10 Things Only Daughters Of Single Dads Will Understand

Growing up as the only daughter of a single dad is a crazy journey that turns every little girl into a tomboy at heart. Learning various useless skills (such as fixing the '90s computers), having no idea about fashion until you are allowed to shop alone, and beating every boy in online games were just a part of my everyday life. Here are 10 things only daughters of single dads will understand!

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10 Good Hair Days Do Not Exist…


Until you learn how to fix the problem yourself, you will look like a palm tree. No matter how many bobby pins and braiding techniques are involved and how hard a dad tries to become the next Guy Tang, the updo somehow always ends up looking unacceptable.

9 ... And Neither Do "Good Fashion Days"

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Denim dungarees with red boots and an oversized fluffy sweater – I keep feeling the urge to burn those '90s photographs of me, but I’m glad single dads get the opportunity to experiment with their creative sides and create "truly fashion-forward and daring” outfits for their toddlers.

8 Tattoos And Piercings Are Really Cool

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You can’t have any, obviously. But watching tattoo artist TV shows and obsessing over Kat Von D as a fifth-grader is perfectly fine.

7 Mac 'n' Cheese Is A Gourmet Dinner

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My dad actually made me believe that spaghetti with ready-made cheese sauce is a difficult meal to create, and when there was no time for a gourmet menu like that, McDrive was always an option.

6 There Is No Such Thing As A "Best Boy-Friend"

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The term "friend zone" does not exist in a single dad’s vocabulary, especially once you are officially a teenager. It doesn’t matter if your best boy-friend is gay, engaged, or living on another planet – as long as he is a boy, he is in trouble.

5 Playing With Need For Speed & Raising Gladiators Online Is Just Ideal For A Girl

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While other girls are playing with online dressing and baking games, the little tomboy daughters of single dads are usually more familiar with car racing and strategic online games, where dads absolutely shared the excitement.

4 Fishing Is Fun, Until You’re Not Allowed There Anymore

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I got my first fishing set when I was five-years-old, and although I loved sitting in the nature and looking at the lake without catching any fish, we soon realized I couldn’t keep quiet for more than two minutes.

3 Boys Don’t Like Drama

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Yes, probably every girl figures this out, but when you finally decide to tell your dad what is going on with that boy who you are dating, the look he gives you is priceless. “Why would you do that? Don’t act crazy… boys don’t like drama”

2 Everyone Wants To Kidnap You

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As the only daughter of an overprotective dad, I was constantly reminded that I can be kidnapped anytime – which meant I couldn’t really stay out after 9-10 PM throughout high school (except for those lame prom nights when he would pick me up at 2 am). Even as an adult, every time I go out on Friday nights, he still tries to convince me not to.

1 But despite all these things...


There is nothing your dad won’t do for you.

Whether it was about purchasing the new superbride-tanned-Barbie, talking about boys, or taking me to my first fashion show during my teenage years, there was nothing my dad wasn’t up for. Regardless of all the differences (which would make a longer list than all the characters killed on Game of Thrones), he is still the coolest and most caring person I have ever met, and he still can’t sleep during the night until he knows I’m home, although I live in my own flat now… in a different country.

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