11 Horrifying "Grown-Up" Challenges Every Young Adult Faces

I remember thinking, "Now that I am 18, I can absolutely live on my own now and handle things like an adult” before renting my first, own little home. I didn’t want any financial help from my family, and although my dad constantly tried to remind me of the difficulties of being an adult, I thought I would be a pro at being an adult. The journey began last year, and I hope the first year really is the hardest, because besides the top 10 challenges I had to face, there were so many other things that made me want to crawl back to my old bedroom.

11 Paying Bills On Time

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I can’t even remember how many times my internet got shut down – not because I didn’t have enough money in my bank account, but because I simply forgot to pay my bills. After I finally remember to pay my flat rent, I am usually too proud of myself to even think about the other bills, such as the phone and the internet (and all the other ones I can’t remember).

10 Acting Like I Know What’s Happening

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Although I try to look at least semi-adult-like when it comes to speaking with the bank teller, or with any formal organization, I know I still look like a confused 5-year-old who lost her dad in the supermarket. Whether it’s signing a new lease, or discussing my student loan options, I usually just smile and pretend I’m thinking through the options, when in reality, I usually call my grandma for advice after these meetings.

9 Hunting Down A Flat

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The excitement of finding a flat disappeared after visiting the third potential home that would have easily lost against a cardboard box as a living option. My expectations and dreams about having a decent flat with a student-budget were gone with my excitement, and it was all about finding anything that wasn’t the size of a changing room.

8 Choosing The Furniture

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After ending up with an almost fully furnished house, there was only one thing missing: a table. But of course, instead of buying a table, I use a cardboard box in the living room and the ironing board in the bedroom, and decided to spend my money on useless clothing items, concert tickets and scented candles.

7 Keeping The Fridge Full

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When I was in kindergarten, I loved going to the supermarket and sneaking every useless product into our shopping cart – now, the only place I dislike even more are banks. These days, I buy food so I won't starve for the next few days. Instead of focusing on items I actually need, like bread and eggs, I usually end up getting distracted by by irrelevant "buy 2 get 3” offers, and end up with 3 family packs of hummus and no milk.

6 Coping With Sickness

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My dad is the best at calming me down if I have a cold or a headache, but since I am living on my own now, I simply google my symptoms and realize I will die in a few weeks. The only cure I know for any sickness is a huge cinnamon bun and a binge-watching session of Friends.

5 Managing Phone Calls

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Oh God. Maybe because I grew up in the magical and depressing world of online communication, there is nothing I'm worse at than calling people. Although, I really enjoy talking to people, phone calls are terrifying for me. After finally convincing myself that a 2-minute phone call can’t be that bad, I get nervous and either hang up the phone if it isn't answered the second it rings (because I take it as a heavenly sign), or become super awkward once the person picks up.

4 Feeding Myself Without Getting Food Poisoning

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If you've read this far, it probably isn't a big surprise to you that I'm not a master chef either. In my defense, I've been trying to learn by reading recipes, watching cooking shows, and even going as far as buying a Breaking Bad inspired "We Can Cook It” poster (because who needs a table when you have great home décor?!).

3 Handling My Own Money

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Debit cards, student loans, choosing the right bank, online transactions… all the things that regularly appear in my nightmares. Before living alone, my dad chose the bank for me, so the only thing I had to do was sign some papers and pretend like I knew things about finances. Now, I have to deal with all my bank-related stuff alone, and every time I get a letter from my bank, I get a small heart-attack.

2 Keeping My House Clean

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Cleaning is another thing that I simply forget about until the situation gets pretty bad, and once I finally get to the process of cleaning, I realize that I don’t have any cleaning products at home. This might be just me, but I never ever thought that I’d need to buy cleaning stuff, and to solve this problem as a real college student, I now have 10 universal cleansing wipes that I use for any and every cleaning emergency.

1 Finding A Job

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I am either too young, inexperienced, clumsy, or all of the above for any student job, and like most students, I ended up with the most hated jobs, such as working in a drugstore, trying to convince people to buy perfume. Yes, I was that person you’d run away from.

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