11 Reasons Why You Should Be Doing Yoga with your Kid

Yoga is an incredible activity. It's a form of exercise, that also provides a fun and relaxing way to unwind. While you've probably tried it at least once in your life, you may not have given much thought to the benefits it could have on your child. Amidst the yoga craze of the past decade, yoga classes have crept up in all forms. From acrobatic yoga to hot yoga, you may have missed that a myriad of classes are now offered specifically for kids. Just take a look at Drew Barrymore practicing yoga with her 3 year old daughter, Olive:

Princess Elsa came to our mother daughter yoga class. #magicdays #iloveolive

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But kids' yoga is not just an exercise available for celebrities. No sir, you can find yoga classes for kids in almost every city across North America. Just check your local listings, or worst case, start a class in your own home! As long as you have a mat, and perhaps a YouTube video, you're good to go. And I guarantee that after reading this list you'll be seriously considering signing you and your child up for a yoga class – ASAP.

Check out 11 reasons you should be doing yoga with your kid.

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11 It allows them to focus

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Yoga will teach your kids how to focus and concentrate on the task at hand. One of the first rules of yoga is to let your mind be free and totally immerse yourself in the experience. This is a skill they will definitely want as life gets more stressful later on.

10 It can help them develop their creativity

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Yoga encourages creativity. New poses, breathing exercises, and connecting with the other kids and parents in the class over the language of movement are just a few ways that yoga can help your child develop their creativity. Plus, a lot of yoga classes offered for kids explicitly promote creativity through the use of animals and music during the class.

9 It teaches them about their bodies

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Yoga is a great way to teach your children about their bodies. Not only will they learn what their bodies are capable of, but they will learn more about the importance of looking after their body.

8 It improves balance and coordination

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Yoga will improve your kid's balance and coordination. These are important physical skills to master, and will help them if they're currently involved in sports, or if they choose to play sports later in life.

7 It helps prevent sports injuries

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Yoga is a great way to prevent sports injuries. If your kids already play other sports or just spend a lot of time running around, yoga is a great way to minimize any potential injuries, pain, or soreness. Holding poses for several minutes has a major impact on tight, sore, or inflamed muscles and joints.

6 It teaches them about staying healthy and active

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Practicing yoga will teach your kids about the importance of staying healthy and active. Yoga is a great way to tone your muscles, and generally become stronger and more flexible. In addition, yoga is all about the maintaining a healthy mind, and will teach your kids how to deal with stress in a healthy manner.

5 It enhances flexibility

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This is one of the most beneficial aspects of yoga – for both adults and kids. Yoga is an excellent way to improve your flexibility. Seriously, I guarantee that after only a few weeks of downward dogs and pigeon, you will notice a major difference. Being more flexible not only allows you to feel freer, but it means you'll be less likely to develop injuries doing other activities.

4 It improves self-discipline

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If you and your kids decide to take a yoga class, that means that your kids will be responsible for committing to taking and attending a weekly class. This might not sound like much, but it's never too early to learn a little self-discipline. We all know that as we get older and life gets busier, it can be hard to make time for things, namely the gym. So starting this habit earlier is certainly a good idea!

3 It provides a mental break

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Everyone, even children, need a mental break once in a while. Yoga will allow you and your kids to share that mental break and relax together. Stretching and learning new and relaxing breathing techniques are key components of yoga. Not only is this a great bonding opportunity for a family but it will ensure that your child is able to take a few moments in the day to calm down – away from their friends, their toys, and their school work.

2 It encourages a positive outlook

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Yoga breeds positivity! The point of practicing yoga is to become more closely connected to your body and your mind. And the purpose of creating this connection is to relieve stress and reduce anxiety.

1 It's fun!

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This is a simple one, but it rings very true. Yoga is fun! For both adults and children, yoga is a unique and interesting way to get some exercise. With the abundance of yoga classes specifically tailored to children these days, you and your kid will be guaranteed a good time.

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