10 Things That'll Make Him Notice You (+ 10 Things He Hates)

When a woman has her eye set on a certain man, she's going to do her best to ensure he notices her. She doesn't want to appear too desperate for his attention, but at the same time she wants to be certain she doesn't just blend in with the crowd. There are many things women are able to do for a little extra attention, but how far should she go?

She really does have to maintain a delicate balance between being noticed for all the right reasons and being noticed for all the wrong ones - so what's a girl to do? Well, the truth is, she doesn't necessarily need to do anything out of the ordinary! He's going to notice her one way or the other, but just in case she needs a little extra help, here's a great list of the 10 things he'll notice (and love!) about her, followed by 10 that will put him off.

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20 He's Loving It: Her Smile

Cute Girl

One of the first things most men notice about a woman is her smile. If she's genuinely smiling or laughing at one of his jokes, he's going to notice in a good way.

According to Psychological Science, men believe a woman who smiles at them is romantically or physically interested, and the guys will therefore be more interested in her.

19 He's Hating It: Fake Tan

Fake Tan
The Sun

Everyone wants that gorgeous, sun-kissed skin but some people go a little overboard! While bronze skin is nice to look at, it's also important to remember the difference between something that looks natural and something that looks a little OTT!

When a girl goes overboard with a tan, whether it's fake or not, he's not loving it.

18 He's Loving It: Taking The Initiative Before Asking For Help

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Some guys love helping a woman in distress. They get to look like a hero in her eyes, even if for just a moment, and she's getting the help she needs. Great trade, right?

Well, not necessarily. When a guy is first getting to know her, a woman who at least attempts to do things for herself before asking for help cuts an impressive figure.

17 He's Hating It: Her Jealousy

Angry Girl

While jealousy is fine in some situations, there are those certain women who get overly jealous over the most mundane things.

If a waitress looks him in the eye while he's ordering food and his GF gets upset over it, he's not going to appreciate it. He needs a little room to breathe and if she can't provide that then he's never going to be interested.

16 He's Loving It: Her Confidence

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Confidence is attractive regardless of race or gender. Men are attracted to women who know who they are and what they want in life. Bonus points if she's into something unexpected that he's also into!

If she's confident, he'll be able to see her at her best 100 percent of the time - and that's all he really wants out of a possible girlfriend anyway.

15 He's Hating It: Too Much Makeup

Too Much Makeup
Life & Style

Playing with makeup is a rite of passage for most, but some women never really get the hang of what's trendy and what's OTT.

If she's literally dripping makeup on a hot day or if her foundation is three shades off from her neck color, then something's up and he's not appreciating it.

14 He's Loving It: Her Fashion Style


A woman with a bold fashion sense, or one who just knows exactly what looks good on her, is sure to turn a few heads. Guys appreciate women who look good, and what better way to do so than to put together the perfect outfit?

Even if it's just jeans and a t-shirt, he's bound to notice her in a good way.

13 He's Hating It: 'Play' Jabs


He's not six anymore and play hitting isn't cute. No one likes it, no one thinks it's fun and honestly most guys hate that she thinks she can do what she wants and he can't.

Bottom line? Stop the play hitting, like, yesterday.

12 He's Loving It: When She's Laid-Back


No one likes a high-maintenance partner. If she can't make time to relax, then he knows any future with her will leave him anxious and on edge at all times.

He needs to know she can calm down and just hang out every now and then. Couples feed off each other's energy and he'd rather be with someone on the same wavelength.

11 He's Hating It: Double Standards


Double standards are never acceptable, whether it's coming from a man or a woman. If she's expecting him to act a certain way or do certain things that she refuses to do, then he's not going to appreciate anything about her.

In fact, it's the perfect opportunity for him to suddenly disappear from her life.

10 He's Loving It: Her Friends


He can tell a lot about a girl by the friends she hangs out with. If her squad is always supportive and friendly, he's going to see her in a better light.

If they're all talking behind each other's backs and creating drama, it's only natural to assume she's surrounding herself with like-minded people and he'll back off.

9 He's Hating It: When She Can't Keep Her Cool


It's okay to have arguments. No couple is perfect. What isn't okay is when she flies off the handle over every little thing. If she thinks she can manipulate him with her toxic, angry attitude, she's wrong.

He's going to ditch her as soon as possible and for good reason - she's got a lot of growing up to do.

8 He's Loving It: Her Eyes


Is she maintaining eye contact? Does she look away shyly? Does her gaze keep falling on him even though she's across the room?

Men notice when a woman is looking at them and it can make them bold enough to ask her out! If she's giving him the signal, he's going to strike up a conversation!

7 He's Hating It: When She's Passive-Aggressive


He really doesn't like it when she's being passive-aggressive! If there's something wrong, he wants her to just spit it out, not play these silly games.

He can't read her mind and, honestly, he shouldn't have to. If she can't even be open about what's bothering her, how can he ever hope to fix things between them?

6 He's Loving It: Her Body Language


Even if she's too shy to say anything outright, her body language will let him know if she's interested. If she's twirling her hair, batting her eyes, or leaning toward him when they talk, he's going to feel pretty confident in the signals she's sending.

Men definitely pay attention to a woman's body language, so if she "speaks," she's gonna be heard.

5 He's Hating It: Phone Addicts

cute girl

When a man is trying to talk to a prospective partner, he's hoping to get her attention, not just talk to her while she stares at her phone.

Even if she starts off by listening to him, if she keeps picking up her phone, he's going to assume whatever she's doing is more important than him and he's gonna walk.

4 He's Loving It: Her Sense Of Humor


Girls who aren't afraid to joke around are likeable and approachable. Men are extremely attracted to women who can take a joke and can turn around to goof off as well.

One of the most attractive things a woman can be is herself, and that's usually the sort of person who knows how to laugh and make others laugh too.

3 He's Hating It: Playing Hard To Get (Or Playing Games At All)

cute girl

Either she's interested or she's not. Men don't understand or appreciate games. If she's dropping hints that she likes him but is ready to turn around and act like he's nothing to her, he's going to just assume the worst and won't come around anymore.

He doesn't like weird games like this, and he just wants an honest woman.

2 He's Loving It: She's Happy Whether She's Single Or Not


Some women believe they can't be happy unless they're in a relationship, but men are attracted to the women who don't need them!

She's strong, independent and she's taking care of herself. He's just the cherry on her sundae, so she won't put up with a man who tries to play. She's ready for something real and there's nothing more attractive!

1 He's Hating It: She Can't Keep Secrets


Men like to know the secrets they share with a woman stays between them. If he hears her gossiping among her friends and spilling other people's secrets all the time, he's going to assume she'll treat his secrets in the same way.

Why would he be attracted to someone he can't even trust? Short answer: He won't be.

Source: Psychological Science

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