10 Things About The New Supra Paul Walker Would've Hated (8 He Would've Loved)

The automotive world lost an icon when Paul Walker passed away in 2013. The man had helped to establish one of the biggest movie franchises of all time following his starring role in 2001's The Fast and the Furious. The series would go on to inspire countless gearheads over the years, though Walker wasn't just a car nut on the silver screen—even he will forever be thought of as Brian O'Conner at the wheel of a Nissan Skyline GT-R or Toyota Supra by some fans.

In real life, Paul Walker into cars in a big way. He raced them and owned a huge collection, which was often the source for some of the awesome cars in the films he starred in. Though his passion would eventually claim his life, due to a friend driving a Porsche Carrera GT on aged tires, there's no doubt the man was an enthusiast's enthusiast.

In the Fast and Furious films, Walker's character often drove a MkIV Toyota Supra, which makes it all the more sad that he left us before the fifth-generation Supra debuted for the 2020 model year. But Walker probably would have had some issues with the new car, if he had lived to see it. Keep scrolling for 10 things he would have hated about the 2020 Supra, plus 8 details he would have loved.

18 Would Have Hated: No Twin-Turbo

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The biggest gripe that Paul Walker and any Supra fan might have about the new model is that the loss of the twin-turbo. While twin turbos, in general, have become rarer these days thanks to twin-scroll turbo technology, especially for inline-six engines, the Supra should definitely have come with a couple of snails to give it more serious boost.

17 Would Have Hated: It's A BMW!

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The fact that Toyota teamed up with BMW for the Supra, which is just a rebodied Z4 in reality, is disappointing. JDM fans will lament the fact that this car is being built in Austria and almost certainly lacks the build quality that made the MkIV Supra so amazing. Plus, now there are Z4 models that look pretty similar but potentially with more power.

16 Would Have Hated: No Stick Shift

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Paul Walker would have hated the fact that the new Supra does not come with a manual transmission option. Both BMW and Toyota have been holdouts during the overall decline of the stickshift, so it comes as a pretty serious surprise that the Supra is only available with an eight-speed automatic.

15 Would Have Hated: No AWD

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Another feature that made the MkIV Supra so potent when it debuted back in 1993 was the all-wheel-drive layout. Teaming up with BMW for the new Supra and Z4 probably prevented Toyota from continuing to use all-wheel drive, though BMW does offer it on most of their models, leaving fans scratching their heads as to this decision.

14 Would Have Hated: Low Vis

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A major gripe that Paul Walker would have had about the new Supra is the terrible visibility from the passenger compartment. The aggressive exterior may look futuristic, but modern vehicle design has largely lost the wonderful sightlines that made sports cars from the 1990s so easy to drive aggressively. Walker wouldn't be able to see anyone he's racing against!

13 Would Have Hated: Not Overengineered

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The fact that BMW and Toyota have together created the new Supra undoubtedly takes away one of the best traits about the model's previous generation: the overengineered 2JZ-GTE engine. The engine featured a cast-iron block so tough that tuners could easily bolt on some larger turbos (or one huge one) to boost power up to around 800 horsepower with confidence they wouldn't blow their engine.

12 Would Have Hated: Less Tunability

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The MkIV Supra has proven legendary not just for its looks but mainly because the engine under the hood is one of the best ever built by any manufacturer ever. Being so overengineered, the 2JZ-GTE could be tuned quite easily to put out huge power figures. With modern technology increasingly controlling engines these days, tuning the new Supra is a sure-fire way to void the car's warranty and risk damage to the BMW engine.

11 Would Have Hated: Electronically Limited

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Paul Walker would have hated the fact that the new Supra is electronically limited to 155 miles per hour. The man loved to take his cars to the limit on-screen and in real life, so keeping the speed that low would have ruined his fun on track days. Plus, the Supra's redline is a pretty pedestrian 6,500 RPM.

10 Would Have Hated: Too Heavy

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Modern cars are all growing in size and weight, though the new Supra is actually a slight outlier in the size department, coming in around the same width and height with nearly six inches less in length. But still, the new Supra just weighs too much, tipping the scales at 3,397 pounds. Neither Colin Chapman nor Paul Walker would be impressed.

9 Would Have Hated: Not Evolved

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In the end, Paul Walker would definitely be disappointed that the new Supra just isn't that much better than the fourth-gen legend. It's been over 25 years since the MkIV debuted and automotive technology has powered forward. Compare a modern Porsche 911 to a 1993 example, and the differences are massive. Not so for the Supra.

8 Would Have Hated: Double Bubble

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One of the coolest details on the new Toyota Supra, and one that Paul Walker would have definitely enjoyed, is the double-bubble roof. Hearkening back to icons like the Ford GT and the Fiat Abarth Zagato, the roofline looks awesome—while also allowing taller drivers to have a little more headroom. Plus, it's aerodynamically efficient!

7 Would Have Loved: It Is Faster

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In the end, even if Paul Walker would have been disappointed that the new Supra is more of a pedestrian sports car in the modern marketplace, rather than a world-beater like its predecessor, he would still probably be pretty happy with the 3.8-second 0-60 time and the fact that the car is, in fact, a 10-second car, running the quarter-mile in 9.5 seconds.

6 Would Have Loved: Underrated Power

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One little detail that Walker would have appreciated about the new Supra is that independent testing since its release has revealed that the quoted factory power figures are drastically underrated. The official stats are 335 horsepower and 365 lb-ft of torque at the crank. Car and Driver tested the car at the wheels, though, and it put out much more: 339 horsepower and a seriously impressive 427 lb-ft at only 2,190 RPM!

5 Would Have Loved: Adaptive Dampers

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One advantage that modern sports cars have other their predecessors is advances in suspension technology. And the Supra doesn't disappoint in this department, with adaptive dampers at all four corners to help it stay comfortable in town and yet taut during spirited driving, which is exactly the kind of driving Paul Walker used to love.

4 Would Have Loved: The Price

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One seriously impressive stat about the new Supra is the price tag. Much like the new mid-engined Chevrolet Corvette, it boggles the mind that the price could be so low for such an impressive car. The Supra starts at $50,920 and, of course, creeps up quickly from there with various options packages, including a $56,180 Launch Edition.

3 Would Have Loved: Launch Control

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While the Supra isn't overall the most insane sprinter on the automotive market, having been designed to take on curvy canyon roads, too, it's still an impressive car off the line. Could it use more power and all-wheel drive? Definitely. But with the beefy torque curve and launch control, a 3.8-second run to 60 miles per hour is pretty impressive.

2 Would Have Loved: Beefy Torque

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After all the eager anticipation and build-up, some fans may have been disappointed in the Supra's eventual form. But one thing that Paul Walker would have loved is that beefy torque curve, as reported by Car and Driver. Reaching 427 lb-ft at only 2,190 RPM is straight-up insane and a recipe for the kind of wild ride he used to love.

1 Would Have Loved: It's A BMW!

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While it may be disappointing that the new Supra is a joint venture between Toyota and BMW, with the latter's Z4 turning out very similar, Paul Walker may have actually liked this fact. Walker was a serious BMW fan and owned a number of extremely rare E36 M3 Lightweights. Plus, he definitely had the funds to deal with the drop-off in reliability that BMW presents when compared to Toyota.

Sources: IMDb, Car and Driver, and Road & Track.

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