10 Pics Of Kim And Kanye That Made Us Cringe (10 We Don't Hate)

Although Kim and Kanye's relationship didn't kick off until 2012, they have quite the epic timeline. The couple were friends way before they got romantically involved and they've always been in the spotlight. Since they've been together, they've made headlines everywhere they go. Even if we try to avoid them, it is nearly impossible as photos of them are splashed daily all over social media.

Whether you're a fan of the reality star and her rapper/designer husband or not, they're always on the tip of everyone's tongues. Not everyone loves Kanye the way Kanye loves Kanye, and that is totally fine, but we have to hand it to Kanye and his wife, their love is real.

The couple is not shy to express their love through body language, but there are times when it's been just too much. Other times, though, we've completely swooned.

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20 Cringe: Why Do They Look So Unhappy?

via W Magazine

Where Kim and Kanye go, the cameras go, especially when they hit the red carpet. Taken during the 2016 Met Gala, the two matched their exuberant outfits, with Kanye even getting silver contact lenses, but their vibe was totally off.

The Balmain outfits were rad, but Kanye's awkward hold over Kim wasn't too appealing.

19 Cringe: Can KKW Not Walk?

via E! News

We're sure Kanye wants to treat his wifey like a princess, but was this necessary? We don't really see this as chivalrous on Kanye's part, but more like Kim acting like a diva.

He carried her around for 2 Chainz wedding, and they evidently stole the spotlight - so not right. And Kanye, are slippers for a wedding the new thing?

18 Cringe: Why Did Kanye Make His Wife Wear That?

via Getty Images

We know that before Kim met Kanye, her fashion game wasn't that on point. As a matter of fact, Kanye made her get rid of practically her entire wardrobe; he's the fashion boss in the relationship.

So, we're really wondering why he let Kim attend the Met Gala in a turtleneck all-over floral print dress that was totally unflattering on her body? That's a fashion crime.

17 Cringe: Kanye, The Jealous Hubby

via Getty Images

While Kim was elegantly posing for photos in her revealing black sheer dress, Kanye was busy playing the role of the protective and jealous hubby.

We know smiling isn't his thing, but this photo made us wonder how he is with her. Instead of supporting her and smiling, he opted for mean looks - not cool.

16 Cringe: What Are Those Fashion Choices?

via Daily Mail

Nothing about this photo is happening. The outfits and their body language are out of tune. We know that they adore Balmain, but both outfits are too farfetched.

Kanye looks like he is about to star in some movie, and Kim looks like she came from another universe. And just look at Kanye's frown; he looks like a disappointed man who was forced to wear that outfit.

15 Cringe: Well, That Was Basic Of Them

via Us Weekly

The theme at the Met Gala this year was 'Camp,' but clearly, Mr. and Mrs. West did not get the memo. While everyone showed up with extravagant outfits, Kim came with a typical ruched dress and Kanye laid low in a black jacket - how odd?

They also did not look too thrilled to be there. Fashionistas were not too happy with the couple.

14 Cringe: The Most Awkward Family Portrait

via Instagram

Did the person taking the picture forget to say, "say cheese?" Usually, family picture day is a joyful day and there are smiles everywhere, but when it comes to the Kardashian-Wests, things work differently.

Only North showed an ounce of happiness with her little grin and peace sign, but her parents were not feeling picture day.

13 Cringe: This Photo Looks Like A Photo Op

via Instagram

You know when you buy a meet and greet package that comes with a photo op, and the pictures are super quick? This is what they tend to look like.

While Kim looks dashing, her body language is awkward. It looks like she was unsure of placing her hands on Kanye, so she kept her distance. And both of them have forced smirks on, too.

12 Cringe: Was This Really Post-Worthy?

via Instagram

Sometimes we really question what Kim posts on her social media pages. Photos like these of her and her hubby do not look too great. Instead, they're rather dull. We already know a lot about Kanye's personality, and photos like these only reinforce what we know.

He looks down, and so does she. They both don't look too amused and it's not a great look on them.

11 Cringe: Kim Wasn't Having It

via Pinterest

Now why on Earth would Kim do such a thing at an award show? The A-listers know very well that the cameras are always ready to capture whatever shabby or cute thing they do. Kanye clearly wanted to show some loving to his wife, but Kim blatantly refused.

Maybe they got into a quarrel beforehand? Whatever may have happened, the photo is quite embarrassing.

10 Swoon: How Precious Is This Photo?

via Instagram

We sometimes wonder how this couple could even have an ounce of privacy since the cameras are always on them. In this candid photo, Kim and Kanye are seen embracing each other in a dance.

It looks so pure and natural, and the two are privately enjoying one another's company. And the grin on Kanye's face while staring at Kim and holding her is priceless!

9 Swoon: A Big Happy Family

via Instagram

One thing you cannot take away from the Kardashian-Wests is how adorable their little family is. They define #familygoals and do so quite effortlessly.

It's rare that we get to see Kanye and Kim at home just taking it easy, as they're usually out and about. Here, the parents have their children holding onto them, and it's so precious.

8 Swoon: The Italian Wedding

via Instagram

Surprisingly, their nuptials were extremely private, and we still do not know how they pulled that off considering who they are. Not many photos were shared of the lavish wedding when it took place in Italy.

Luckily, in lieu of their fifth wedding anniversary, Kim went on a photo bender and started posting a bunch of beautiful photos, like the above one, that we had not seen. What an angelic and serene photo!

7 Swoon: The Time They Had Matching Jackets

via Instagram

With apps like Pinterest, people are uber creative when it comes to special occasions. Well, there is nothing we found more enchanting and creative than the time Kimye stepped out in edgy black 'Just Married' leather jackets.

The two were photographed wearing these at their wedding reception, and they definitely changed the wedding game. They looked so cute posing in their photo booth - no wonder people have mimicked them.

6 Swoon: Their Fourth Of July Moments Are Always Adorable

via Pinterest

Kim and Kanye have a thing for always taking the Fourth of July to a whole new level. Whether they're hosting a barbecue, vacationing, or at a lakeside cabin, the two always have fireworks in their eyes.

Look at Kim's glow while she grasps her hubby's arm and Kanye's pearly-white smile while staring at his daughter - such pure love.

5 Swoon: Love Makes Them Silly

via SheKnows

Let's be honest, Kanye is not a fan of smiling; Mr. West frequently opts for serious poses on the red carpet. So, it is quite refreshing to see photos like the above one of Kanye cracking a genuine smile with his gorgeous wife.

In this silly photo, where Kim and Kanye both appear to be laughing, they look more in love than ever.

4 Swoon: Kanye Can't And Won't Let Go

via Just Jared

Kanye is no stranger to letting his affection for his wife be known, and this was one of those PDA moments that made us gush.

Taking a casual stroll on the town, Kanye could not let go of his platinum blonde wife, holding her so tightly and letting his lady take the lead. Only Kim can get him to be so affectionate in public.

3 Swoon: We Love How Kim Looks At Her Man

via Instagram

Oh, look, Kanye is smiling again! We all know that the beauty mogul adores her man, and loves showing him off, and this photo is a prime example of that.

Kim has the look of love written all over her face while caught in a candid moment looking directly at her rapper hubby. Looking all dressed up and fancy, Kim can't help but gush at her King.

2 Swoon: Always Supporting Each Other

via Instagram

Why does Kanye look happier than ever here? It was his crazy "Ye" album listening party and celebrity fans flocked to Wyoming field, including his main flame.

Kim proudly supports her man, and she showed others that by holding onto his arm and smiling a lot. She stuck by his side the entire night and they even matched so casually.

1 Swoon: The Wedding Photos Take The Cake

via Instagram

Wedding photos are always so precious, and the magic of them usually brings tears to our eyes. The two Hollywood heavyweights had a posh wedding in Italy, and it was as perfect as this photo.

No, Kanye isn't smiling, but the way Kim is posed and the way Kanye is holding her is so captivating. And talk about a stylish moment! How perfect did they look on their big day?

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