10 Things Fans Don't Know About Jesse Meester From 90 Day Fiance

Fans of the reality television show 90 Day Fiance will be the first to tell you that 25-year-old Jesse Meester is the cast member that takes the title of Man Candy. He is a Netherlands-born physical trainer who became involved with older spitfire Darcey Silva.

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The intense couple was not meant for greatness though, and the two endured a high profile and very immature breakup. Jesse might not be on Darcey's radar these days, but he is still on ours. Here are ten things most people don't know about 90 Day Fiance's Jesse Meester.

10. USA bound

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Jesse just recently announced on social media that he would be making the trip back across the pond to visit the states, and not just anywhere in the U.S.A. He claims he will be back at his old east coast stomping grounds where he once courted his ex, Darcy Silva. This announcement sent 90 Day Fiance fans into a straight tailspin, especially considering Jesse and Darcey's messy breakup. Will they be reuniting or is he heading to America once more to visit a new East Coast lady? Fans of Meester and the show can't wait to find out what woman's arms Jesse will be falling into when his plane lands.

9. He Is Aiming For Movie Stardom

Being a part of reality television just wasn't enough for Jesse Meester. He felt that he had far more to offer the acting world, so now he is taking his talents into the world of movies and film. He recently strutted down the red carpet, promoting his feature film, Free Fight, at the Nederlands Film Festival. His agent passed the role to him thinking that he would be a perfect fit because of his prior military training and his high level of fitness. He turned out to be spot on because now Meester can add "actor" to his ever-growing resume.

8. He's A Business Owner

Jesse owns several businesses aside from being a personal trainer and a reality television star. Jesse is an educated man with a degree in psychology. This education helped him move into the business world, first honing in on the fitness biz, called Meester PT, which is a personalized fitness program designed by Jesse himself. He then moved onto developing the Cafe Meester brand, which is a health-inspired java. With two flourishing businesses under his belt and a budding acting occupation in reality television and feature films, it will be interesting to see what the future holds professionally for this young man.

7. He Received A Strange E-Mail Proposition

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Jesse claims that not a day goes by where his email inbox doesn't become overloaded with women trying to get a piece of him (quite literally). One particular email took the cake, though, when it comes to wanting a piece of ol' Jesse boy. Meester claims that a lesbian couple approached him and asked him if he might be open to fathering their child! The couple were supposedly longtime fans of Meester and admired his combination of "dominance and gentleness”. He said that while he considered it, in the end, he chose to turn the offer down.

6. He Is A Military Man

On the reality television show, 90 Day Fiance, Jesse came off as assertive and self-assured. These personality traits might be due to what he picked up from his years in the military. Meester did a few of his teen years in military school. He went on to attend college, studying psychology, and eventually taking all of the skills he learned along the way and funneling them into becoming a full-fledged entrepreneur. His military training even helped him land a recent acting gig in the film Free Flight.

5. He Likes His Ladies A Little Older

Considering Jesse Meester is in high demand (according to him, at least) and is a young, fit personal trainer, people often think that he prefers his girlfriends ripped and young. It turns out that isn't true at all. He revealed in one interview that he likes his ladies a bit on the older side and not stick thin. He actually used a less than flattering term, but we think he probably meant that he likes them with some flesh. One look at his ex, Darcy Silva, proves this theory. She is not young and not twig-like, but is still a beautiful woman with a womanly shape.

4. He Has A New Lady

After Jesse and Darcey's mean-spirited, public split, Meester got right back into the dating game, moving on to greener pastures in no time. Just last month reports surfaced that the blonde stud had found comfort in the arms of a very Darcy-looking lady. His new rumored gal pal could be Darcey's younger sister by the looks of her social media pics. While she has all the assets that Meester has said he is drawn to, this new lady is much closer to his own age. Maybe his break up with Silva has Jesse considering expanding his horizons when it comes to a "type."

3. He Might Have Been Using Darcey For Money

Breakups make people say some pretty vile and often untrue things about one another. Meester is used to having people say mean things about him, that is par for the course in his line of work, but he might have been caught off guard by some of the accusations his ex's sister threw at him post break up. Darcey's sister, Stacey, went on record saying that when the pair was together, Darcey paid for everything, especially the many trips they took together. According to Stacey, it wasn't Meester who footed the couple's travel bills, it was Da Silva.

2. He Gave Darcey Fake Diamonds

Darcey and Jesse are no strangers to making wild claims towards one another. These two come for each other more than any other former couple on 90 Day Fiance. Darcey recently accused her ex-lover of giving her a fake promise ring when he asked for her hand in love. After being accused of selling the ring by Meester, Darcey clapped back saying that not only did she still have them, but they would not have been worth a whole lot had she let them go. She hashtagged her post with #cz, inferring the rock was made of cubic zirconia and not a diamond in the first place. Ouch.

1. He Might Appear On The Bachelorette

Well, wouldn't that be something! To first be one of the most talked about guys on 90 Day Fiance, and then to star on the famous reality show The Bachelorette! Meester has posted several questionable photos on his social media pages that have had his fans asking if they would be seeing him on The Bachelorette in the future. Meester gives plenty of sweet responses to people inquiring, but he never says yes or no to the burning question. We will have to wait and see if he turns up on another popular reality dating show in the months to come.

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