10 WWE Stars That Have Relationships On The DL (And 5 Who Are Single)

Living life out of a suitcase, relationships might be secondary for certain WWE stars. Some choose to expose their relationships to the public, like Corey Graves and Carmella recently did, while others choose the down low route, opting to keep their relationship away from the public.

In this article, we’ll take a look at that side of the coin, featuring DL couples. Some of these couples recently got together while others might seem new given that the WWE star chooses to play it out this way.

We’ll also feature WWE stars that live the single life. Some just ended relationships while others continue on without a partner. Enjoy the article folks and like always be sure to share it with a friend. Let’s get started!

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15 DL Relationship – Torrie Wilson (Justin Tupper)

via IG

This might cause a lot of heartbreak for lots of wrestling fans, however yes, Torrie Wilson is quietly taken behind the scenes. The lucky guy in her life is Justin Tupper, a golf connoisseur.

Wilson hasn’t posted too much about the relationship, likely protecting her man from the fan backlash. Justin though, to his credit doesn’t seem to care, posting lots of photos of Wilson to his IG account.

14 DL Relationship – Sonya Deville (Arianna Johnson)

via IG

Similar to Finn Balor earlier in the article, lots of fans might think that Deville is still in a relationship with former NXT star Zahra Schreiber – but again, neither of the two would ever confirm a relationship.

She did however recently confirm a relationship to a new partner, Arianna Johnson, a model. Who knows, maybe Deville might also have a love interest on WWE television as well at some point.

13 Single – Luke Gallows

via IG

Gallows seems to be more than content living the single life nowadays. He had a relationship with Amber O’Neal, though that ended on tumultuous terms with Dana Brooke apparently involved.

The Sun would also report a relationship between Gallows and Nia Jax, though it remains unknown as to whether or not this was legit. Nonetheless, the veteran is living the single life while recently signing a new WWE deal.

12 DL Relationship – Matt Riddle (Lisa Riddle)

via IG

Matt keeps his personal life on the DL. However, it should be noted that the NXT star is married to an LSU All-American gymnast. Via IG, she has some pretty impressive Cross Fit videos.

The couple has twin girls along with a son – when Matt’s out of the ring, he has his hands full raising a family.

11 DL Relationship – Erick Rowan (Jamie Ruud)

via IG

On-screen, we’re led to believe that Rowan lives in a cave somewhere all by himself. Truth is, he’s a great family man outside of the ring and a proud father of two children.

He’s also a loving husband married since 2010 to Jamie Ruud. He recently took to IG breaking character and wishing his wife a happy birthday.

10 DL Relationship – Ember Moon (Matthew Palmer)

via IG

Ember recently married an indie wrestler – not only that but according to Ring Side News, he can even be classified as a hero saving a man after a dangerous car crash.

The two share a close relationship despite the hectic wrestling schedules both must follow. During their time away from the ring, they enjoy all sorts of things, including recently visiting the iconic Hell’s Kitchen restaurant.

9 Single – Nia Jax

via IG

She's already dated around in the wrestling business; during Nia’s time with NXT she was in a brief relationship with former recruit Josh Woods.

Nowadays, she’s living the single life and we got a snippet of that during Total Divas. Finding love hasn’t been the easiest for Nia, though, at the moment, her biggest priority is healing up her current injury.

8 DL Relationship – Kyle O’Reilly (Erica G)

via IG

Kyle is loving life out of the ring and given his recent IG post, he’s doing so alongside his wife Erica. The two recently bought their first home together;

“When we met she was putting herself through pharmacy college, I was secretly sneaking into the country chasing a not-so-similar dream and we hardly had any money to our names. Now our sweet doggies will have their own bedrooms and a backyard to snoof around and poop on that I truly can’t wait to mow and grow vegetables on!”

7 Single – Liv Morgan

via IG

Liv Morgan confirmed this herself via Twitter; she is single and more than happy. Her biggest focus at the moment is in the ring, trying to solidify a spot in the stacked SmackDown Live women’s division.

Morgan was in the headlines in the past for dating Enzo Amore. According to rumors, she also briefly dated Tyler Bate.

6 DL Relationship – Finn Balor (Vero Rodríguez)

via IG

Finn is pretty low-key when it comes to his relationships, so much so that some fans thought he was still in a relationship with Cathy Kelley, though the two quietly separated.

Nowadays, he’s with a Fox Sports host, Vero Rodríguez. It seems like things might be pretty serious behind the scenes – according to some recent posts, the two might be engaged, though that's still unconfirmed at the moment.

5 DL Relationship – Alicia Fox (Fitz)

via IG

Nowadays, she’s living a low-key life in general away from the WWE ring. We really haven’t seen much of Fox in 2019. However, out of the ring, she’s happier than ever alongside a musician who goes by the name of Fitz.

The two recently had a blast together during Fox’s 33rd birthday.

4 DL Relationship – Tony Nese (Liz Nese)

via IG

On the down low, Tony Nese is another great family man. Not only that but he has been in a relationship with his wife since their high school days.

The two have a beautiful daughter and are expecting another child in the very near future. 2019 is a busy year for the former Cruiserweight Champion.

3 Single – Buddy Murphy

via IG

Unlike most of the other couples, Buddy and Alexa were on separate brands during their main roster runs – maybe that factor hurt the relationship. In truth, during their time together, they probably got only one to two days at a time during the week alongside one another.

They quietly separated in the fall of last year – it appears as though Buddy is still single.

2 DL Relationship – Paige (Ronnie Radke)

via IG

Having a DL relationship is only a positive for Paige at this point given her troubled past. Her man Ronnie seems more than content with the relationship, here’s what he wrote via IG;

“Verified I love her, we’re kindred spirits, truly. The most important thing to me is that we are friends first, I never realized how important that was until we took a chance on each other. I don’t want anyone else.”

1 Single – Alexa Bliss

via IG

Yup, if Buddy’s single that also means Alexa is as well, at least for the time being. Both Bliss and Murphy were actually engaged but would call everything off.

Bliss continues to rise on WWE television with a prominent spot on RAW. Who knows if she’ll enter another relationship in the near future – some fans are hoping that she rekindles her on-screen romance, off-screen with Braun Strowman.

Sources – IG & Twitter

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