10 Unique Non-Floral Bridal Bouquets That Are Totally DIY

There are a ton of ways to make your wedding unique, from the flowers to the dresses to the decor. However, one especially easy DIY way to make your wedding one-of-a-kind is the bouquet. Flowers are beautiful, but there are a ton of non-floral options out there that are equally beautiful. Scroll through the article below and you'll find DIY bridal bouquet options made of everything from buttons to vegetables to feathers!

Check out 10 unique non-floral bridal bouquets that are totally DIY.

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10 Brooch Bouquet

via: diynetwork.com

This brooch bouquet is not only super glamourous, it can also help you find your "something old, something borrowed, and something blue" all in one go. Mix the brooches with some complementary ribbon and you've got yourself a unique and elegant bridal bouquet.

9 Pop-up Paper Bouquet

via: marthastewartweddings.com

Taken from Martha Stewart Weddings, this Pop-up Paper Bouquet is beautiful! This bouquet is a great alternative to a traditional floral bouquet. It's still in that flower style but it would be far less expensive and still super pretty.

8 Button and Bead Bouquet

via: offbeatbride.com

You can make this bouquet out of things you find around your house or even a trip to the dollar store. A mix of cute buttons, shimmery beads, fake flowers, and ribbon transform these regular household objects into a gorgeous bouquet fit for a wedding.

7 Lollipop Bouquet

via: weddings.thefuntimesguide.com

Yes, seriously. Putting candy in your bouquet would add a whimsical and fun vibe to the wedding, and a major pop of colour. Plus you and your bridesmaids could have a little snack later!

6 Seashell Bouquet

via: pinterest.com

A stunning alternative, especially for a beach wedding, this seashell bouquet is filled with pretty cream and pink seashells. With the addition of a few pearls, this bouquet is taken to the next level.

5 Butterfly Bouquet

via: marthastewartweddings.com

Butterflies are one of the most beautiful animals in existence, so why not include them on your wedding day?

4 Fruit and Vegetable Bouquet

via: southboundbride.com

Who knew fruit and vegetables could be so classy? I've seriously never seen an artichoke look that good. If you don't want to totally commit to the entire bouquet being made of fruit and veg, you can intersperse the vegetables with flowers like the bouquets seen above.

3 Newspaper Bouquet

via: popsugar.com

In true Leslie Knope-style, this ordinary newspaper takes on a whole new life as a bridal bouquet. Plus, it's extremely inexpensive and easy to make.

2 Pinecone Bouquet

via: bridalguide.com

I absolutely love this bouquet. If you're looking for a more earthy alternative to fit an outdoor wedding, or perhaps are holding a wedding ceremony in the winter, this pinecone bouquet is lovely. Made of just two elements, pinecones and wheat, this bouquet is as pretty as it is inexpensive.

1 Ornament Bouquet

via: blog.etsy.com

Ornaments are not just for Christmastime! Whether you're getting married around the holidays or not, shiny colourful ornaments are sure to be a unique and breathtaking alternative to a traditional floral bouquet. Pick a colour scheme, find a combination of matte and shiny ornaments like above, find some ribbon and maybe a few leafy branches, and you've got yourself one bouquet fit for a bridal party!

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