10 Walking Dead Stars No One Wants To Work With (6 Who Are Sweethearts)

Quick, look behind you! A flurry of Walkers are moving slowly up to make you their next dinner. Suddenly we find ourselves in the middle of The Walking Dead universe! If we were there, which character would be the one to save us? Surprise, surprise: very few.

While we love The Walking Dead, we’re under no illusions about the reliability of some of these characters. The actors playing them might be great, but would they be sweet enough to save us if we were about to be lunched on? Here’s a list that might help with that question. We’ve gone through and picked out the six sweetest Walking Dead actors, as well as the ten who don’t necessarily get that distinction. It’s not that they’re bad at their jobs; it’s more just the fact that we wouldn’t trust them to protect us from any real life Walkers.

16 Sweetheart: Lauren Cohan


We have to start with the superstar woman of The Walking Dead, and that’s Lauren Cohan. Not only did she have a prolific series arc (at least, until she was written off in order to star in a different show), but they loved her so much that Huffington Post says they decided to do whatever they could to bring her back! Now that’s a sign of sweetness.

15 Not So Sweet: Andrew Lincoln


Not so sweet to work with is Andrew Lincoln. While we’re sure he’s a fine and decent guy in his personal life, he’s certainly caused a bit of a ruckus when it comes to TWD casting. Cheat Sheet told us that he was actively looking to leave The Walking Dead, which makes us think there might have been some hard-to-work-with tension under the surface.

14 Not So Sweet: Michael Cudlitz


Nobody would have expected Cudlitz to be in the not so sweet camp, would they? After being on a show for so long it’s no surprise that some tensions might rise. In this case, Forbes reported that Cudlitz had some not-so-great words on the topic of Rick Grimes. All in all, it sounds like a little tension in the workplace.

13 Not So Sweet: Melissa McBride


An outspoken woman, she was pretty eager to not die on the show. Honestly, we don’t have a great reason for putting her on the not-so-sweet side other than that. Don’t get us wrong, we support job security, but when you’re working on a show where the majority of people end up as food, maybe don’t try to avoid it.

12 Sweetheart: Norman Reedus


How could Norman Reedus be on anything but the total sweetheart list, right? His fan favorite status really helped him out here, because we couldn’t find any negative words against him. In fact, people seem to really love him, and by extension, his character. That’s enough to convince us for sure!

11 Sweetheart: Lauren Ridloff


A newer character, but Ridloff is already making waves in the show. ABC News outlines not only how much of a fan of the show she is, but also how she’s one of the first deaf actors to have a main part in the show while speaking mostly in ASL. A sweetheart on and off the screen, there’s no way we couldn’t include her here.

10 Not So Sweet: Josh McDermitt


Sure, his headshot says “I’m an easygoing, regular guy” but his IMDb page says “I’m looking for work”. That makes us think that there’s more going on on-set with him than meets the eye. Does this mean he’s terrible to work with? Probably not. We just haven’t seen any evidence to the contrary. Or supporting it, to be fair!

9 Not So Sweet: Danai Gurira


Okay, we might be conflating the actor and her character here. It’s not our fault! She’s so good at her job that it’s hard to separate Danai Gurira from that rough and tumble character she plays so well. We’ll be honest: we were kind of on the fence about which side she should fall into. Take this one with a grain of salt.

8 Not So Sweet: Jeffrey Dean Morgan


This boss of a character didn’t spend too long on the show, despite being a good actor. Why is that? On a long running series like The Walking Dead there’s usually two reasons: 1) The actor wasn’t the best fit for the team, cast-wise or production-wise. 2) They had to feed the Walkers, and it’s nothing personal. We’ll leave it up to you to decide.

7 Sweetheart: Christian Serratos


Just look at her! All we want to do is protect her and keep her safe from all those terrible Walkers out there. Her sweetness comes straight from life, as she sounds lovely to work with. She’s also got a few other credits on her IMDb than just The Walking Dead, which always speaks to a good work ethic.

6 Not So Sweet: Jeffrey Demunn


Here’s an interesting tidbit. While Jeffrey Demunn didn’t do anything too terrible, The Whisp has this piece of information for us: apparently, when one of the showrunners left the show, Jeffrey Demunn asked to be written out (maybe in a show of solidarity). He regretted that decision and asked to take it back, but unfortunately his character was already gone.

5 Not So Sweet: Scott Wilson


The Whisp gave us a little more insider information about Scott Wilson, which is what landed him on this list. They write, “during filming for the show's third season, Scott received a DUI...Scott was going roughly 70 miles per hour, which was well above the posted speed limit.” Yikes! Hope he wasn’t trying to make it to set!

4 Sweetheart: Chandler Riggs


CHANDLER! Who doesn’t love Chandler Riggs? From his massive tin of pudding to his fun hat, to his 30 year old could-be-his-mom stunt double, Chandler Riggs is a sweetheart through and through. The show can never be the same without him, and the fans who love both the actor and character agree: this kid is a sweetheart.

3 Not So Sweet: Seth Gilliam


Here’s another actor who ended up in a little bit of legal trouble. While Scott Wilson was caught going 70 over the limit, The Whisp says that Seth Gilliam was pulled over for going 107 mph. The kicker? He openly admitted to driving under the influence. We know this didn’t happen on set, but still; not so sweet!

2 Not So Sweet: Irone Singleton


While there isn’t anything obviously off about Irone Singleton, we can’t help but think that something was going on behind the scenes. After all, why else would they opt to end his character rather than someone else’s, especially when he wasn’t on the show for that long in the first place!

1 Sweetheart: Sonequa Martin-Green


Ending our list is Sonequa Martin-Green, a woman that we can all agree deserves a round of applause. The work she’s done on this show is great, and we’re not even ashamed to admit that she’s our personal favourite part of the series. Is she a sweetheart in real life? We’re not sure, but we find it hard to believe she’s anything but.

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