11 Things You Can Get Away With Grandparents, But Not With Moms

For some children, grandparents are the greatest gift. They represent the CHILL every kid wishes would their strict parents would absorb. Grandparents are like an oasis in a dry desert for kids who have strict parents. Kids know as soon as grandma sees their smiling faces, the world is theirs. All rules fly out the window. All limits are removed. Grandma and grandpa only care about making sure their grandchildren are happy and well-cared for. There's no fuss over spilled milk or missing glasses.

So there's no mistaking the fact that the rules moms obsess over aren't even an afterthought at grandma's house. Check out these 11 things kids get away with their grandparents that they would NEVER get away with when they're with mom.

11 Staying up past 9 p.m.

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Grandma: Bedtime, smedtime. Those kids are having the time of their lives. Let them live! They'll sleep when they get tired and they'll sleep in later in the morning. We all win!

10 Watching R-rated movies

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Grandma: Kids these days are exposed to so much, may as well let them do it when we are aware. Besides, she's a mature girl for her age. I know she'll do the right thing. Right, darling?

9 Drinking soda

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Grandma: It's grandma's house. She can have whatever she likes! When she's at home you can have the final say. Now shoo!

8 Faking being sick to get out of school

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Grandma: Poor baby. Is it your tummy? Does your head hurt? Of course you can stay home with grandma. I'll have you feeling better by the end of the day. Take off your jacket and let me take care of my baby.

7 Fast food for dinner

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Grandma: What's for dinner? Why, you can order whatever you want. Don't you just love those fries from down the street. Let's pick up a couple of burgers and pig out tonight!

6 Not finishing your food

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Grandma: Well, I guess that means no more peas for him. It's okay. We'll still have dessert later.

5 Asking for money for non-essential things

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Kid: Grandma, I need money to buy new clothes and mom won't give me any.

Grandma: Of course, you do honey. A girl's got to look pretty! How much do you need? Is $50 okay?

4 Unlimited candy and junk food

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Grandma: Here's some candy for you, honey. And here's some for later. Don't tell your mom, it's between us.

3 Talking back

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Kid: Geesh, grandma! You're getting on my nerves.

Grandma: What did you say? You're ready for dessert? No problem, honey. We're having ice cream and cake later. I know chocolate is your favorite!

2 Breaking things

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Grandma: Eh. It's just a painting. You can replace it. Wait until you break a hip. That's a real tragedy.

1 Throwing temper tantrums

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Grandma: Oh, would you look at him! He's such a passionate little boy. That's right, darling. Make your mark on this world!

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