11 TV Stars We Definitely Forgot Were Gay (6 Who Are Straight)

Actors and Actresses are extremely versatile and can make us believe just about anything – if the person is good enough at their craft. Charlize Theron made us believe she was a serial killer and, thanks to makeup, less attractive than her real-life beautiful self. Meryl Streep makes us believe ANYTHING thanks to her genius. She could play a house plant and pull it off enough to win an Oscar.

The actors on this particular list made us believe in their acting skills so much, that our minds skipped and forgot who they are in real life. Like Neil Patrick Harris did in How I Met Your Mother by playing the womanizing Barney Stinson when in real life he’s settled down nicely with his husband and children.

Here are 11 stars who we forgot are gay and six who are straight.

A Slip of the Mind

17 Jonathan Groff – Mindhunter


On the Netflix hit crime drama Mindhunter, Jonathan Groff, known mainly for his brilliant vocals when he starred on Glee and in Frozen, plays Holden Ford. Ford is an intelligent, yet pensive, FBI agent who tries to get into the minds of serial killers in order to see what makes them tick. And like he did in Glee, he plays it straight.

16 Ruby Rose – Batwoman


Actress/Model Ruby Rose has always been out and proud during her career. She starred in Orange Is the New Black and played a deaf assassin in the second chapter of John Wick. When it was announced that she would star as Batwoman in the new CW series, the LBGQT community rejoiced at having an out and proud woman as the title character.

15 Matt Bomer – White Collar


For years, actor Matt Bomer kept mum about his personal life and didn’t openly say whether or not he is gay or straight until 2012 when he announced that he married his publicist Simon Halls, back in 2011 and officially came out of the closet. He was even given an Inspiration Award at the GLSEN Awards.

14 Jim Parsons – The Big Bang Theory


Unlike his character on The Big Bang Theory, actor Jim Parsons is gay and came out in 2012, announcing that he had been in a relationship with director Todd Spiewak. The two married years later in 2017. Parsons has been known to play a wide variety of characters across the spectrum since he’s a dang good actor. His husband must be very proud.

13 Guillermo Diaz – Scandal


If you’re a fan of Olivia Pope’s gang of gladiators on the drama Scandal, you’ll know who Guillermo Diaz is (who played the hard assassin Huck). What most people are surprised to learn is that Diaz has been out since 2011. He was even named by OUT Magazine as one of the “100 most influential gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender people for 2013.”

12 Sarah Paulson – American Horror Story


American Horror Story actress Sarah Paulson has never been shy about being a hard-working lesbian in Hollywood, and she’s even one of the most powerful and coveted actress in her profession. And not just on TV (where she really shines) but on the big screen too. Paulson has been in a relationship with fellow actress Holland Taylor since 2015.

11 Colton Haynes – Arrow


The devastatingly handsome Colton Haynes plays Roy Harper/Arsenal in the CW action series Arrow. For much of his career in Hollywood, Haynes has been mum about his sexual orientation until he came out as gay in Entertainment Weekly in 2016 after struggling with anxiety. He married florist Jeff Leatham in 2017, but the two ended up divorcing in 2019.

10 Wentworth Miller – Prison Break And The Flash

Actor Wentworth Miller is widely known for being in the series Prison Break (and is now playing CW’s Legends of Tomorrow) and at first, he denied he was gay back in 2007. He didn’t actually officially come out of the closet until 2013. Miller said he struggled with depression from being in the closet all those years before he came out.

9 Luke Macfarlane – Killjoys


If you don’t know who Luke MacFarlane is, you better learn in a hurry. Since he first appeared on screen in Syfy’s series Killjoys, audiences have been obsessed with his square-cut jawline and quirky dialogue. Luke has been out of the closet since 2008 when he came out during an interview with The Globe and Mail.

8 Kate McKinnon – Saturday Night Live


Everyone has been in love with actress/comedian Kate McKinnon since she first appeared on Saturday Night Live and while she does act goofy on the show, she’s actually pretty soft-spoken in real life. She’s been known to keep to herself and keep her personal life private in Hollywood, which is a difficult thing to do these days.

7 Gillian Anderson – The X-Files


Back in her Dana Scully days on Fox’s supernatural series The X-Files, a lot of people thought actress Gillian Anderson was meek, like her character on the show. But as she got older she started taking parts that reflected her strong personality. Anderson has come out as bisexual who has been in relationships with both men and women.

Straight as an Arrow

6 Ryan Seacrest - American Idol


Everyone remembers Britney Spears’ facial expression when both she and American Idol host Ryan Seacrest were on his radio program together and he mentioned his girlfriend, and Spears was just absolutely floored. Not a lot is known about Seacrest’s personal life and most assumed he was gay (like Britney) and most were floored to find out he’s not.

5 Cameron Monaghan - Shameless


Former child model Cameron Monaghan is best known for his portrayal of Ian Gallagher on the HBO series Shameless. While the character on the show is gay, Monaghan is not. Although he’s not in a relationship at the moment, Monaghan keeps himself busy with the Showtime show and starring in other things on the small screen.

4 Kendall Jenner – Keeping Up With The Kardashians


Model Kendall Jenner is not really like her sisters – she hasn’t had any real interest in getting in a long term relationship and starting a family. Sure, she’s been in notable relationships before in the past, but since she’s not in any sort of rush, people assumed she was gay. She’s not.

3 Darren Criss – Glee


Darren Criss has been known to play gay characters on many shows, like Glee, where his character Blaine Anderson was in a relationship with Kurt Hummel and now most recently on The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story as Andrew Cunanan. In real life, Criss is married to Mia Swier, who was his longtime girlfriend.

2 Jonathan Rhys Meyers – The Tudors


Actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers is been known for being an amazing actor who can pull off playing both straight and gay on the big and small screens, but it’s funny that most people are surprised to learn he’s actually straight in real life. Meyers is currently married to Mara Lane and the two have a son together.

1 Eric McCormack – Will and Grace


It will surprise some people to learn that one of the most notable gay characters in the history of television is played by a straight man. That’s right, Eric McCormack, who plays Will Truman on NBC’s Will and Grace, has been married to the same woman since 1997 (Janet Leigh Holden). Just proves how good of an actor he actually is.

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