11 WWE Stars Who Are Surprisingly Sweet BTS (4 Who Act Like Jerks)

Back in the day, it was forbidden for WWE stars to showcase their true selves. Following the Montreal Screwjob, that aspect completely changed – suddenly, it became apparent that fans loved to find out what goes on behind the scenes and who these wrestlers really are.

Thanks to social media and the rise of the WWE Network, we’re now able to distinguish lots of WWE stars from the role they play on-screen to who they actually are outside of the ring. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the nicest WWE stars. Some might comes as a surprise. We’ll also feature those who are considered to be jerks behind the scenes.

Enjoy folks and like always, be sure to share it with a friend. Let's get started.

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15 Sweet - The Fiend Bray Wyatt

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Given his current gimmick, this might be the last WWE star expected on the list.

However, the truth is, Bray Wyatt is a big-time favorite backstage and we’ve seen evidence of that from playfully posing for a pic alongside Stephanie McMahon to embracing The Undertaker and his family following a WrestleMania defeat.

14 Sweet - Gallows & Anderson

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They play the roles of a heel tag team and they’ve done so for a while now. However, the duo is very well-liked behind the scenes especially when it comes to trips overseas – the two love to have a good time.

This was a big reason as to why WWE kept both Gallows and Anderson, it doesn’t hurt to have guys that can boost the morale backstage.

13 Sweet - Matt Riddle

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Given his harsh comments for Goldberg and Dana White – some might believe that Matt Riddle isn’t the easiest to work with. He’s taking shots at higher-ups, something you just don’t do.

It might be more of Matt just sharing his opinion as he is well-liked by the NXT locker room and he hasn’t been punished by Triple H despite the harsh comments. He’s definitely doing something right behind the scenes.

12 Jerk - Alicia Fox

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We hate to put her on this side of the list but given her recent antics, we really don’t have a choice. She's been kicked out of WrestleMania weekend for starting a fight with Travis Browne. Not only that but she also cost Arn Anderson his job, taking to the ring under the influence.

It is a real jerk move entering the ring under the influence, you’re putting a fellow worker’s well-being in jeopardy.

11 Sweet - Lacey Evans

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Perhaps the biggest heel in the women’s division, Lacey Evans carries a lot of heat with the WWE audience.

We can’t say the same backstage as Evans tends to be well-liked by all her peers. How can she not be? Lacey is an inspiration and a true role model of a mom, working her craft in the ring and taking care of her daughter out of it. There’s a reason WWE is so high on this WWE star.

10 Sweet - Braun Strowman

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Strowman is the kind of the dude you wouldn’t want to be facing during the wee hours of the night. The same holds true for his demeanor on WWE television.

However, the dude is a giant teddy bear with a killer sense of humor. He likes to joke around behind the scenes – just take a look at his Halloween costume during his NXT days.

9 Jerk – Lio Rush

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Lio has found his way back to WWE. This is surprising considering he rubbed so many the wrong way. It all started with his tweet over Emma’s release, it set off a storm via Twitter with co-workers taking relentless shots.

Things continued most recently with contract disputes along with another problem, this one rumored to be with Finn Balor. If he doesn’t figure it out this time, he’ll be out the door.

8 Sweet - Rezar

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Nope, that’s not a mistake. Rezar is in fact surprisingly quite approachable, especially during fan interaction events. Given his look and demeanor on-screen, that’s hard to believe.

The tag wrestler is also quite the family man away from his gimmick, just check the proof via his IG account, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

7 Sweet - Alexa Bliss

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Although she plays the heel on-screen, Alexa is quite different backstage. WWE relies on Bliss for a lot of things, whether it be for hosting duties on the show or PR appearances elsewhere.

Alexa is surprisingly great with the fans as well, rarely turning down photo requests. Despite being green to the industry, she quickly locked down the professionalism aspect when joining.

6 Jerk – Sasha Banks

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Slowly but surely, Sasha is inching out of this side of the list. On WWE 24, she admitted to her previous faults stating that not only was she miserable but that she was making the others around her feel the same way.

All the complaining and difficulties seem to be a thing of the past since she made her return, here’s to hoping that all continues.

5 Sweet - Nia Jax

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She’s gone from WWE recovering from injury at the moment. While she was in the ring, Jax played the role of a villain dominating her opposition in the ring.

Total Divas showed us a different side and one that is actually beloved by the women’s locker room. Without a doubt, she’ll be welcomed back with open arms once fully recovered from injury.

4 Sweet - IIconic Duo

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Yes, we want to stick earplugs in our ears when they’re on-screen but that’s just the duo playing their characters up, at least we think...

The two are favorites backstage as well and big-time team players. They fought hard to get to WWE after years on the indie scene, no doubt they’re grateful to be in the spot that they are in presently.

3 Sweet - Baron Corbin


Most would assume Corbin belongs on the other side of the list especially given his treatment towards the fans via Twitter and of course, his heel persona.

Again, this is Corbin playing his role exceptionally well and in fact, his peers like Randy Orton and Seth Rollins have actually complimented his in-ring work. Not to mention the boss playing around with Corbin backstage – he must be doing something right.

2 Jerk – Brock Lesnar

Surely, WWE’s blowing a little bit of smoke when it comes to how terrible Brock Lesnar is with his peers. He was looking pretty playful with Roman Reigns during a dinner in Saudi Arabia, not to mention also kicking a ball around with his peers prior to the same show.

Nonetheless, he still falls on this side of the list given his limited interaction with others along with terrible past experiences with the likes of Dean Ambrose.

1 Sweet – Stephanie McMahon

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We close off the list with arguably the top heel of the 2000s, Stephanie McMahon. Behind the scenes, she’s the brand ambassador meaning she must have a decent amount of skill when it comes to communicating with others.

Several former WWE stars have spoken glowingly about Stephanie and her treatment towards the talent in the locker room – we wish we could say the same about her dad!

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