10 Ways To Bake With Tea

Tea immediately conjures up relaxing and comforting feelings of cozy afternoons on the couch or spending time with your family. But many don’t think about tea beyond drinking it. Well, guess what? There are several ways to consume tea, and my favourite is in baked goods. With the multitude of flavours that tea comes in – from Earl Grey to chai to raspberry – tea is perfect for a ton of different baking recipes, from scones to cakes to pies. So the next time you’re having afternoon tea with your friends, bake some tea-filled treats to enjoy alongside your teapot!

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11 Green Tea Donuts

via: justonecookbook.com

These scrumptious green tea donuts feature a chocolate glaze and matcha green tea powder. The matcha not only gives that green tea taste, but it turns the dough a fun green colour. Plus, these donuts are baked, which means 1) less calories, and 2) you don’t have to go through the hassle of using a deep fryer. Donut pans are relatively cheap, and besides, once you make these donuts once, you’ll definitely be making them again! Insider tip: have a donut with a steaming cup of green tea to get the full experience. Get the recipe here.

10 Lavender Earl Grey Scones

via: bowlofmush.blogspot.co.uk

The perfect accompaniment to afternoon tea, these scones are light and flaky. When baking these, the scent of lavender will fill your house for hours. The delicate flavour of the Earl Grey perfectly complements the lavender, and is even more delicious when a little butter is added (though really, what isn’t improved with a little butter?)! Mmmmmm. Get the full recipe here.

9 Chai Tea Cupcakes

via: unusuallylovely.com

Whether you’re a fan of regular chai tea or chai tea lattes from Starbucks, these creamy and spicy cupcakes are sure to remind you of that comforting and familiar taste. All you need is a chai tea bag (or loose leaf tea), and a few extra spices to get that authentic chai tea taste. Pair it with a velvety vanilla buttercream and top with cinnamon sugar and you have the perfect breakfast treat. Get the recipe here.

8 Black Tea Cake with Honey Buttercream

via: pastryaffair.com

Just the title of this recipe is enticing! If you’re a black tea lover, this cake is for you. Grab 3 black tea bags and let them brew in some warm milk before adding it to the batter. The batter becomes a rich, brown colour once the tea has been added. Once the cake is baked, whip up your honey buttercream and spread generously. This cake is literally a cup of tea in cake form. Check out the full recipe here.

7 Mixed Berry and Jasmine Tea Scones

via: thekitchn.com

The mixture of moist, sweet berries with the floral aroma of jasmine comes together perfectly in these scones. Great with a bit of clotted cream or jam and sure to be loved by both children and adults. Insider tip: if Jasmine tea isn’t your favourite, try adding a bit of lavender or rose tea for that same floral depth. Get the recipe here.

6 Orange Spiced Tea Cookies

via: abakershouse.com

The perfect cookie to dunk in some tea! The zesty orange juice mixed with one tablespoon of a spiced tea of your choice makes for a crumbly, buttery, melt-in-your-mouth cookie. Think shortbread – but way more exciting! Insider tip: if you’d like to make them even prettier, dunk half the cookie in some melted white chocolate. Delicious. Get the full recipe here.

5 Lemon Cake with Irish Breakfast Tea Frosting

via: bettycrocker.com

Take your lemon cake to the next level with the addition of just two bags of Irish breakfast tea! Plus, this recipe calls for a meringue frosting. The lightness of the meringue perfectly balances out the density and richness of the tea-infused cake. Get the full recipe here.

4 Green Tea and Vanilla Bean Macarons

via: crustabakes.wordpress.com

Macarons are all about subtle flavours, and these green tea and vanilla bean macarons are no exception. Just add some green tea powder into the almond flour mixture, and you’ll not only get that calming green tea flavour, you’ll have a beautiful pastel-green macaron shell. The recipe calls for vanilla buttercream in the centre, but if you’re a huge green tea fan, I would add a few teaspoons of green tea powder into the icing as well. Check out the recipe here.

3 Jasmine Green Tea Meringues

via: sayyes.com

When I think tea, I certainly think light and subtle – these jasmine green tea meringues are exactly that. All you need are some egg whites, some sugar, and some jasmine green tea water, and you’ve got meringue! Insider tip: the stronger the better. Brew your favourite kind of tea for as long as possible so the flavour really pops. Get the full recipe here.

2 Baked Peaches with Lemon Verbena Cream

via: telegraph.co.uk

The perfect accompaniment to some spiced and baked peaches is this lemon and vanilla verbena cream. With the freshest ingredients including a vanilla bean pod, honey, cream, and a lemon verbena tea leaf, this light and refreshing cream is the best way to enjoy your fruity dessert. Get the recipe here.

1 White Chocolate Rooibos Tea Fudge

via: drizzleanddip.com

Smooth, creamy, rich, decadent – all words that come to mind when you think of fudge – and this white chocolate rooibos tea fudge does not disappoint. Rooibos tea, local to South Africa, can be found around the world. When paired with white chocolate, it creates a truly unique flavour. Plus, the tea turns the fudge a gorgeous deep reddish-brown colour. Insider tip: If you’ve never made fudge, watch the video on the link for step-by-step instructions. Get the recipe here.

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