10-Year-Old Spots Burglars Who Ransacked His Home At A Grocery Store

A 10-year-old boy was the one to spot the burglar who allegedly broke into his family's home at the local grocery store after an online plea to catch the culprit. Ross Glass' Florida home was burglarized earlier this month but thanks to a security system, the whole thing was caught on camera.

Posted by Ross Glass-Vega on Saturday, November 17, 2018

A man allegedly broke into the Glass family home stealing a drone, laptop, flat screen TV and other items. The crook didn't seem to notice the security cameras so Glass was able to record the whole thing. He then posted the theft on social media hoping to catch the thief. The post was viewed about 1,300 times and local news crews even came to the house to interview the family, but it was oldest son Kaleb who saw the guy first.

After a long day of doing media interviews and still dealing with a home robbery, the dad took his three sons to get some food. The family headed to a local Winn-Dixie grocery store for chicken wings when Kaleb told his dad he saw the guy in the store. Glass didn't believe the boy right away but quickly did when he saw the guy for himself. He recognized his face and his body language.

He then watched him in the store, to be sure he had the right guy, and when he knew, he called the police. Glass left Kaleb, and his two other children with a Winn-Dixie employee while he kept an eye on the guy in the store to make sure he couldn't get away. Glass stayed on the phone with police dispatch the whole time to ensure that didn't happen.

Via Facebook/Ross Glass-Vega

As the suspect left the store, multiple police cars surrounded him and questioned him. They also identified the man as Eric Rodriguez-Sanchez. However, due to lack of evidence, they had to let him go. The man ended up being arrested two days later.

Yahoo had this story first. Glass works as a real estate agent and is also a single dad. He has his three boys half of the time and the burglary has affected them. They've been focused on wanting to catch the guy so the fact that one of the did is incredible. Unfortunately, Kaleb didn't qualify for the $3,000 reward that was offered but he does qualify as a future detective.

Glass hasn't yet heard back from the police about the case or his stuff, but at least the thief is behind bars.


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