10 Things He Loves About "Casual" Dating (10 Times She Dislikes It)

Historically, dating has been a pretty big deal. A guy courts his special lady for a while before asking her to go steady, and eventually they get married, right? Dating in today’s fast-paced society is nothing like it was in the past.

With dating apps and websites, finding a person to hang out with is literally as easy as a swipe of a finger. In many cases, there isn’t a need to make a strong connection, because the “relationship” won’t likely last for very long.

This is casual dating. It is quick and simple. It is the definition of “no strings attached.” But it isn’t for everyone. Some guys are huge fans of this method, while some girls have no love for casual dating.

Here are 10 things he loves about it and 10 reasons she can’t hang with casual dating.

20 He Loves That He Can Meet A Lot Of New People


Some people really enjoy meeting new people. Expanding your network of acquaintances can actually be really beneficial in the long-term. Guys who casually date get to meet as many people as they want. They can date a new girl, meet her friends, date another new person and then meet her friends, too.

The opportunity to meet new people is a huge benefit of casual dating.

19 She Dislikes When She Feels Disposable


Feeling like she is easily disposable and can be tossed aside at any minute is not fun. When she enters into a potentially new relationship, she likely feels vulnerable and probably has a little bit of nerves.

With casual dating, she has this understanding that the guy doesn’t want anything serious. This understanding can make her feel like she isn't worth keeping around.

18 He Loves Learning More About What He's Looking For In The Perfect Partner


Casual dating allows guys to explore their options. Most people have no idea what they’re looking for in a serious partner when they first start dating. Casual dating can let him figure this out without having to deal with the stress of a significant commitment.

If he discovers he dislikes a trait in someone, he learns to avoid it when it comes to settling down.

17 She Dislikes The Absence Of Love


There really isn’t any room for romance in casual dating. If you are looking for love, you should probably stay away from casual dating. However, this can be hard in today’s dating environments.

Girls are known romantics and feed off love. There is no love in casual dating, and this can be hard for her to accept.

16 He Loves Being Able To Focus On His Career


Casual dating is an excellent option for guys who are career driven. These people need time to focus on climbing that corporate ladder.

When you are in a serious relationship, you need to divide your time between your significant other and your other priorities. If he is casually dating, only his needs are of his concern, not hers.

15 She Dislikes Being Judged Only On Looks


Physical appearances drive casual dating. There isn’t really any way you connect with someone in an instant other than because of looks.

When it comes to dating apps, it is typically the profile picture that will get your attention or steer you away from reaching out to the person. Casual dating isn’t exactly meant for mental connections.

14 He Loves Just Enjoying The Fun Part Of A Relationship


Relationships can get pretty stressful at times. There are serious talks, compromises and big decisions. With casual dating, all of the tough stuff doesn’t have to exist. It can just be about fun.

This is a huge reason why guys love, and sometimes prefer, casual dating over long-term commitments. When the fun ends, they can find someone new.

13 She Dislikes The Lack of Callbacks


Casual dating usually comes with no strings attached. This means that guys don’t have to worry about returning phone calls or catching up with the girl later.

Girls typically yearn for security but finding this is next to impossible with casual dating. There won’t likely be any callbacks or multiple dates with a guy interested only in casual dating.

12 He Loves Being Free To Make His Own Decisions


If ever there is a person who doesn’t like to be told what to do, it is a guy living out his bachelor life. When you are in a committed relationship, you have to take another person’s feelings into consideration.

You can’t usually do whatever you want. Being free to make your own decisions is a huge plus for guys who choose to date casually.

11 She Dislikes Feeling Jealous


When you are involved in casual dating, you can expect not to be the only one who’s got your date’s attention. There is no commitment with casual dating. He can talk to and entertain anyone his heart desires.

This can easily cause any sane girl to feel jealous, and she seriously dislikes this part of casual dating.

10 He Loves Being 'Single' Without Being Alone


No one really likes feeling like they are alone. After all, being alone can get really lonely. With casual dating, he doesn’t have to feel alone, but he gets to hold on to that sense of freedom in being single.

Casual dating provides companionship without becoming too tied down. It’s the best of both worlds in his eyes.

9 She Dislikes The Idea Of Dating Multiple Guys


When you casually date, you aren’t choosing to date just one person. Casually dating involves playing the field and dating multiple people. This can get old for a lot of people, especially for girls dreaming of a happily ever after.

Not only is it exhausting, but there’s also a chance she could gain a bad reputation from seeing multiple people.

8 He Loves That He Can Move Whenever He Wants


Once you lock yourself down in a long-term relationship, the freedom to make your own choices goes out the window. If a guy gets some wild idea to move to a new location, he can.

If he has a girlfriend, he won’t be able to act on his plans without some mutual understanding and decision. A casual dater is free to go wherever he pleases.

7 She Dislikes Feeling Like The Rebound


When involved with casual dating, it can feel like the guy you are seeing is always on to the next one. He is bouncing from girl to girl. This can cause the new or current girl to feel like she is his rebound.

She dislikes feeling like she’s being used to help the guy bounce back and freshen up his game.

6 He Loves Not Having To Make Future Plans


There is no locked down future with casual dating. This means he doesn’t have to worry himself over making plans for the holidays or birthdays. No one really expects there to be a committed future in casual dating, and he loves this.

Guys who casually date love not having to remember plans or worry themselves over making the perfect plans.

5 She Dislikes Feeling Things Have To Be Rushed


Since casual dating relationships don’t commonly last for very long, things move rather quickly. There isn’t any great build up to the first kiss or the first sleepover. It all kind of has to happen at once.

Being rushed into things she isn’t ready for is a pretty big downside to casually dating for girls.

4 He Loves Not Feeling Tied Down


Something weird happens when two people finally make that commitment to date each other exclusively. After the honeymoon phase passes and reality hits, many couples start to feel a strain from life’s responsibilities.

Guys especially dislike this feeling. They don’t want to feel they’re locked down and not free men. With casual dating, they never have to feel locked down if they don’t want to.

3 She Dislikes When It Feels Like A Job


Fast-paced casual dating can start to feel like job interviews after a while. You meet someone, go over the brief life story, touch the key points of likes and dislikes and usually move onto the next person before any solid connection is formed.

This is a negative factor for casual dating, especially for women looking for a real connection.

2 He Loves Not Dealing With Jealous Girls


Dealing with jealous girls sucks the fun out of dating. When a guy is only dating casually, though, he doesn’t really have to worry himself with the jealousy girls might start to feel.

If a guy starts to notice this happening, he really can just ghost the jealous girl. All the annoyances of a relationship aren’t a factor.

1 She Dislikes Just Seeing Each Other Without Commitment


A lot of girls have this fairytale fantasy of a Prince Charming dream come true in their hearts. We all want that happily ever after.

But happy ever afters don’t really come out of casual dating. Feelings grow whether we want them to or not. Over time, she is going to get tired of always dating and never getting that commitment.

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