10 Text Messages A Guy Sends To Test A Girl (And How To Respond To Win Him Over)

Texting is the devil's game. Okay, maybe that's a bit extreme, but even so, it's definitely not an easy game to play.

We've all sat in front of our phones analyzing (and re-analyzing) a text to make sense of it. We're all familiar with seeking out the underlying hints, analyzing the hidden subtext, and trying to figure out what it means as a whole.

Sometimes, a text is just a text, but it's nearly impossible to explain that to someone in the beginnings of a relationship... or is it? Maybe we should read the texts again...

Here are some super common guy phrases which are often intended to test a gal, and, to make things even more effective, the best thing to respond in order to close the deal.

20 What He Says: So Last Night Was Fun


He's looking for confirmation, rather than coming out and say 'what did you think of our date last night?' This is the modern way of seeking the opinion of the girl he was on a date with.

Either that, or he's looking for any indication that it was, in fact, more of a date than a hangout. Regardless, he's looking for your thoughts.

19 How To Respond: Well, Was It Fun? Answer Honestly!


Honesty is the best policy with this one. Saying something chalked up and superficial can seem chalked up and superficial so if you like him, definitely avoid doing this.

If this guy is a keeper, he's looking for a positive response and maybe even an indication that it can happen again.

18 What He Says: How Do You Know So-And-So?


Is that a little bit of jealousy we're sensing? It very well could be. Either that or he has a history with so-and-so and is looking to find out exactly how close a friendship the two of you share.

In a relationship, it's likely the second. In the dating stages, it's likely the first. Choose your words wisely.

17 How To Respond: This Is Obviously A Personal Question


It's not completely necessary to provide him with all the deets of your personal life... at least not yet. This is a pretty open-ended question and you can get as personal—or as vague—as you want.

Boundaries should still be kept and how we know a certain person is really no one else's business. Besides, a little air of mystery never hurt anyone.

16 What He Says: I Might Go Do Such-And-Such This Weekend, I'm Not Sure Yet


This is a preemptive respond. He's padding the blow so that when he does say that he's locked into other plans, it won't come as a surprise.

It's a way of saying that he's not really interested right now and it's not that he might have other plans—it's that he's opting for other plans.

15 How To Respond: He's Looking For Better Plans


At this point, it's probably just best to take the hint and avoid the embarrassment of pushing too hard to hang out.

At the mere hint of other plans, he's basically giving the sign that he's not fully invested in spending time with us. It's a nice way of putting 'no thanks' if you will.

14 What He Says: My <Female Friend> Told Me This The Other Day, It Was Hilarious


He's looking for a reaction. This could be a reaction on two levels: first, he probably wants to see how you'll react to hearing another female's name. Second, he's gauging how the relationship will go based on your response.

This would be the perfect time for us to be jealous, but that might not be the best course of action.

13 How To Respond: Don't Get Jealous, It's What He Wants


Don't give into it! While jealousy is a perfectly normal reaction to hearing that your guy was talking to another girl, it might be exactly what he's looking for.

This could easily start a fight or even end a relationship if he decides that 'jealous' is synonymous with 'crazy.' Either way, it's not good.

12 What He Says: I Was At My Parents' Yesterday, They're Really Great People


Any time he brings up his parents voluntarily, it's a good sign in a serious relationship. In all likelihood, he's prepping you for the initial 'meeting the parents' date.

If you're not ready then that's one thing. Otherwise? This is a great thing to hear and something to engage in for sure.

11 How To Respond: Show Equal Interest In Meeting Them Eventually


It's a perfect segue way into, 'I'd love to meet them sometime!' And voila, you've successfully furthered your relationship.

Of course, there could be a rare occasion when he really was just making small talk about his parents... but that's a little bit weird. Take the hint, go meet his parents.

10 What He Says: Are You Still Up?


Get ready to dive into a serious conversation. Guys won't usually come out and say, 'hey, can we talk?' which is probably a good thing, because nothing gets our adrenaline pumping like the word 'talk.'

Late-night convos are the best and it's not necessarily a bad thing. Unless, of course, you actually were sleeping.

9 How To Respond: He's Looking For A Serious Convo


If you want to engage, engage. The best thing to do is respond with a short answer to let him know that yes, you are, indeed, awake and functioning.

Let him take the lead on this one. Late-night conversations are so exciting in a new relationship, enjoy it while you have them!

8 What He Says: Do You Want To Come Out With Me And The Guys?


If the two of you have reached the dating stage, then he's definitely looking for a chance to show his new girl off.

It's a chance for us to meet his friends in a totally casual way, as a guy isn't going to come out and say, ' I want you to meet my friends!'

7 How To Respond: It's A Chance For Him To Show You Off


Get a little dressy! Take the chance and meet his guy pals. It's not the worst thing in the world that a guy wants to introduce the girl he's dating to his friends.

Unless the there's no dating going on, in which case this is a total friendzone-type of move. Whoops.

6 What He Says: I'm Sure There Are Plenty Of Guys Who Like You


What he really means is 'how many guys am I competing with, really?' Guys can get insecure just like women can, they're just not as open with their emotions as we are.

Whereas we're likely to get angry and miserable, they're prone to asking weird questions and acting squirrely... it happens.

5 How To Respond: Do Not Confirm. We Repeat, Do Not Confirm!


Don't do it! While he's asking for the truth, that doesn't mean he's actually ready for it. If there is a line of guys waiting to hold your hand and say they love you, hide this at all costs.

If you like him, say something cute... 'I'm only interested in one, though' usually does the trick.

4 What He Says: Did I Do Something Wrong?


If he did do something wrong, then it's better that he knows it. There's a tactful way to deal with this, though, and it doesn't involve acting witchy in order to do it.

Just like what he did is likely unattractive, it's equally unattractive to match immaturity with more immaturity.

3 How To Respond: Make Him Wait It Out A Bit, No Spiteful Answers


There's no law stating that it's necessary to respond right away. Make him sweat it out a bit but not too long. Refrain from responding with things like, 'obviously' or 'no, I always look this annoyed.'

Nothing along those lines will make anything better, even though it's tempting to play on his vulnerability.

2 What He Says: I Just Like To Go With The Flow, Yaknow?


He is not, in any way, shape or form, looking for anything serious. Sometimes, a guy will just admit right off the bat that he's not looking for a serious relationship.

Other times, he'll say something vague like this and it will serve us well to recognize it right away.

1 How To Respond: Confidently And With Your Own Self-Worth In Mind


If that's not what you're looking for, then don't put your own desires aside for a chance with a guy who's clearly unattainable. If it's not going to happen, it's not going to happen.

Life isn't a romantic comedy and it's better to remain empowered than risk losing our dignity to an unmovable force.

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