10 Times Mags Photoshopped Celebs And Got Called Out (+ 10 Celebs Who Edit Themselves)

The world of the rich and famous is a glamorous one. These people have images to uphold and lifestyles to maintain. From nips and tucks to dressing in designer digs from head to toe, there are many ways to appear polished and perfect… and sometimes, a little help is added, as well, to make things look even better than normal.

We have all seen magazine covers that look too airbrushed. We have all seen photos that celebrities post that make us feel like our selfies can just never compare. But when photoshop is used, it all becomes fake! Whether publications are doing it to images (without a star’s permission) to make an issue sell better or whether a star is doing it to themselves (to gain more followers), this is not so fab.

Below, there are 10 times that celebs clapped back at magazines in response to photoshopped images of themselves; this act makes it seem like these people don’t look good enough on their own and sends out a message that people have to look a certain way.

Down below, there are also 10 times that celebs got caught editing themselves; once a pic like this goes live, they have to know that eagle-eyed fans are going to jump all over that, right?

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20 An Editor Tried To Make Kelly Clarkson Look Her ‘Personal Best’


In 2009, singer Kelly Clarkson was on the cover of Self magazine, but she looked a little different than she did in real life. After criticism, editor-in-chief Lucy Danziger admitted to altering the photo. Why? Danziger said it was done “only to make [Clarkson] look her personal best.”

The statement went on to say that this was not an act of fiction but a picture of confidence and that the photo was the truest the magazine had have ever put out there on the newsstand. Wouldn’t Clarkson’s personal best be how she really, truly, actually looked? Isn’t being one’s true self a bigger and better picture of confidence?

19 Zendaya Called Out Modeliste


When Zendaya saw her photo from a shoot for Modeliste magazine in 2015, she turned to social media to share her thoughts. She talked about how her 19-year-old hips and torso were quite manipulated. She stated that this type of thing is what makes women self-conscious and what creates unrealistic ideals of beauty.

She released the untouched photo, which she loved, and in response, Modeliste said a third party had done the edits. They did go on to release the untouched photo, though, so that’s good. But their editor-in-chief also wrote a letter about people being beautiful and unique in individual ways… so why was an altered image even shared?

18 PLL Stars Did Not Like This Promo

This Is Insider

To promote Pretty Little Liars, this ad was shared in 2013, and stars like Ashley Benson and Troian Bellisario were not okay with it. Benson, who played Hanna Marin on this teen drama series, said that they all look "ridiculous" with way too much photoshop. The actress said that everyone has flaws, that no one actually looks like they do in this photo and that it just was not attractive.

Bellisario, who played Spencer Hastings, agreed, saying it was a cool concept, but then asking, “Aren't we attractive enough women as we are? Why can't we just look like us?"

17 Grazia UK Took Away Lupita Nyong'o’s Hair


It may be—possibly!—okay to smooth away a just a couple of frizzy, flyaway hairs, but chopping off huge portions of natural hair is not cool. But that is what happened to Lupita Nyong'o when she was on the cover of Grazia UK in 2017. After seeing it, the actress posted online that she was disappointed that they edited out and smoothed her hair to fit their notion of what beautiful hair looks like.

Nyong'o also said that there must still be a very long way to go to combat the unconscious prejudice against black women's complexions, hairstyles, and hair texture. Grazia UK went on to apologize for what they did, but what’s done is done.

16 Filippa Hamilton Got Photoshopped A Bit In This Ralph Lauren Ad

This Is Insider

Filippa Hamilton is a model, meaning she probably already has a long and lean build. Whoever was in charge of this photo must have thought she needed to look even skinnier, though! Believe it or not, this is a real ad that ran for Ralph Lauren in 2009, and after it was released, Hamilton stopped working with them.

A representative for Ralph Lauren said that the fashion company took full responsibility for printing it… but that it was published by mistake. How does a "mistake" such as this get by all the people who have to sign off on things?

15 Lady Gaga Spoke Out Against Glamour


Lady Gaga was on the cover of Glamour in 2013, and then she went to Glamour's Woman of the Year awards. Her cover was clearly photoshopped and airbrushed, so she took her time at this event to speak out. 

The singer urged people to fight back against the forces that make them feel like they are not beautiful, and she had a special message for the magazine, too: when the covers change, that's when culture changes. Lady Gaga certainly does things her own way, with our own unique style, and this is one example of how inspiring her boldness is.

14 Kate Winslet Did Not Like Her GQ UK Cover

The Daily Beast

Kate Winslet had a few thoughts about her cover from 2003, which was done for GQ UK. She said the retouching was excessive (since her legs looked to be reduced in size by about a third), that she did not look like that and that—more importantly—she did not want to look like that.

At the time, GQ UK's editor was Dylan Jones, who said it looked fine, who said that they do that to every photo and who said that practically every magazine image has been digitally altered in some way. So one guy's opinion makes all of this okay…?

13 Andy Roddick Knows Truth Vs. Reality

CBS News

Andy Roddick is a tennis star who is married to actress Brooklyn Decker. With his former professional experience and his lifestyle, he is obviously in shape. However, he joked that he didn't know he had 22-inch guns after seeing his cover for Men's Fitness.

The magazine definitely made some edits, and he knows it, and he called them out for it! A rep said there were, indeed, enhancements to Roddick’s arms but that this was not a photoshopped image that put this star’s head on a different body. Okay, that’s great, but why not just keep all of him there in the first place…?

12 Kristen Stewart Lost An Arm On Glamour

Vanity Fair

Let’s talk about the Glamour issue from November 2011. It featured men talking about what they were attracted to, how to do makeovers in one minute, DIY solutions to health problems and the cover story, which was all about the "real" Kristen Stewart, during her Twilight days.

She looked cute and casual, but something was missing... literally; her arm was gone! Was it erased while they were trying to change another body part? Did someone mean to put it back? How did this get past editors? We don’t know if Stewart spoke out against this, but with her no-nonsense attitude, she surely was not thrilled with how this cover came out looking.

11 Taylor Swift Looked Unrecognizable On This Cover


This last example is a doozy… Once upon a time, Taylor Swift was on the cover of a magazine from Russia. Since we can’t read that language, we are not sure what the cover story was or what the headlines boasted, but that does not matter.

That was not the main attraction. This pic of T-Swift was not the best. She looked like an alien! Her cat-like eyes she is known for were altered way too much, and for some reason, her lips were changed up in shape and size, so she was almost unrecognizable. Really. Just go Google it. Crazy stuff!

10 Kourtney Photoshopped Her Armpit

This Is Insider

Now, sometimes, celebs get caught photoshopping themselves, which brings us to these next 10 images—like this one of Kourtney Kardashian. She posted this photo that she took with Larsa Pippen. See anything weird here? It seems Kourt tried to edit her armpit!

Did she think it looked strange before? Did she forget to shave and wanted to erase the hairs? Whatever the problem was, the solution did not come out looking normal. If it was a case of hairy pits, though, we get it… especially when compared to the lengths that some of these other people went to photoshop themselves...

9 Kim’s Photo Looks Wonky

This Is Insider

Upon first glance, this just looks like the average paparazzi photo of Kim Kardashian-West. Look closer, though. Why does everything look wavy? Why is that line at her feet not straight? And why is the car in the background so smooshed?

Some serious alterations happened here, and it gets better/worse: this was meant to promote the March For Our Lives rallies, for some reason. And in a statement on her website, the reality star said that someone else had edited the photo, in order to create a mirror effect, and that she just cropped it, causing everything to look wonky.

8 What’s Up With Khloe’s Thumb?


The Kardashian trend continues… Let’s really study Khloe’s thumb in this picture. It's either not all there or looking like it is disappearing into her hair. Either way, that seems like another photoshop error. The top of her head looks almost too smooth, as well, so she may have just been trying to smooth out any frizz—which, we mentioned above, could sometimes be understandable.

With all of the followers that these Kardashian and Jenner family members have, though, it seems like they could, their siblings could and their people could all check images before they go out, right? Maybe not, as this pic proves.

7 My, Kris’ Face Is Smooth


Do they get it from their momma? Kris Jenner is no stranger to making images look “better” either! In this one that she shared, of her and chef Gordon Ramsay, the faces look so fake.

Ramsay is 52, and Jenner is 63, so yes, they are not in their 20s any longer. They may have some lines here and there. But that is part of life! What is not a normal part is going over selfies with a digital tool so many times that people begin to lose themselves entirely. And, of course, when the momager uploaded this, the comments went crazy.

6 Kylie Photoshopped Her Assets


Okay, there is one more example from this famous family to point out and discuss, and let’s start by saying that many people find these sisters attractive. They have things going for them. They are rich and famous and look good—we get it! Yet they still feel the need to make tweaks, such as how Kylie Jenner did here.

The lines of her jeans are warped in a way that points toward photoshopping. Plus, there have been other times she was accused of this, and there are other stars who have dealt with this, too, like the ones mentioned down below…

5 Lindsay Lohan’s Stairs Look Off


Over the years, more and more clues have surfaced regarding how to tell if an image has been messed with or not. The biggest one, of course, is wavy lines, such as the ones on Lindsay Lohan's stairs. She seems to be wearing a corset-like waist trainer here, which is already sucking her in—but she wanted more!

So she may have touched this up, in order to look "better," resulting in stairs that seem a bit off in a way. With all the experts and the engaged investigators (AKA fans) studying celebs online, it seems they would know better by now!

4 The Carpet Around Miranda Kerr Seems Strange

Best Life

Miranda Kerr has a similar story: she is a model. She is wearing an evening gown. So already, this picture has many positive aspects. However, it appears to be photoshopped, like the others on this list. What leads to this conclusion?

Well, the pattern on the carpet has lines that seem to vary around her waist and hips, and it looks kind of strange in the back there, under her arm. Maybe this is just how the photo came out, or perhaps the lighting is causing some weird effects. It just seems like another case of the same ol’ photoshop thing.

3 Selena Gomez’s Makeup Artist Added Volume

This Is Insider

Now, this picture of singer Selena Gomez was actually shared by her makeup artist. This person clearly wanted to show off handy work, so fans could admire her voluminous hair, her glam eyebrows, and her full lips. But what about her wavy door frame?

One would think that the makeup artist went a little photoshop-happy behind the scenes in order to make everything look even more awe-inspiring. Since the biggest clue that points to this conclusion are around her hair, maybe more volume was being added to Gomez’s ‘do. Either way, this is another pic that just doesn’t make sense and doesn’t work.

2 Of Course, Beyonce’s Thigh Gap

Daily Mail

Beyonce has plenty of fans for both her music and her bold personality, but it seems like she might not be as confident as we thought. Bey has been accused of photoshopping her pics—including those of her golfing in a bikini—to include a thigh gap.

This is so weird, but she is Queen B; she could do anything, and her fans would still adore her! But, she is human, and we all chase after perfection at times. So she seems to have, more than once, gone in with a little tool, trimmed up some areas (like her thighs) and then posted photos of herself online.

1 Even John Mayer Used Facetune


Uhm, is this a joke? John Mayer gives off the impression that he is a cool dude with a sense of humor. So maybe he shared this in a playful way because he had to have known how crazy this looks!

There have been many examples on this list today, but they are just a handful of images that show celebs being altered in photos. But this one is the most extreme; this male singer found the Facetune app and then really went for it. And whether you're a fan of his or not, we can all agree that he looks better filter-free, right?

Sources: Business Insider, Telegraph, People

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