10 Yu-Gi-Oh Cards That Are Banned From Tournaments (And 10 That Should Be)

Yu-Gi-Oh! is a franchise that has been around for over two decades, and in those decades an innumerable number of duel monsters cards have been created. While cards like Pumpkin King used to be feared for absolutely no reason at all, we now have cards such as Master Peace that deserve all of the fear they get. Today, we'll be taking a look at 10 cards that are banned, along with 10 that absolutely need to be. How is Alpha the Magnet Warrior just allowed to wreck the metagame like this? Let me know any that I missed in the comments down below, and let's get right into it.

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20 Banned: Yata-Garasu

When Yata-Garasu inflicts battle damage, your opponent skips their next draw phase. Along with that, Yata-Garasu goes back to your hand the turn it is summoned. Yeah keep running from your problems dumb bird. This card can allow you to completely force your opponent into a stagnant position in the duel.

19 Should Be: Raigeki

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One of the most infamous cards in all of Yu-Gi-Oh!, Raigeki allows you to destroy all monsters your opponent controls. For people like me who prepare for literally nothing that could interfere with their plans, this is devastating. Reban this one, please.

18 Banned: Self-Destruct Button

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When you can’t win, at the very least take everyone else down with you. Self-Destruct Button allows you to force a tie when your opponent has a 7,000 point lead or more in HP over you. I imagine this card is banned because, like, that’s kinda dumb.

17 Should Be: Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon

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Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon has the easy summoning method of banishing one dragon monster. From there, you’re allowed to bring a dragon monster back from the graveyard each turn. Simply keeping this monster alive can allow you to bring all your strongest monsters out on the field at once, deserving a ban.

16 Banned: Substitoad

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The absolutely incredibly named Substitoad gives you the ability to tribute one monster to summon any Frog monster from your deck, while also protecting Frog monsters from destruction. If handled correctly, this can be a huge boon to any Frog deck. I’m living for this toad and frog allegiance right now.

15 Should Be: Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy Of The End

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This little number has a cute ability that goes something like this: destroy every single card on the field and in both players' hands. For every card, your opponent loses 300 LP, which can result in a loss of up to 10,800 LP total. Um, can I get a big oof anyone?

14 Banned: Chicken Game

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Chicken Game is a weird card that forces the game into a standstill. The person with the lower HP takes no damage, and each turn both players get to select one of three effects to activate, which includes increasing your opponent’s HP. This card is banned because literally who has the time for this?

13 Should Be: Ordeal Of A Traveler

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Ordeal of a Traveler forces your opponent to guess what type (monster, spell or trap) of card you're holding in your hand before they attack. If it's wrong, the card they're using goes back to their hand. While there are ways this can easily be bypassed, in the right circumstances, this card can be an absolute beast.

12 Banned: Last Turn

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To summarize, this card sends you into a final battle where you choose one monster on your side of the field, your opponent chooses one from their deck, all other cards are discarded, and whichever monster remains on the field at the end of the turn wins. You can only use this card when you're losing really badly, so I feel.

11 Should Be: Wall Of Revealing Light

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Wall of Revealing Light allows you to pay life points in multiples of 1000, and any monster with that amount of attack or lower can't attack. If you give up 3000 life points, this continuous trap card keeps you safe from the majority of monsters you'll encounter.

10 Banned: Return From The Different Dimension

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After paying half of your life points, this card allows you to special summon as many monsters that you have removed from play for one turn. If played under the right circumstances, this card can end a duel in one turn. Zigfried v Kaiba duel, anyone?

9 Should Be: Valkyrie Goddess Cards

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Goddess Urd's Verdict, Goddess Skuld's Oracle and Goddess Verdande's Guidance form a powerful three card combo that systematically allows you to remove your opponent's deck from the field, one card at a time. This one of those weird sets of cards that were based around anime exclusive cards and I love it. Yes queens, take out that deck!

8 Banned: Harpie's Feather Duster

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Harpie’s Feather Duster is a powerful spell card that allows you to destroy all spell and trap cards your opponent has on the field. Well okay. That’s a bit much for a card, as there are no repercussions to this effect, which is why it has been banned since the beginning.

7 Should Be: Toon Dark Magician

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The Toon archetype is never a fun one to deal with, and Toon Dark Magician allows you to add a Toon monster or spell/trap card to your hand every turn. I'll still never understand why there are Toon monsters and then Manga Ryu Ran for no reason whatsoever. Anyway, yeah, strong card.

6 Banned: Graceful Charity

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Graceful Charity, a card which allows you to draw three cards and get rid of two, has been on the ban list since Feral Imp was for some reason a staple of the anime. Drawing three cards, even with the two card decrease, is too big of an advantage to have over your opponent.

5 Should Be: Change Of Heart

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A simple card that's been around since the beginning (and had its fair share of time on the banlist), this card allows you to take control of an opponent's monster for a turn with no restrictions, which can lead to any result you can think of. Pure destruction or tribute fodder, it's up to you.

4 Banned: Pot Of Greed

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Unbeknownst to any and all people that watched the anime at any point in any episode ever, Pot of Greed is a card that allows you to draw two cards from your deck. Were you aware? Anyway, having this large of a card advantage with no drawbacks sent this card straight to the forbidden list.

3 Should Be: Master Peace, The True Dracoslaying King

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This card, ugh. Requiring two sacrifices, you can actually discard any type of card you want to summon it, and it will become immune to that type of card, such as spell and traps, making this card incredibly hard to take down. You can also banish cards in your graveyard to destroy your opponent's cards. Stop this man.

2 Banned: Delinquent Duo

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By paying 1000 life points, you gain the ability to force the opponent to discard one random card, along with one card of their choice, to the graveyard. Literally can you not? Looks like I played Pot of Greed (which allows me to draw two cards, if you weren't aware) for nothing.

1 Should Be: Monster Reborn

via: animeblurayuk.wordpress.com

The card that has been banned for most of its existence, summon any monster from either graveyard to your side of the field. This effect can be super powerful under the right circumstances, and if played well can be the key to victory. Or you can catch idiots like me out here using it on Swordsman of Landstar.

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