10 Things That Go Through the Minds of Those Who Are Terrified of Animals

This is for all of those individuals who freeze when they hear a dog barking in the distance; For the people who feel judged when they tell friends that most animals are just plain terrifying.

Here are 10 things that people who are afraid of animals can all relate to.

Disclaimer: the following article may reveal images of tiny frightening creatures.

11 Imagine:

You are going to a friend's home for the first time. Upon entering the house, most people would think something along the lines of, "I wonder if their family is nice".

But for people like us, the scared and the worried, we are thinking praying for something else..

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"Pleaseeee, oh please. I hope this person doesn't have any pets!"

But as you enter the house, there it is.

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Out of nowhere.

Charging at you.

10 Most pet owners will be unaware that this is what you see:

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Just look at that thing!

When in reality, the animal more than likely looks like this:

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Hey man, we don't know what kind of teeth he's packin'.

9 Most people react to pets like this:

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"D'aww. s'cute!"

But you, you react like this:

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"Holy, @#$*!"

8 You're convinced that they can kill you.

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Big or small, those things have teeth (and/or claws)! Sure, kittens and puppies are cute – but for people like us, they are best admired through a computer screen.

7 Petting zoos are just out of the question.

"Hey do you want to come?"

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"Haha! No."

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6 Oh, and let's not forget the terrifying moment when your friend leaves the room.

Unsupervised with said fearsome animal, all you can think is:

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And you're just there, dying inside.

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Your internal monologue is shouting, "IT'S GOING TO ATTACKKK!"

And it just stares at you while you count down the minutes until the owner returns.

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You're convinced it is plotting something terrible...

5 Hearing that question, "Do you want to pet it?"

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They'll even say, "Don't worry, it doesn't bite."

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="640"] Via: Reactiongifs.com[/caption]

Yeah. OKAY.

4 When animal lovers joke that they wish they could be surrounded by hundreds of puppies all the time, you wonder why they would want such a thing.

The answer for an animal lover is simple:

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I have even had a friend tell me, "I wish I could just roll around in a room filled with puppies all day. That's the dream."

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To a person with zoophobia, that is an absolute nightmare. Just looking at that gives me the twitchies.

3 Sometimes, schools or workplaces offer "therapeutic" pet days or pet rooms that are meant to help people destress.

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Instead of it relieving stress, your anxiety shoots through the roof. Literally. Can't even.

2 Then, finally, there will come a day when you try to overcome your fear of animals.

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"Is this how you hold it?"

I mean, they are pretty cute.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="371"] Via: Tumblr.com[/caption]

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="372"] Via: Giphy.com[/caption]

And they can be funny.

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1 But it doesn't take long before your senses kick back in.

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At least we tried.

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