10 Women Tom Cruise Has Dated (10 Who Wouldn't Dare)

Not only is he one of the most iconic actors on the planet, but he also has one of the most recognizable faces in the history of Hollywood. People all over the world know the name Tom Cruise, and for good reason. His career started back in the 1980s when he had a small part in the movie Endless Love, which was followed by a recognizable role in Taps shortly afterward.

But his more iconic roles were ahead of him – and same with his most notable romances.

This marriage to then up-and-coming actress Nicole Kidman made waves through Tinsel Town since both were two remarkably beautiful people. However, as we know, it wouldn’t be Cruise’s most famous relationship to date.

Here are 10 women the iconic actor has dated/wed, and 10 who said: “uh…never.”

Let's kick things off with those who loved themselves a little Cruise control...

20 Dated: Katie Holmes


Cruise’s courtship and marriage of actress Katie Holmes started a little…well, odd. Everyone remembers his famous appearance on Oprah’s talk show where he jumped on her couch screaming “I LOVE THIS WOMAN” when it came to the former Dawson’s Creek darling. While the marriage lasted a little and they had a daughter together, the pairing seemed…off.

19 Dated: Nicole Kidman


Tom Cruise met his second wife on the set of Days of Thunder (following his marriage to actress Mimi Rogers) in 1990 and married that same year. Nicole Kidman was an up and coming actress at the time and her whirlwind relationship with Cruise really helped her career take off. Cruise filed for divorce when Kidman was pregnant in 2001 and she ended up miscarrying.

18 Dated: Sofia Vergara

E! News

We all know the Hollywood dating game by now – that there are celebrity couples who enjoy flying under the radar and it just so happens that as public as Cruise is with his love life, there are some women he’s dated that are kept under wraps. Like Sofia Vergara, for instance: Rumor has it they dated in 2005 after meeting at a Will Smith party.

17 Dated: Laura Prepon


Her face is most recognizable if you were a fan of That 70’s Show, but if you also happen to be a fan of Netflix’s Orange Is the New Black, you’d know actress Laura Prepon. Sure, she has famous works, but what you may not know is that Prepon is also a Scientologist and went on a date with Cruise back in 2013.

16 Dated: Penelope Cruz


While his marriages to Katie Holmes and Nicole Kidman might have been high profiled, so was his long relationship with actress Penelope Cruz. Both Cruz and Cruise met on the set of the 2001 thriller Vanilla Sky and dated for over two years. The rumor was that they were going to get married, but that never panned out and the two parted.

15 Dated: Heather Locklear

Us Weekly

Before either of them were major stars, it was said that the Days of Thunder star actually dated the Melrose’s Place beauty, Heather Locklear back in 1982. We wish there was actually more to know about this handsome couple considering that both are stunningly good looking. But this is before they were really known in Hollywood.

14 Dated: Melissa Gilbert


Now, this one is odd to me: It’s hard to imagine someone as pure as Laura Ingles dating a superstar on the rise like Cruise, but apparently, that was the case. Melissa Gilbert was already one of the most famous women on the planet thanks to Little House on the Prairie, so it shouldn’t be too weird that she dated Cruise in the 80s. Right?

13 Dated: Mimi Rogers


Ah, yes – Tom Cruise’s first wife, actress Mimi Rogers – the woman who actually introduced him to Scientology. Mimi and Rogers were married in 1987 and ended up divorcing in 1990, which is when he met his second wife, Kidman. Coincidence? Possibly. While Mimi was still a successful actress following their divorce, she never hit the fame that Kidman or Holmes had.

12 Dated: Cher


If you’ve never heard this one before, you’re in for quite a shock. Back in 2008, the famous Cher revealed that in 1986, both she and Cruise actually had a fling, despite their 16-year age difference. Cruise seemed to always find himself attracted to older women in his younger years, so this shouldn’t be TOO shocking.

11 Dated: Rebecca De Mornay


One of Cruise’s break out movies was the 1983 film Risky Business, and that was partly because of the chemistry he had with on-screen love interest, Rebecca De Mornay. Well, turns out, the two may have actually dated for a couple of years after starring in the movie together. Perhaps their chemistry was too good to pass up in real life?

...And for those who were never too keen...

10 Staying away: Scarlett Johansson

Vanity Fair

Before he settled down with third wife Katie Holmes, it was reported that the Church of Scientology actually assisted in helping Cruise find a “suitable” woman to marry. So…they held auditions. It was said that Scarlett Johansson was approached numerous times, but she refused to go out on a date with him. Probably best since it sounds creepy.

9 Staying away: Jennifer Garner

Hello Magazine

After Cruise’s split with the other Cruz, it was reported that Cruise then went after Alias star Jennifer Garner and started leaving her really strange voicemails (one was just him asking her “Do you know what true freedom is?”) and he even sent her a, get this, ACTUAL BENGAL TIGER. It didn’t work because Garner was into Ben Affleck at the time.

8 Staying away: Jessica Alba


In the middle of attempting to pursue Jennifer Garner, apparently, Cruise also went after actress Jessica Alba. It was revealed in Lawrence Wright’s book Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood, and the Prison of Belief that Cruise attempted to bait Alba to date him because the church approved of her. She said later on that she wouldn’t date another actor to “boost” her career.

7 Staying away: Lindsay Lohan


You have to have some serious guts when you’re able to turn down an “audition” to be Tom Cruise’s next girlfriend even if your career with on the rocks. Though, at the time, when it was said that Cruise reached out to Lindsay Lohan, she was only at the start of her behind the scenes struggles. But still, you’ve got to hand it to Lohan.

6 Staying away: Erika Christensen


Before Holmes stepped into the picture, the Church of Scientology thought it would be way easier to find a suitable partner within the church itself, so Cruise reached out to actress and fellow Scientologist Erika Christensen (Traffic). Apparently though, like the rest of his “girlfriend” auditions, this pairing didn’t work out either.

5 Staying away: Kate Bosworth


Before the Church told him it would be easier to find a girl on the INSIDE of Scientology, Cruise reached out to actress Kate Bosworth when he couldn’t make a connection with Lindsay Lohan. At the time of the reach out, Bosworth’s star was on the rise and while it would have probably helped her career at the time, it was a no from her.

4 Staying away: Nazanin Boniadi


You may remember her from How I Met Your Mother or other of her numerous works, but it was said that fellow Scientologist Nazanin Boniadi was actually in a relationship when Cruise reached out to her. The church “ordered” her to dump her boyfriend and dye her hair, among other demands. She didn’t end up making the cut, though.

3 Staying away: Yolanda Pecoraro

Celebrity Net Worth

When she was “set up” with Tom Cruise, actress Yolanda Pecoraro was struggling in her career. She had only some minor parts in mediocre shows and romantic comedies. She thought it would help her career at the time, but when they were matched, the age difference was too much (she was 19 and he was 42).

2 Staying away: Anette Johanson


When Tom Cruise was already seeing Katie Holmes, it was reported that a Danish woman named Anette Johanson was “auditioned” to be his girlfriend. “They probably wanted to have some backup plan,” Anette told In Touch magazine. The Church of Scientology tried to shut down the allegations, but the word was already out there.

1 Staying away: Cathy Schenkelberg


Back in 2003, a woman named Cathy Schenkelberg was reportedly brought in for a “mock audition for a supposed educational video about Scientology”. When the cameraman asked her about what she thought of Cruise, she called him a “narcissist” and said she didn’t like him. She was promptly removed from the area.

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