11 Gluten-Free Snacks That Are Actually Delicious

Adapting to gluten allergies or Celiac Disease can be more difficult than people think. Sure, cutting out wheat, barley, and rye seems easy enough, but when ingredients begin to be thoroughly examined, the realization that gluten is literally in almost every snack food, finally sets in.

Gluten-free snacks have gotten a bad reputation for being tasteless and unexciting, simply eaten to be used as fuel to keep a body in motion. Many choose the gluten-free lifestyle as a diet, and have the ability to cheat when desires set in. For those of us with more severe restrictions, here is a list of 11 gluten-free snacks that will satisfy any craving.

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11 Skittles

Via: amazon.com

Many people don’t realize this classic candy has always been gluten-free. With a variety of flavors, this chewy treat is a staple in many gluten-free home.

10 Back to Nature Multi-Seed Gluten-Free Crackers

Crackers and other gluten-free bread products are notorious for tasting like cardboard. Luckily, these multi-seed crackers taste more like a decadent delicacy, than something used for packing. Paired with a nice sharp cheddar cheese, it could stand as a simple meal on its own.

9 Snyder’s of Hanover Gluten-Free Pretzel Sticks

Staying true to the classic pretzel taste, these salty sticks offer familiar flavor without the fear of falling ill from gluten.

8 Harvest Snap Lentil Bean Crisps in Tomato Basil Flavor

Different from a pretzel or a potato chip, lentil bean crisps are light and airy, with a satisfying crunch. These are a great alternative when the same old snacks just won’t cut it. Harvest Snap offers a variety of unique lentil bean and snap pea flavors, ensuring there is something for everyone.

7 Goldfish Puffs – Twisted Grilled Cheese

Goldfish crackers have always been a favorite, but after being diagnosed with Celiac Disease, they became a firm no-go. Fortunately, these Goldfish Puffs came along, and while they are quite different from traditional Goldfish, the taste is exquisitely cheesy.

6 Udi’s Gluten Free Blueberry Muffins

Soft and moist, delicious, blueberry muffins; is there any better way to start a day? Udi’s offers a delectable line of gluten-free muffins, making customers wonder why all gluten-free breads and cakes can’t be this good.

5 Fruity Pebbles

Good gluten-free cereal can be impossible to find. Fruity Pebbles has always been naturally gluten-free, being made from rice. While it might not be the healthiest breakfast option, when fear of gluten plagues every meal, it’s nice to indulge once in a while.

4 Utz Kettle Classics Gourmet Dark Russet Chips

A delicious alternative to regular potato chips, and healthier, too! These dark russet chips are cooked with peanut oil and offer a uniquely satisfying salty taste and crunchier-than-normal, kettle-cooked texture.

3 Sixlets

Via: cibbit.net

Chocolate candies can be another tricky arena of the gluten-free snacking world; everything has some sort of nougat or cookie hidden inside, surely to be riddled with wheat. Sixlets are simple chocolate balls, coated in a colorful, sugar shell. Simplicity at its’ finest.

2 Quacker Popped Rice Crisps

Rice crisps are another healthy alternative to traditional potato chips. Quaker Popped Rice Crisps come in a variety of savory and sweet flavors. With no greasy residue left behind on hands, these are the perfect snack to eat on-the-go.

1 Jennies All-Natural Coconut Macaroons

Via: iherb.com

Coconut macaroons are delicious and nothing can change that, not even the lack of gluten. Jennies All-Natural Coconut Macaroons take coconut to the next level. The rich flavor, paired with the moist and chewy texture, make it truly difficult to put the tin down once they’re being eaten.

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