10 Things He Wants The Most In A Girlfriend (+ 10 He Hates)

What do guys want in a girlfriend, anyways? What is it that makes a “perfect” girlfriend? Do they only dream about ending up with someone who is super good looking? Or are guys deeper individuals than what is often assumed?

If you ask a girl what she is looking for in a guy, she’ll have a clearly outlined and detailed list of dos and don’ts. When you ask a guy what he wants in a girl, he might not be as explanatory. But don’t be fooled, guys have a specific criteria they are looking for in a partner, too. Sure, a guy might waste his time on a pretty little nothing, but the one he wants to go long-term with will be special. She will be exactly what he was searching for.

Contrary to popular belief, most guys don’t just think with their eyes. They aren’t usually looking for supermodels to make girlfriends. Just like girls, they are out here in the dating universe looking for their perfect match. There is absolutely a difference between fling material and girlfriend material, remember that. So, what traits make up that dream girl? Here are 10 things he is going to want in a girlfriend and 10 that he does not like seeing.

20 He Wants A Girlfriend With Confidence


It’s plain and simple… Nothing is more attractive than a woman who is comfortable and confident in her own skin. If you find yourself always seeking his reassurance on whether he finds you beautiful enough or if that skirt makes your butt look big, he is going to start questioning if you have girlfriend potential.

According to Elite Daily, “Confident people tend to think on the positive side because they are secure in themselves and aren't easily thrown off track.” A guy won’t have to worry too much about a girlfriend who exudes confidence and has a high self-esteem. They will be able to focus more on having fun than working through her insecurities.

19 He Dislikes Girls Who Are Needy


No one really likes a person who is considered needy, and guys especially don’t want that quality in a girlfriend. He will likely not be able to have any fun nights out with his pals because his needy girlfriend won’t be able to survive without his 24/7 presence.

Guys don’t usually like needy girls; they are known energy suckers and don’t allow room in the relationship for either partner to breathe. According to IOL, “Men with insecure girlfriends and wives are less satisfied with their relationship and [experience] stress from constantly having to reassure their other half.”

18 He Wants A Girlfriend Who Is Spontaneous


A spontaneous girl is one a guy is going to try to lock down fast. According to Your Tango, spontaneity is of the first things to go in relationships, but it is also something guys love to have in their lives. They love a woman who can just up and do something on the spur of the moment.

Not everything has to be planned, and it can be said that lots of guys don’t like plans at all. Being able to take off on an adventure whenever you want without worrying about all the little details is something special and definitely something a guy wants in a girlfriend.

17 He Dislikes Girls Who Are Jealous


Having that little green monster within you can be the ultimate relationship ender. Jealousy can be dangerous in a relationship and a lot of guys don’t want to put up with it.

There can be legitimate reasons for your jealousy, but that’s when you need to sit down and talk it out with the guy. Don’t let the jealousy run your life and cause you to start insanely following all his social media accounts or hack into his phone.

Most often, jealousy shows a lack of trust. He wants a girlfriend who is chill and lets him do what he wants without getting the fifth degree all the time.

16 He Wants A Girlfriend Who Knows It's Okay To Relax


Relaxing can be one of the most underrated couple activities out there. He wants a girlfriend who knows everything doesn’t need to be perfect all the time and that it’s okay to let things slip up every now and then. Taking a breather and just relaxing for a night or weekend is okay. The dishes can wait.

“No man likes a nag and every man likes a woman who can let her hair down and doesn't sweat the small stuff,” explains Your Tango. A relationship can be truly wonderful when you are able to just relax with each other.

15 He Dislikes Girls Who Are Materialistic


Guys are wary of materialistic women. According to El Crema, “She’s the type that loves you or pretends to care about you because of what you have.” Materialistic girls usually put a lot of value on objects that can be purchased; it’s usually not the thought that counts with them.

Guys usually dislike this trait in a girlfriend. Materialistic girlfriends are known for always wanting something and showing love most to get something they “need.” They have a bad reputation for being stingy and self-centered. Guys fear that when the going gets tough, the materialistic girlfriend might not stick around.

14 He Wants A Girlfriend Who Has A Great Sense Of Humor


Everyone needs a good laugh once in a while. Both guys and girls want their match to have a good sense of humor. According to Time, research shows women like men who make them laugh, and men like women who laugh at their jokes. When a girl laughs, she enters into a free state and the guy can see who she really is.

A girl who laughs at a guy’s jokes is ultimately showing she is interested, and what guy doesn’t want that? With laughter comes fun, and guys want a girl who is carefree and ready to have fun with them.

13 He Dislikes Girls Who Have Anger Issues


Guys don’t particularly enjoy angry girls and don’t really want one as a girlfriend. Everyone gets angry at one point or another; it’s not something that can be avoided forever. However, there is a difference between getting upset for valid reasons or getting irked at a guy over something he had no control over.

Most men head for the hills at any sign of an angry woman. There are ways guys can “deal” with an angry woman, but if you’re not already in a committed relationship and he feels the wrath of your anger, he’s not likely to commit to you.

12 He Wants A Girlfriend Who Loves Life


Men like women who are full of life and in tune with their senses. To put it plainly, it gets their blood pumping. A woman who lives life to the fullest, engaging with all her senses, is an attractive person.

He wants a girlfriend who can pull off being sensual without being lewd. According to Obsession Desire, “[By] using tone of voice, body language, clothing, eye contact, etc., a woman can get a guy’s sensory attention for sure.” Embrace your femininity and he’ll surely be wrapped around your finger in no time.

11 He Dislikes Girls Who Are Drama Queens


Drama queens usually also get that “crazy” label. Guys are usually advised to stay far away from those girls who are drama queens. They attract and live off drama, and that’s not necessarily a great thing to have in a relationship.

It’s true that, at times, drama queens can be a little exciting, but they are not girlfriend material. Her life is going to be a “constant crisis.” For the drama queen, everything is over-the-top and the littlest of mishaps will ruin her whole day. Drama queens aren’t known for taking responsibility for their own actions; it’s always someone else’s fault. Guys don’t usually live for drama.

10 He Wants A Girlfriend Who Is Honest


If a guy isn’t able to trust you to be honest with him, he isn’t going to want to make you his girlfriend. That’s why honesty is one of the more important traits he wants in a girlfriend. Things should be kept open and honest.

Thought Catalog says, "There’s nothing [a guy] admire[s] more in a woman than honesty and the ability to be truthful and open [with him]." When lies start to find their way into a relationship, trust will ultimately break down and the relationship will need a lot of work in order to repair the damage.

9 He Dislikes Girls Who Are Know-It-Alls


Know-it-alls have a way about them that makes other people feel really dumb. It’s one thing to be genuinely smart; it’s another to push your brains down everyone else’s throats. Guys don’t want to be made to feel stupid.

Of course, he wants an intelligent girlfriend. Smart girls are very intriguing to most guys. If she acts superior to him because of her knowledge, though, he will move on real fast. It’s okay to teach your guy new things, but it’s important to do it in a way that doesn’t put him down for not knowing it in the first place.

8 He Wants A Girlfriend Who Is Supportive


The King needs his Queen, especially on the tough days. He wants a girlfriend who is supportive. He wants to know that you are someone who will support him, his decisions and his dreams. According to Your Tango, showing your support can be as simple as “A quick ‘I love you’ text when he heads off for his morning commute and [listening] to him after a hard day's work.”

There is nothing better than knowing your woman has your back and will always be standing in your corner cheering you on when times get tough.

7 He Dislikes Girls Who Are Close-Minded


Close-minded people are often hard to get along with. He doesn’t want a girlfriend who isn’t able to expand her horizons to see things from another person’s point of view. The Richest says, “A close-minded woman knows exactly what you should be thinking, and doing, all the time.” This isn’t exactly the type of woman you want to put a whole lot of effort into.

Close-minded girls don’t want anyone to challenge their ideas. What they think is how it should be. If he doesn’t line up with her beliefs already, the relationship with the close-minded girl will be a difficult one.

6 He Wants A Girlfriend Who Is Independent


A girl who can stand on her own two feet is someone guys want as a girlfriend. According to Bolde, “A girl who can hold her own, has her own awesome history, and can deal with things without the help of a man will always [win against] ones that are codependent.”

Strong, independent girls can sometimes be intense for some men. These men worry they are not needed and won’t be able to fulfill their roles in the relationship. However, grown men will see these qualities as strengths. They will want an independent woman who doesn’t need to rely on anyone but herself.

5 He Dislikes Girls Who Are Self-Centered


Everything revolves around her all the time. Self-centered women only care about numero uno and not much else. “She has no interest in your job, or your family or, really, even you,” explains The Richest. “All she cares about is herself and how things affect her.”

This is something that he’ll get tired of really quickly. It’s exhausting always listening to someone else’s problems and complaints without feeling they care about your feelings, too. Self-centered girls aren’t going to make the cut when it comes to guys choosing the perfect girlfriend. If they want any luck in finding their match, they should learn other people in the world matter, too.

4 He Wants A Girlfriend Who Is Loyal


He wants a girlfriend who he is confident will stick with him through thick and thin. Guys want a loyal girl as a girlfriend. Loyalty is important in relationships. You need to be able to feel that you can count on the other person to back you up and stand by you always.

He doesn’t want to feel like you might trade him in for the next best thing when things start to get rough. A guy wants his girl to be his “ride or die” person. Commitment is all about proving you are loyal to each other. He needs to be able to trust you will be there for him.

3 He Dislikes Girls Who Let Stress Take Over


Stress is a part of life that usually can’t be avoided forever. However, how we deal with stress has a lot to do with how it affects us and those in our life. Guys dislike girls who are always “high strung.” Girls stress over things way more than guys do, and most guys do understand this. At the same time, though, he doesn’t want a girlfriend who lets the stress consume her.

When stress takes over, the fun part of the relationship can often completely evaporate. He wants to be able to take care of what needs to get done and then have fun, not stress about everything that is and could go wrong.

2 He Wants A Girlfriend Who Has A Good Career


Relationships and households can hardly survive on a single income anymore. According to Bolde, “Not many men will want to get into a relationship knowing that they’ll be the sole earner, regardless of what happens.”

He wants a girlfriend who has a job. When she has a job, he won’t have to worry about making enough money to make her happy and support her lifestyle. With both parties having a job in the new relationship, it can truly help them to build on a partnership basis, instead of having something like a sugar-daddy setup. Even just a part-time job can improve the way he views her.

1 He Dislikes Girls Who Are Immoral Or ‘Bad’


Bad girls can be fun, but bad girls usually make for bad girlfriends. Therefore, he doesn’t see immoral girls as girlfriend potential. “Look out for little signs - a woman that will lie and [step out] in a small way will probably do so in a large way as well,” advises The Richest.

Girls who lack morals are capable of anything, really. It can range from stepping out on you with your best friend to stealing all the money out of your wallet and skipping town. He wants a girlfriend who understands the value of what is right and what is wrong.

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