11 Naked Wedding Cakes That Are Downright Gorgeous

Unfrosted, or “naked” cakes have been one of the biggest wedding trends of the past year. Truly versatile, these cakes have taken the wedding industry by storm. Goodbye fondant and hello barely-there icing! Naked wedding cakes are simple and rustic, and pair perfectly with a variety of decorations from berries to pinecones to succulents.

In need of some inspiration for your upcoming nuptials? Or just love looking at cake? Check out this list of 11 naked wedding cakes that are downright gorgeous.

11 This Chocolate Brownie Goddess

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Okay, you had me at dark chocolate brownie cake before I even laid eyes on this cake. So now I know that not only is it made of chocolate brownie cake (amazing!), but there is vanilla bean buttercream sandwiched between each delicate layer (the white and brown contrast perfectly by the way), and it is topped with white and pink roses. Get more info here.

10 The Grapes of Wrath

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The decoration for this cake is so simple and yet looks stunning. A basic vanilla sponge is covered in grapes and berries for an easy and rustic, Roman-esque wedding cake. Find out more here.

9 The Lavender & Pinecone Duo

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Truly rustic. This three-tier cake is topped with fresh sprigs of lavender, flowers, a light dusting of icing sugar, and a pinecone to top it off. Change the sponge to be any flavour you like, though I personally find the berry jam contrasts well with the vanilla sponge. Get more info here.

8 This Floral Explosion

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The colour scheme of this cake is utterly gorgeous. The light chocolate cake contrasted by the white frosting, the light sprinkling of powdered sugar, and of course, the pastel purple, pink, and white flowers top the whole thing off. This is also a great example of how to balance your flowers perfectly (the mini bouquet on top serves as a stunning cake topper). Get more info here.

7 The Scantily Clad White Chocolate Cake

via: alisonlawsoncakes.com

I love that this cake isn't quite as naked as the others on this list. Despite the addition of a little more icing, this cake is beautiful. The white and cream colour scheme is perfect for a wedding. Oh, and did I mention this is a white chocolate mud cake covered in a Belgian white chocolate ganache? Find out more here.

6 The Bear-ly There Forest Cake

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Love going on hikes and being out in nature? This might be the perfect cake for you. Though you may not know it, this is actually a pumpkin cake with cream-cheese frosting. The orangey-brown colour perfectly complements the gold bunting and furry creatures on top of the cake. Get the recipe for the pumpkin cake here.

5 This Topsy Turvy Masterpiece

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This three-tiered masterpiece defies gravity. Looking for a unique twist on a wedding cake? Why not give it a literal twist? The shape of this naked wedding cake is not the only eye-catching thing – check out the beautiful flowers bursting from each layer. Truly beautiful. Find out more here.

4 This Succulent Beauty

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With succulents being all the rage for weddings, there’s no reason to stop at the bouquet. Now’s the time to add a subtle succulent to your naked wedding cake. This cake is simple, gorgeous, and rustic. Find out more here.

3 The Two-Tiered Chocolate Drip

via: weddingomania.com

Let’s bring things down a notch – and by a notch, I mean a tier. This two-tiered beauty, filled with deliciously fresh fruit, topped with chocolate ganache, would be perfect for any wedding. And, you can make it yourself! Get the recipe here.

2 The Funfetti Naked Cake

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I don’t care if you think this cake looks more like a children’s birthday cake than a wedding cake, I love it! If you love a burst of colour, this cake is for you. Not only are sprinkles baked into the vanilla sponge, but they are mixed in with the vanilla buttercream frosting, and added onto the top of each tier. Plus, the bunting is adorable. Find out more here.

1 This Chocolate & Raspberry Dream

via: cassidytuttle.com

This naked wedding cake is made with moist chocolate sponge and a perfectly pink raspberry buttercream. Topped with fresh blackberries and gorgeous flowers, this square-shaped cake will be sure to stand out on your wedding day. Get more info here.

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