while or due to just being huggers!

Before reading into this, check and see if he hugs everyone, all the time, or whether he's selective about doling out hugs.

15 If He Hangs Out With Her, He Likes Her

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When a dude makes time to hang out with a special lady friend, that may be proof that he likes this person.

We all get 24 hours each day, and if we choose to eat, sleep, play or just chill with one person, over everyone else, that certainly says something.

14 If He Is Always Around In A Group Setting, It Could Go Either Way


However, groups of friends hang out all the time, and this is something else to think about with this: if he liked her, he would go for one-on-one time.

But if they are only together when other people are around, too, then it may actually just be nothing at all.

13 If He Gives Presents To Her, He Likes Her

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Besides giving a woman time and attention, a man could also give her gifts.

He may surprise her with little trinkets, always buy her what she wants for her birthday, or shower her in presents all the time—which seems like a good thing when trying to solve this particular mystery!

12 If He Gets Her One Christmas Present, It Could Go Either Way

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On the other hand, he may just buy her an annual gift, because that is the nice thing to do or because the entire friend group is exchanging gifts.

So we are reminding everyone to stay calm and cool before freaking out and going crazy over just one little present during the holiday season.

11 If He Remembers Details About Her, He Likes Her

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Some people have a hard time remembering stuff, but let’s say a certain gentleman knows a certain lady’s birthday, favorite color, most-shopped-at store, hometown, pet’s name, and go-to drink.

If he is paying attention that well to this specific person and her life, that could definitely mean something, as well!

10 If He Is Nice In General, It Could Go Either Way

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Fact: there are nice guys out there. Fact: it can be hard to decipher what that niceness means. Fact: it doesn’t have to be figured out, though!

If two people are meant to be together, it will become known and will be. Until then, just enjoy polite and kind behavior when it shows up.

9 If He Compliments Her, He Likes Her


A boy may say he likes a girl’s dress, a dude may mention that he likes how a chick looks, and a man may brag on a woman’s talents and skills.

And while all of that is nice, it may be even more than that. Compliment him back to see where it goes!

8 If He Smiles At Her, It Could Go Either Way


We have all been there: someone smiles at us, and we immediately start blushing, start fixing our hair, and start being very, very interested in this grinning gesture.

The truth is that smiling is a normal thing, though, so remember to not read too much into it all at once.

7 If He Stands Up For Her, He Likes Her


One of the best acts a human can do for another is standing up against anything negative.

This is certainly something that is not required, and a man would have to go out of his way to fight for a woman... a woman he may be into in that way.

6 If He Holds The Door Open For Her, It Could Go Either Way

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Another chivalrous act is holding the door open, but for some, this is just second nature.

Debates have been had over and over about if this means there is a crush, if this means that men think women are incapable, or if this is just the right thing to do.

5 If He Brings His Friends Around Her, He Likes Her


In some relationships, meeting the friends is a big step. If a guy was not interested in a girl, he would not introduce said girl to his buds.

But if a guy really did like a girl, he would so want to show her off to anyone and to everyone!

4 If He Knows Her Friends, It Could Go Either Way

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This does not necessarily go both ways, though… A man may know a woman’s friend group, but it could be by chance or, worse, it could be because he actually likes someone else within this close group.

So think before acting, leaping, and falling in love to avoid getting hurt.

3 If He Is Attentive Towards Her, He Likes Her


We live in a fast-paced world, where we are all distracted by responsibilities, devices, and life in general. That being said, if he is being attentive, he may like her!

He puts everything else aside, just to focus on her and what she is saying/doing, and that is beautiful.

2 If He Doesn’t Completely Ignore Her, It Could Go Either Way


Ladies, just because a dude listened to a story or remembered our Starbucks order or responded to us, in general, does not mean he is in love.

Hopefully, when it comes to real romance, he will be doing far more than just that, so please proceed with caution, and be patient, too.

1 If He Asks A Lot About Her, He Likes Her

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A final and classic clue that a man may be falling for a girl is when he asks about her a lot; he may hint around to those close to her or go straight to her best buds in order to find out all he can, and in these cases, it seems clear he has a crush.

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