11 Hairstyles The Kardashians Rocked + 9 That Flopped

Keeping Up With The Kardashians is no easy task! And social media doesn't make things easy when it comes to the Kardashians because it allows them to share photos daily, and that's what sidetracks us. How are we supposed to keep up with the newest trends and hairstyles when they post numerous photos on their IG accounts daily?

The hair evolution of the KarJenner clan over the years has been quite intriguing, but that does not mean the reality stars and beauty moguls have rocked every look. While some styles the sisters have debuted have been fabulous, others were too much. It isn't far-fetched to say that the KarJenners are real-life chameleons.

When we go on IG and take a glimpse at Kylie's page, we're like, "Didn't she have blonde hair two hours ago? Now it is pink?" Seriously, following them is quite the hefty task. Every time they step out on the streets of Calabasas, they have a new hair colour or style! Oh, these beauty gurus are driving us bonkers! They have been bold and daring by rocking bright colours and interesting cuts that not many of us would pull off, and that is totally unfair. However, do not fret, ladies, they're still human and not every colour and style has flattered them.

Whether it is a wig, extensions or their real hair, keep scrolling to see memorable looks they arguably slayed and others that they should've skipped.

20 Rocked: Only The Self-Made Billionaire Could Rock Some Bubblegum

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The gorgeous mama of Stormi Webster has rocked an array of wigs over the years, but in September 2018 Jenner switched things up and dyed her hair a pastel pink colour! We all love to wear pink clothing or plump our lips with some bubblegum lipstick, but who knew bubblegum hair would look so tasty? This KarJenner sis did - oh, she is so daring.

We'd be the first to admit that this self-made billionaire is the only woman who will ever be able to look as delicious as cotton candy with pink hair. This real-life Barbie girl was truly living in a Barbie world; look at her showing off her pink hair by holding her ponytail! Jenner redefined what it is to be pretty in pink, without a doubt.

19 Flopped: Kylie Looks Like A Walking Highlighter

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How rad is Travis Scott's girlfriend? She's the coolest mother in the world, but what wasn't cool was when she opted for a waist-length neon pink wig. What was she thinking?

The only place we want to see this neon pink is in our notebooks - didn't anyone tell her that her long neon pink tresses made her look like a highlighter? Kylie Jenner is sassy and doesn't care about what anyone has to say, though. She posted the photo on IG with the caption: "I'm not a regular mom, I'm a cool mom."

The makeup mogul is no stranger to unconventional colours, but the waist-length neon pink hair she sported for Coachella was a rule breaker and she should never do it again.

18 Rocked: This Hip-Length Pony Is #Hairgoals

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The Kardashians invented the slogan "go big or go home" - literally! Everything they do is always an extravaganza, and so were the billionaire's 21st birthday celebrations. Evidently, on her posh birthday bash, she had to make a statement with her hair, and she did.

We all desire some long and luscious tresses "a la Ariana Grande," but Jenner took "long hair, don't care" to a whole new level when she stole the show with a 30-inch platinum ponytail.

Many of us spend years trying to get such lengthy locks, but Jenner could make magic happen with her money, and boy, did she ever spend. According to the Daily Mail, the extra six feet of hair cost an estimated $6,000 to $8,000. You like my hair? Gee thanks, just bought it.

17 Flopped: What Was Kim K Thinking When She Slicked Back That Platinum?

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Is KKW's hair wet? Is she wearing gel? Did she get caught in the rain? Who knows. All we know is that we were not fans of this look. When we first were introduced to the reality star, what made us ogle at her most was her dark tresses. From then on, everything Kim K did, people tried to imitate.

We got so used to Kim's signature look that when she stepped out in this platinum blonde bob, with hints of yellow in it, we barely recognized her. Kim always looks way too fierce to rock a short platinum bob with a wet-look hairstyle. Many jumped on board and tried out the look and blonde short locks, but Kim quickly came to her senses and ditched the light locks.

16 Rocked: Khloé Kardashian Is The New Platinum Blonde Queen

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Khloé is coming in looking like an angel!

Everyone, please make room for Khloé Kardashian, the newest member to join the Super Blonde Team. Khloé Kardashian debuted long platinum blonde hair on her IG stories and we were particularly intrigued because she dazed us all.

Despite all the drama she is going through, she is owning the streets of Calabasas looking sizzling while flaunting her platinum blonde locks like it is nobody's business.

The gym junkie is a strong and courageous woman, but now she looks like ready to take over the world - and she doesn't need a Ken, fellas. Although this colour is an icy blonde, she looks like absolute fire.

15 Flopped: Bangs On Kylie, And She Looks Like Another Woman

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The beauty mogul uses her social media as a platform to show off just how much of a hair chameleon she is. She also must have a lot of free time since hair changes are posted on her IG page weekly.

Remember that time Kylie Jenner did not look like the sultry Kylie Jenner we know because of the baby bangs she had? She certainly looked adorable with her fresh face, but the bangs took attention away from all her striking features.

And since they weren't even a full set of bangs but baby bangs, Kylie did look much more like a baby. The choppy and uneven bangs erased Kylie's foxiness, which is probably why we didn't go bonkers over the cut.

14 Rocked: Kourtney Looks Awesome With A Lob

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Of all the KarJenner sisters, Kourtney is the simpler one! We often see her looking natural and not dolled up, which is probably why we go bonkers for every look she tries.

And ladies, remember this, Kourtney looks foxier than she ever has with this hair length. If ever you're looking for the secret to looking younger, give your hairdresser a photo of Kourtney's shoulder-length bob.

It is the shortest haircut she has ever had, but she looks younger and better than ever. Her hair has always had the very same dark Rapunzel vibe, so we're convinced she got bored. The textured lob looks full and shiny, and we're thrilled she decided to switch things up.

13 Flopped: But The Blunt Bob Is Not Kylie's Thing

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Jenner rocks every haircut like it is no big deal, and she did the same thing when she stepped out on the red carpet for the Met Gala. Her bob had its own moment of fame, but the blunt bob was too bland for the beauty mogul who is playful and young. The look made her look way older and a lot more serious, and we know that ain't Jenner.

The haircut was way too structured, especially since Jenner has a thick head of hair; not even wild wind would have been able to move the heavy hair. Although the haircut and style gave off a flair of old Hollywood glamour, the cut was too straight, thick and textured for her bold face.

12 Rocked: Kylie Could Be Your Next Goldilocks

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We found Goldilocks, now where are her three cuddly bears? Do Travis and Stormi count?The billionaire mother has been rocking a lot of blonde hues lately, but the golden blonde was the perfect shade for the gleaming and beaming beauty mogul.

With her golden-blonde hair colour and long waves, the glowing beauty looked like a sun-kissed goddess. Why do we feel like putting a crown on her head or putting bows in her hair? On many occasions, Jenner has gone back to this golden blonde, and what is most striking about the style is that it looks effortless.

11 Flopped: Platinum Blonde Is Not For Momager Kris

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Like mother, like daughter, right? In the case of the Kardashians, it is often like daughter, like mother. Momager Kris is a boss mother, but she stays hip because of her beauty mogul daughters.

The Kardashians are hard to keep up with, but thankfully momager Kris Jenner does not change up her look as much as her daughters do. One day though, mother hen Jenner decided to follow her hair chameleon daughters with the platinum blonde. It was a bad idea; it came out looking a little "too much" with a platinum blonde replacing her signature dark pixie.

The momager has tricked us on more than one occasion with platinum tresses, literally looking like Kim's twin. By the way, doesn't Kris remind you of a fierce Miranda Priestly in the photo?

10 Rocked: Kylie Channeling Her Inner Marilyn Monroe

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Even though Kylie is a mama, it seems like there is no stopping the 21 year old. Since giving birth to her adorable little bundle of joy, Kylie has gone through a style transformation. A new day in Kylie's world means a new cut or style. This millennial has dappled with almost every hair colour under the sun, but the platinum blonde is one she has on lockdown.

With the bold red lipstick and blood red nails on her fingertips, Jenner looked like a modern version of Marilyn Monroe here. It was the pale yellow at the roots with the bright and smooth blonde short locks that gave Jenner the vintage look. She was just missing the white dress and a birthmark on her face to look like an old Hollywood star.

9 Flopped: Silver And Short Tresses Aren't Kylie's Thing

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Silver-grey hair is way too dense for the sassy and posh Kylie Jenner. We know how much she loves switching things up, but the premature granny hair on her was not her best look. She was heading over to her BF's concert, but she probably thought she was going to a rock concert with her badass hair, leopard purse and red velvet pants. No, that ain't the Kylie we know.

Her hair looked fantastic here because it was full-bodied, but the colour resembled Elsa's from the Disney film, Frozen. Only princesses could pull that shade off. #sorrynotsorry. Unfortunately, the pastel grey wasn't made for the rad mother with an outgoing personality.

8 Rocked: Kim K And Her Long Platinum Braids Are Giving Us Princess Vibes

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Move aside Elsa, Kim K is coming through. Though the mother of four is back with her signature dark look, of all the hairstyles Kim K has ever opted for, this one sits at the top of our list.

Remember when we were children and braided our hair? In recent years, Kylie Jenner and Kim K brought back the Dutch braids and made us all try them. The trend was a success, and we cannot thank the reality television stars enough for making braids a daring and bold look. Rapunzel braids are serious hair goals; thanks, Kim, for making us envy you.

By any chance, was she frozen that day?

7 Rocked: Kim May Just Step On Her Hair

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Mrs. Kardashian West is no stranger to waist-length and centre-parted hair, but who else besides Ariana Grande could pull off extra-long hair?

However, Kim K just loves taking her long hair to new levels; and she drives us bonkers when she does! We thought the only person who could rock floor-length hair was Cousin Itt, but hey, leave it to Kim K to compete with the Addams family member. Standing 5 feet 3 inches tall, only Kim could make extremely long hair look sultry; the rest of us would look like midgets with mops.

And since it's not the first time Kim has had tresses this long, hip-length extensions are surely one of her go-to looks.

6 Rocked: Kylie's Fierce Long Black Strands Are On Point

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Jenner has done things with her hair that many of us would not even think of trying. However, the only look that we all want to imitate is her long and dark tresses that are hypnotizing. We may not be able to duplicate them, but we could say we tried.

In 2018, the hair wizard effortlessly appeared with various hair colours. However, since the beginning of 2019, we are seeing a more grounded Jenner who is going back to her roots. Yes, Jenner is back to black, although lately she has blessed her followers with pictures of herself sporting blonde hair.

Jenner knows that when she flaunts her dark locks, she looks dreamy and makes people worldwide go gaga. Like right now, the sleek and straight hip-length tresses are making our hearts beat faster.

5 Flopped: Kim K Looked Lost With Pink Tresses

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Deep down, we were all fangirling when Kim tried pink hair because we'd all secretly love to try it, but it was not one of our fave looks. The hot pink with deliberate regrowth made the style and cut look lazy and dull.

It kind of looked like a dye job gone wrong, and thankfully no colour is permanent. It was cool to see the hip mama flaunt her junk with some pink hair, but we strongly prefer her dark tousled waves; even the icy blonde was more her thing.

4 Rocked: Kim's High Sleek Ponytail Is EVERYTHING

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We all have our bad hair days, and when we do, most of us take a hair elastic and throw our hair up in a bun or a low ponytail. And no, when we do that, we do not look like a beautiful genie the way KKW does. One of Kim's most iconic styles happens to be the ponytail in the above photo, and it looks completely effortless.

We have seen Kim K rock this sleek high pony with her athleisure outfits and on the red carpet. Only she could make a high ponytail look so trendy, stylish and fabulous. Sadly, even though we see it and like it, we can't have it. We probably cannot buy her hair, either. But yes, girlfriend, keep slaying.

3 Flopped: Maybe Kylie Wanted To Look Like Poison Ivy

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Leave it to the cosmetics queen to try out Rapunzel-length red hair! She did it, but we didn't dig it at all. The shade was just too vibrant for the beauty with a perfectly structured face and she looked out of place with it. The red was just way too harsh for her soft face.

Unless she was planning on getting a role in a DC film or was prepping for Halloween, we couldn't excuse this cut and colour. What we could admit, though, is that Jenner would totally slay at being Poison Ivy!

Jenner always shows off her usual hair shenanigans on IG, but we were over it as soon as we saw the photo, and we're glad she felt the same.

2 Rocked: Khloé Just Cut Off Eight Inches, And She Looks Fabulous

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It has been a long year for Khloé, who gave birth about a year ago and has been struggling with True's daddy. So, what did the reality star do after the breakup? She changed up her hair! You go, girl! As the saying goes, “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.”

This celebrity mama now looks like a glam queen with her new platinum blonde bob that is super voluminous and lush. Let us praise Khloé for being brave enough to go forward with the big chop; she let go of over eight inches of hair! Such a big change, but the blunt cut looks fabulous and Khloé looks like her fierce self again. Let us have a moment for the flattering angles flowing toward her jawline.

1 Flopped: Kylie Wants To Be Barbie

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Another day, another Kylie! Do you hear it? The self-made billionaire is singing "I'm a Barbie girl in a Barbie world!" We probably would too if we had this hairstyle and shade of blonde.

She totally nailed the Barbie look, and we could picture a replica doll of this look right now, but the style was just not right for her.

We are glad the look was not permanent because it appeared too artificial. The blonde drained out her face, made her look a little lifeless, and her eyes did not pop as much as they do with other hair colours. Also, the bangs hid her eyebrows that are always so defined and full, and we were unable to marvel at them like we normally do.

Sources: Daily Mail

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