11 Celebs Who Can't Stand Kid Rock (+4 Who Are Buddies With Him)

Drama alert! Okay, look, whether you like Kid Rock or not, you gotta admit that he's a magnet for tension and spectacle. Seriously, this dude just loves opening his mouth when he shouldn't. This has caused some pretty massive feuds with other celebrities. Most of which kind of overshadow him in terms of fame. But that's one of the things that Kid Rock goes for. He's not a fan of the establishment and will take any opportunity to go after them. Most of the time, this is far from warranted. But, in other cases, it definitely took two to tango. Those who agree with that are some of the celebrities he hasn't angered. In fact, it seems like he's pretty close to these people. Without further ado, here are 11 celebs who can't stand Kid Rock and four who are buddies with him.

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15 Can't Stand Him: Chrissy Tiegen Knows How To Defend Her Girl, T-Swift

Tumblr, Page Six, Twitter

Just recently, The Inquisitr reported on Kid Rock’s latest feud that arose from some pretty thoughtless, personal mean, and overtly ideological tweets he made about Taylor Swift. It's fine to have different opinions, but Kid Rock definitely crossed a line here. And Chrissy Teigen wasn't having it. She was the first major celebrity to tweets back at him in defense of T-Swift, who never actually commented. And let's just say that Chrissy didn't hold back. She had no problem calling Kid Rock "pathetic"... Which his comments actually were...

14 Can't Stand Him: Joy Behar Really Knows How To Get Under His Skin... And We Love Her For It

Metro Times and Page Six

One of Kid Rock's biggest feuds is with comedian and View co-host, Joy Behar. Look, Behar definitely makes a living being opinionated. Sometimes she doesn't hold back and crosses the line. That's one of the jobs of a comedian. But every time she does do this, she's defending the little guy. And she sees Kid Rock as the type of dude who picks on people who aren't exactly like him. This causes her to go right for the jugular. And we kind of love her for it.

13 Buddies: Rande Gerber And Cindy Crawford Hang With Just About Everyone... Who Has Money...

Daily Mail and Getty

It feels like businessman Rande Gerber and model Cindy Crawford have different views than Kid Rock, but they're still very close friends. They've been spotted partying and even going on vacation together. Then again, this shouldn't be surprising. Gerber and Crawford are the types who hang-out with anyone who has money as they do. It doesn't matter if it's George Clooney or someone who claims to be against the so-called "establishment" like Kid Rock.

12 Can't Stand Him: Stephen Colbert Definitely Didn't Hold Back

CBS, Twitter

When Kid Rock launched a company that made BBQs in the U.S. every comedian had something to say about it. Especially since Kid Rock made an overly patriotic commercial for it that made him out to be the ultimate troglodyte. Stephen Colbert, in particular, used the opportunity to rip him to shreds.

This was followed by another instance where Colbert insulted Kid Rock by claiming he wasn't able to read. Ouch. But, frankly, after Kid Rock's obscene comments about The New York Times, these jokes may have been warranted.

11 Can't Stand Him: Steven Tyler Knows Kid Rock Is Jealous AF

Fox and Getty

Let's face it, Aerosmith frontman, Steven Tyler, can sing, write, and preform circles around Kid Rock. He's more famous and he's more dynamic of a character. And Steven knows this. Which is why he was quick to call Kid Rock "jealous" after he publically slagged Steven for joining the judging panel on Idol.

10 Can't Stand Him: Insane Clown Posse Continues Their Twenty-Year Dislike Of Kid Rock

Tumblr and Sirius XM

If there's anything Howard Stern loves, it's conflict. This is precisely why he's had both The Insane Clown Posse and Kid Rock on his show. Each time, they seem to bad-mouth one another incessantly. But their feud goes beyond the brilliant Stern Show. ICP and Kid Rock constantly slam each other in their song lyrics. It's funny how both Kid Rock and ICP became seen as the most rap-rocking artists in redneck-ville... They both come from the big city of Detriot...

9 Buddies: Eminem Is The Other Side Of Kid Rock's Coin

People, Variety, Pinterest

The other big musician who comes from Detriot is Eminem. There've been many articles on how he and Kid Rock represent opposing sides of the aisle despite the fact that they're actually friends. While some people are critical of this, we think that it's good that two people who disagree with one another can build a friendship. They see the similarities in their journies and their passions and focus on that rather than ideologies.

8 Can't Stand Him: Tommy Lee And An Explosive Rivalry That Got Real Heated

Variety and Pinterest

Tommy Lee just loathes Kid Rock. And Kid Rock feels the same way. These two rockstars have one of the most public feuds in the business. They even got into a physical altercation in 2007. Most of their distaste for one another stems from their connection to Pamela Anderson. Tommy Lee has an infamous history with the television star, while Kid Rock was married to her for about the length of a sneeze.

7 Buddies: Being Close With Ted Nugent Is The Furthest Thing From An Accomplishment

Page Six and Reddit

For us and many of our readers, Ted Nugent is pretty much the antithesis of the kind of dude we'd want as an alley. None-the-less, he and Kid Rock are very close. They share many of the same beliefs (as revolting as some of them are) and even have similar taste in music. So we guess it makes sense that they're good pals who go hunting together.

6 Can't Stand Him: Pamela Anderson Knows That Absence Definitely DOESN'T Make The Heart Grow Fonder

Variety and Pinterest

Pamela Anderson doesn't seem to care much for Kid Rock after they went their separate ways in 2007. Back when she was with him, she claims he wasn't as right of center as he is today. Come to think of it, pre-2007 is when we liked him more too. He was who he was, but he didn't come across as so angry. And this is one of the reasons why Anderson no longer likes him. Then again, Kid Rock has some choice words for his ex too.

5 Can't Stand Him: Justin Bieber Probably Wasn't A Fan Of Kid Rock's Radio Comments

IG, Sirius Xm

Kid Rock had no problem bashing Justin Bieber during an interview with Howard Stern, who seemed taken aback by Rock's sudden vitriolic comments. Kid Rock went into detail about how Justin Biber was a Vanilla Ice copycat who'll likely lose his stardom in a few years...

Given that Bieber is still fairly popular and already has more hits than Vanilla Ice, it's hard to agree with Rock on this. As for Bieber, well, word of the street is that he didn't respond very well to this. But neither would we.

4 Can't Stand Him: Patricia Arquette Is Quick To Defend Taylor Swift

Washington Post and Tumblr

When it comes to women's issues, Patricia Arquette is usually at the forefront of the movement. So, it makes sense that she came to Taylor Swift's aide after Kid Rock made some pretty offensive comments about her on Twitter. His comments went beyond ideological differences. He made things personal and it had more than a tinge of anger toward women. So, needless to say, Arquette is no fan of Rock.

3 Can't Stand Him: Hank Williams Jr. And The Country Competition

News Hub, Getty, Tumblr

Hank Williams Jr. and Kid Rock have had their ups and downs. Sometimes it seems like they like each other, and other moments feel like a fight's about to break out. There's even a strange rumor floating around that Kid Rock is Williams Jr.'s illegitimate son. But this isn't the truth. Nor would Williams Jr. want that. After all, he's said some pretty mean things about Kid Rock over the years, even insulting where he was born.

2 Can't Stand Him: Sheryl Crow Was A Fan Until He Started Talking

Pop Crush and People Of Country

Does Sheryl Crow actually like Kid Rock? Well, it doesn't seem like it. When the two collaborated in 2002, their friendship seemed good. Then again in 2011 when they went on tour together, it seemed like they got along. But by 2017, Crow was making some public comments about him that were less than flattering. She even sneakily slipped her true feelings for him into a song.

1 Buddies: Jamey Johnson Definitely Has His Back And Loves To Kiss His Butt

Getty, Pinterest

If you don't know Jamey Johnson, that's okay. You only would if you were really into country music. The dude's a pretty big star in that world and he's one of Kid Rock's closest friends. He always has his back and is more than happy to tell the world how much he adores him. Johnson even told Rolling Stone that Kid Rock was "generous to a fault". Now that sounds like someone who's close to Kid Rock.

Sources: UpRoxx, Nicki Swift, Rolling Stone, Huffington Post

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