10 Unexpected Ingredients To Make Your AM Coffee Tastier

Coffee lovers consume over 587 million cups of the stuff every day in American alone. It’s no wonder why, either. The bold, dark, nutty elixir keeps us going, hour after hour, pulling us through endless days at the office. Most of us take our coffee with cream and sugar, while others prefer theirs straight up, with nothing to cloud the roasted taste. For those who prefer a little added flavor, some unique ingredients are available to spice up a mundane cup of Joe.

Some of these ingredient might surprise, while others will leave you wondering why you’ve never thought of them before. For the coffee fanatic looking to spice up their favorite beverage in a new way, here are ten unexpected ingredients to make your AM coffee tastier.

10 Salt

In addition to boosting the flavor profile of any coffee, salt helps to balance out the bitterness, which is helpful if the grounds are a little less than fresh. Some users even add salt directly to the grounds before brewing, to create a richer, bolder taste.

9 Butter

The trick to adding butter to coffee is to treat the drink almost like a breakfast replacement. This tip is a play on traditional Tibetan yak butter tea, which is said to raise energy levels and help stave off erratic food cravings.

8 Coconut milk

If lactose is any issue, coconut milk offers a sweet alternative to traditional cream or half and half. Aside from being dairy-free, this milk is packed with vitamins and essential nutrients, making it the perfect addition to any morning routine.

7 Vanilla

Vanilla makes everything taste better. The warm, delicious scent released by the fragrant beans immediately brings a smile to the lips. If fresh vanilla beans aren’t handy, vanilla extract works just as well. A few drops of vanilla will sweeten any morning.

6 Cinnamon

Calories from added cream and sugar can quickly increase a serious coffee drinkers’ waistline. In an attempt to lighten the drink up, try adding cinnamon instead. The pungent spice will add sweetness, helping to balance coffee’s natural bitterness, without adding the additional calories.

5 Egg

This idea might seem a little crazy, but residents of Scandinavia swear by it. The raw egg is added to the coffee grounds prior to brewing, and acts as a sort of filter, clarifying the coffee as it brews. Once prepared, the finished product is said to have a heavy, robust flavor, along with the perfect roasted-brown color.

4 Peanut butter

Protein packed peanut butter is the perfect morning food. Instead of spreading it across a piece of toast, try stirring a spoonful into the morning cup of coffee. The peanut flavor pairs nicely with the coffee, and offers the added sweetness many of us crave. Plus, peanut butter is super easy to make at home in a blender and is low in carbohydrates, making it a healthier, cheaper alternative to standard sugar.

3 Clove

Usually, this spice is only pulled out during the holidays, but many people are starting to place a few cloves in their morning coffee. The subtle, sweet, spice offers a unique taste that can’t be compared to anything else. Cloves are also very healthy, but remember, a little goes a long way. The taste can become over powering if too much is used.

2 Peppercorns

While this might seem strange, peppercorns can either be ground or left whole, and are normally added to the grounds before brewing to create a spicier, bolder wake up. While a few might not find the idea appealing, after tasting the new flavors, they quickly become hooked.

1 Tahini

Made from ground sesame seeds, Tahini is another spicy paste that perfectly melts into a cup of coffee. Traditionally found in Middle Eastern dishes, this delicious creation is commonly found in hummus and other savory foods. While it might not add any sweetness, Tahini certainly adds a complex flavor of its own.

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