10 Things I Hate About You: What The Cast Looks Like Today

There’s absolutely no doubt that you recall almost every scene in this cult classic! It’s one of those rare movies that we have absolutely nothing to critique. Instead, when 10 Things I Hate About You hit theatres in 1999, we knew it would be forever in our hearts and minds.

We know, it’s lowkey one of the reasons some of us decided to major in English Literature, because we felt we were so familiar with Shakespeare after watching this film numerous times. This film was also filled with iconic quotes, that we cannot help but use daily (with those who know the movie well, of course). We were served 10 Things I Hate About You on a golden platter and we wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Now, all these years later, we’re wondering where the cast of the hilarious teen comedy is. If they made us die of laughter with their take on Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew, we could only imagine how stellar their careers are now. So here it is, the teen men and women that brought us 10 Things I Hate About You.

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15 How Could We Forget This Face?

via Instagram

A teen heartthrob that stole the hearts of many, Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Levitt, who played Cameron James, a lovestruck teen, certainly had teenage girls lovestruck with him, too.

Although we still remember this face, since he’s remained in the limelight, we could never forget his performance in this film.

14 Work It, Mama

via Elle

Yes, the fierce Gabrielle Union was one of the main characters in this noteworthy film. Union, who played the role of Chastity, made all men swoon over her. Not only was she gorgeous in the film, but she was responsible for delivering many of the memorable lines. And just look at her now - dashing!

13 Allison Janney Has Still Got It

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If you re-watch the film now, you’ll realize all the dirty lines Janney recited as Ms. Perky in the film.

Yes, they went over our heads because we were young and naïve, but now we totally get Ms. Perky’s vibes. And all these years later, Janney is still blowing our minds in television and film roles.

12 Julia Stiles Still Has The Chops

via City of Edmonton News

Without Julia Stiles, the movie we perish for would not have been the same.

Stiles, whose face is very well-known in Hollywood, played Kat Stratford in the film. She brought all the sass that was needed, and made teenage boys go gaga. Fast forward over a decade, and Stiles is now preggers.

11 Larisa Oleynik Looking Fab

via newravel.com

People have often confused Larisa Oleynik for Julia Stiles and vice-versa. However, although these two blondes look alike, Oleynik who played Bianca Stratford, was the complete opposite of Kat. Bianca was nothing but a bratty teen who just wanted attention. And look, Oleynik has clearly not aged one bit.

10 Every Girl’s Teen Crush

via hollywood.com

Andrew Keegan instantly made girl’s hearts beat faster and he also made them fangirl like crazy. We don’t blame them for casting Keegan as Joey Donner, a character with an inflated ego.

With Keegan’s charming looks, he was the perfect actor for the role. In real life, he’s still a stud.

9 Kyle Cease, A Man To Listen To

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Kyle Cease is best known as Bogie Lowenstein, the guy who threw the wildest parties and went bonkers over golf. He added that pizazz that was needed to the film.

Now, years later, and you can listen to Cease every morning, or when you need a little boost, as he’s a motivational speaker.

8 Gabrielle Union, The Wifey

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Gabrielle Union is now Gabrielle Union-Wade because she is married to Dwayne Wade. We must admit, these two make a fire couple. On top of it, she’s a mama and looks fabulous.

Well, we’re pretty sure that Wade saw her in the film, and couldn’t resist the lines she recited like, "I know you can be overwhelmed, and you can be underwhelmed, but can you ever just be whelmed?"

7 A Hollywood Star

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Stiles looks like an old Hollywood star in this photo, and that’s because she’s a timeless beauty. Since the film, she has worked steadily and is recognized for many other phenomenal roles. However, Stiles will forever be the sulky Kat to us.

6 A Handsome Father

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Sorry ladies, the man you once had on your walls is enjoying a blissful relationship with his partner, who he has an adorable daughter with.

Who knew this man would ever get off his high horse? Keegan is nothing like the way-too-confident character he played.

5 David Krumholtz, Is That You?

via Page Six

Who can forget this face? We almost did, as David Krumholtz, who played Michael Eckman, is pretty much unrecognizable. Well, that’s him, and you may have seen him on television recently.

Remember how swift this brainiac was in the film? The plans would not have been put into motion without him.

4 The Sharp Gent

via Eonline

If there is one thing Joseph Gordon-Levitt is at all times, it’s well-dressed. Also, do you notice how Levitt has barely changed since the release of the film in 1999? Whatever he’s taking, we’d like to be informed. We totally knew from then that he was a special one.

3 Still Silly

vai Instagram

Susan May Pratt, who played the role of Mandella, is a heartbreaker; she was then and still is now, so not much has changed, really.

Mandella was so obsessed with Shakespeare that she made teen boys pay attention in English class – we promise she’s to blame. And just look at how full of life she still is!

2 The Whole Package

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Allison Janney could always make us crack up; just look at her trying to fit in the box. Surprisingly, this tall actress made it look effortless. Since 1999, she’s had model looks and behaviour, and she still does. It’s no kidding that she is and will always be a fan-favourite.

1 He Is Missed

via Page Six

Patrick Verona, with his long and luscious locks won us all over. Played by Heath Ledger, who sadly passed away, his role in the film was one of the most memorable ones. When Ledger passed away, the entire cast got together to honour the incredible actor. And he, too, did not age from the time he starred in the film.

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