10 WWE Stars Who Live Like B-Listers (And 5 Like A-Listers)

All of these WWE stars could live the life of A-Listers if they really wanted to. WWE isn’t shy with their contracts these days – money is flowing within the company, especially following the lucrative deal with FOX.

However, some refuse to live a lavish lifestyle and are more than content with their "normal" lives or heck, even less than mediocre lifestyles out of the ring. Some of the best WWE stars are living in tiny communities, others are even living out on farms.

That obviously doesn’t hold true for everyone. As evidenced by social media platforms like IG, certain WWE stars aren’t afraid to flaunt their wealth. We’ll take a look at five WWE stars that do it the best!

Enjoy the article, folks. Let’s get started.

15 B-Lister - Brock Lesnar

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Take a look at the salaries made by WWE stars and Brock Lesnar is on the very top of that list. Ironically, he also works fewer days than everyone else; clearly he’s a big asset in McMahon’s eyes.

Out of the ring, he isn’t living a millionaire lifestyle. Lesnar moved all the way to Saskatchewan, Canada, currently residing on a farm with his family.

14 B-Lister - AJ Styles

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Despite his WWE success in the last couple of years, Styles remains loyal to his small community over in Gainesville, Georgia.

The former WWE Champ admits that citizens of the area still get stunned to see such a high profile athlete living in the small community.

13 A-Lister - Baron Corbin

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This one might come as a surprise to some, but yeah, Baron Corbin loves to flaunt his wealth; just take a look at his IG page which is filled with fancy watches, clothes, and cars.

Baron took his wealth one step-further, purchasing a stunning Florida home that was previously owned by both The Undertaker and Big Show. The home is totally custom-made for a big man.

12 B-Lister - Ronda Rousey

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On a recent episode of Total Divas, we saw a closer look at the life of Ronda Rousey out of the ring. A surprise to lots of fans, she isn’t living the A-lister life in Cali, instead she’s spending time out on her farm located in Browsey, Acres.

The ranch is a great place for Rousey to enjoy some quiet time.

11 B-Lister - Alexa Bliss

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Alexa Bliss made the claim that she bought a pig during her time on Total Divas in order to add a little bit of interest to the show.

In truth, Alexa is a simpleton when she’s off the road, enjoying some of the easiest things life has to offer, like simply kicking back, relaxing and enjoying some Netflix while wrapped up in a cover.

10 A-Lister - Rey Mysterio

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Rey has every right to flaunt his wealth given all of his great accolades in the business throughout the years.

Rey has shared some of his beautiful rides to the public, like his stunning modified Audi. Rey is also the proud owner of some stunning watches and expensive clothing brands like Gucci. We also saw his lavish home filled with expensive furniture and decor.

9 B-Lister - Bayley

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Similar to Alexa, Bayley just likes to chill when she’s off the road and she just isn’t into the expensive things life has to offer.

Bayley detailed some of her off days and that might include linking up with Sasha Banks or some other close WWE friend – so what do they do? You guessed it, sit back, relax and watch more wrestling!

8 B-Lister - Scott Dawson

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Success hasn’t changed Scott Dawson. Out of the ring, like AJ, he’s content living life in his small North Carolina community.

On the norm, at least with most WWE stars, they usually move to Florida following a WWE contract or main roster bump, which usually means a bigger pay. Dawson seems to be content with his current life off the road.

7 A-Lister - The Miz

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Yup, that’s right, Miz actually lives the gimmick out of the ring. He had a stunning residence out in LA.

Though, since he decided to start a family, Miz moved to Texas, purchasing yet another beautiful home alongside wife Maryse. In truth, the new house resembles a castle.

6 B-Lister - Mick Foley

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Who can forget the stories of Mick Foley shacking up with fans in order to save some money while on the road? He did the same when it came to nutrition, opting for cheap fast food on the norm.

It followed his way of life till this day, although he is a lot healthier thanks to DDP Yoga, Foley still has C-List cars in his garage, like an old red van from the ‘90s!

5 B-Lister - Renee Young

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As seen on Total Divas, Renee is a simple gal during her time off the road, a lot of that also has to do with her man Dean Ambrose, who lives a similar lifestyle.

The two reside out in Vegas which really isn’t the norm for WWE stars.

4 A-Lister - The Bellas

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Whether it be on their YouTube channel, Total Bellas or their social media pages, it is quite obvious that the twins enjoy the finer things in life.

That’s especially true for Nikki, who usually eats at the finest restaurant while rocking some of the most expensive designer clothes.

3 B-Lister - Seth Rollins

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Forget about Florida, Seth is more than okay out in Iowa. Why wouldn’t he be? Not only is Seth away from the madness and traffic but he’s also pretty much living in his hometown, close to all of his friends and family.

Seth is a normal dude back at home, enjoying things like running his own wrestling school and coffee shop.

2 B-Lister - Daniel Bryan

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Arguably the most over babyface of the 2000s, Daniel Bryan lives a humble lifestyle away from the squared circle. It’s that genuineness that really makes the fans believe in him.

He’s living a quiet family life out of the ring these days and the veteran really wouldn’t want it any other way. Heck, he even has a Honda Fit as his ride of choice!

1 A-Lister - Lana

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Lana the A-Lister. We’ve seen the Ravishing Russian post photos to her IG account alongside some stunning rides including a Maserati and a decked out BMW.

She loves to flaunt her wealth – that’s even true with her wardrobe choices. We can’t say the same for her man Rusev, who appears to be the complete opposite, more than content which jogging pants on the norm!

Sources – IG & YouTube

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