10 Times Brussels Griffons Could Double As Your Hipster Barista

If you've ever met a Brussels Griffon, you already know that they are among the cuddliest, quirkiest companions out there, of whom we can always count on to nail a perfect espresso, every time! OK, maybe that last part was entirely made up by me just now, but come on! How closely do these tiny bearded buddies resemble the hipster barista who pours your latte every single morning?

Don't believe me? Here are 10 Bearded Brussels Griffons who could easily be mistaken for your morning barista!

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10 Old-timey mustache guy.

via: surprisefeed.com

Does anything say "hipster" quite as effectively as the old-timey mustache? This guy can be seen leaving his early morning shift on the high and mighty perch of his ridiculous Penny Farthing bicycle. How does he reach the pedals?  Some type of socially-responsible wizardry, I can only assume.

9 Thick-rimmed glasses guy.

via: pawstotalk.com

This glasses-wearing Griffon looks like the type of guy you would immediately judge for "trying too hard," but once you get to know him, you realize he's actually one of the funniest people you've ever met. He refuses to part with the good seasons of The Simpson's he keeps on DVD (1-9,) even though they take up a ton of room in his tiny studio apartment.

8 Cute pixie haircut girl.

via: radio1041.fm

Pixie cut looks like that cute girl you see pouring perfect espresso shots at that third-wave cafe in your hood, the one that definitely won’t add whipped cream to your iced drink, SO DON’T EVEN ASK! She seems quite and pensive, like she’s too cool for whatever conversation you’re having, but that's only because she was born with the face of a beautiful Disney mouse. 

7 Carefully planned outfit guy.

via: dogtime.com

What time is this dog's alarm set for in order to make all this happen?! It's probably easier than we think, as this sharply-dressed fellow is actually a grown man trapped in a dog's body. Look at his face! If that isn't a human being, than I don't know what is. The only thing this outfit is missing is one of those straw hats Andre 3000 was really into wearing from 2009-2012.

6 Covered-in-buttons guy!

via: movementbuttons.tumblr.com

Now would you look at this sensitive little soul. Those eyes. That beard. All those little pieces of flair. Easily mistaken for any of the hundred canvassers you avoid at all cost, this lil dude definitely “feels the Bern,” big-time, or at least, that’s what four out of the thirteen buttons pinned to his American-made sweatshirt will tell you.

5 Mohawk lady.

via: caitlynperrylouchard.com

Mohawk lady is in her early 40's, and reminisces about the 90's on a regular basis. Easily identified by the mohawk she's kept since 2001, she can also be seen silently, albeit enthusiastically, singing along to "What's Up," by 4 Non Blondes every time it pops up on Pandora.

4 Obviously hungover girl.

via: instagram.com/ittystagram

She may not be pleasant, she may not be coherent, and now that I'm standing withing breathing distance of her mouth, she may not be technically sober either, but she showed up, dammit, what more do you want?! She's probably gonna ask you to turn the radio down today, and you better believe she'll be taking her two, 15-minute federally mandated work breaks. Now, when's lunch?

3 Cute poser in saggy hat.

via: instagram.com/RalphieNYC

Ok, not gonna lie-I have dated this guy in the past. Not literally this dog dressed as an extra from that movie Kids, but this "type." You know this guy. He's in a band, or three. He skateboards, or at least he carries a skateboard. He's always on his phone, apparently texting everyone but you, aside from that one time at 2 a.m., three months after your last date. Does a decent pour-over though, can't hate on that.

2 Community garden volunteer.

via: pinterest.com

This cutie can be found strolling the farmer’s market every weekend, cold-brew in hand. She's friendly, she's photogenic, and she volunteers at her local community garden, rounding her out as the most annoying person you've ever met in your life. She's too perfect, and honestly, that just sort of bums me out. Who the hell makes homemade Kombucha? BYE! 

1 Uptight shift manager with an eye for detail!

via: instagram.com/ittystagram

Ahh yes, the ever-present "shift manager." Laying it on pretty thick in his 100 % Urban Outfitters look, day in and day out, this guy. He can't help it that the rules are the rules guys, but he's got quotas to meet so "just one bag of tea per cup, ladies!" In his defense, the scones at his location are consistently good. Brava, bearded shift-leading hero! You make everyone's day a little better!

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