Never Too Late: 103-Year-Old Junior Ranger Starts Job At The Grand Canyon

Rose Torphy was sworn in as a junior ranger for the Grand Canyon at the age of 103-years-old. She is the only ranger who’s older than the national park itself, and she’s just as passionate about it as all her younger colleagues. Torphy shows us that you’re never too old to do what you want to do.

This year, the Grand Canyon National Park is celebrating its 100th birthday—quite an appropriate time for Torphy to join the team. The canyon is located in Arizona, USA, and it encompasses a large territory: 446 kilometers long, 29 kilometers wide, and 1.6 kilometers deep. You can find various geological formations and colors when you explore the canyon. Any questions about the beautiful landscape can be answered by the park rangers, and now you can ask someone who’s been around before the national park opened.

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Torphy was visiting the Grand Canyon National Park and stopped by the store there. She began talking to people about the junior ranger program because it piqued her interest, and people in the program gladly chatted with her about it. Without further ado, she was sworn in as one of the junior park rangers, and she proudly wears her badge for it—even at home! The trip that inspired her to help out was her second trip to the Grand Canyon; her first visit was in 1985 when she was still able to walk around the grounds herself.

The junior rangers of the park make a promise that they’ll protect the Grand Canyon and become stewards of the park. Torphy believes that this is an important cause, so she signed up herself.

"My parents taught me to care for the land, but not all kids have that,” she told Good Morning America. With her help, she aims to ensure that her great-great-grandchildren can one day visit a beautiful, clean, and well-cared for park.

Torphy can be found in the national park talking about the Grand Canyon and offerying various ways to protect it. She has become an important spokesperson for the park, even when she’s off-duty. People always ask her about her junior ranger pin, and she excitedly talks about her job at the national park. Her catchphrase, which is quite accurate, is “you’re never too old to see the Grand Canyon!”

103-year-old sworn in as junior ranger at Grand Canyon National Park

This 103-year-old woman has been sworn in as a junior ranger at Grand Canyon National Park. https://abcn.ws/2EbzvmF

Posted by ABC News on Sunday, February 17, 2019

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