12 Celebs Cardi B Adores (And 8 Not So Much)

Cardi B is everywhere now, and she deserves every bit of her success. She’s proven she’s a serious musician, who intends to stick around for a long time. Not only has she got the love and support of her fans, but she’s also earned the respect of many of the world’s top musicians. Cardi B has hung out with Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner — she even claims that Jenner had some important career advice for her — and Bruno Mars has nothing but love for her. But, not everyone is a fan, and there are a handful of celebs who wish that Cardi B would disappear from the limelight, and they aren’t afraid to give their reasons why. Below are celebs who love Cardi, and who she loves back, and then those who she would definitely not call friends.

Let's start with the 12 she adores...

20 Cardi B And Kanye West Both Speak Their Mind, And She Has Come To His Defense In The Past

Via Complex

Over the years, Kanye West has caused a fair bit of controversy with his opinions and outspoken ways, but Cardi B seems to have a lot of respect for him. After Karlous Miller stated on Twitter (via Complex) that West had “fell off,” Cardi responded to the tweet defending the rapper.

19 Kris Jenner Is Believed To Have Given Cardi B Important Career Advice

Via Cardi B Instagram

Perhaps it shouldn’t be surprising that Cardi B would come to the defense of Kanye West because she’s pretty close with his mom-in-law, Kris Jenner. Cardi has even received career advice from Jenner, and told W magazine how the momager reminded her that no matter what people say about her, “it doesn’t really matter as long as you’re making money.”

18 Kim Kardashian And Cardi Have Made Their Friendship Social Media Official

Via Galore Mag

It seems Cardi B has not just hung out with Kris Jenner, but also Kim Kardashian, and you have to know that Cardi must really like them if she’s sharing the selfies publicly. According to Galore, Kardashian also shared photos of herself and Cardi B, so their love for each other is mutual.

17 Cardi Has Nothing But Love For Jennifer Lopez

Via Cosmopolitan

Jennifer Lopez and Cardi B are both well-respected in the entertainment industry, and first met at Jay-Z's TIDAL X Brooklyn benefit concert, PopSugar reports. Lopez has publicly stated that she has followed Cardi B on social media for years, and the pair have since collaborated professionally on the track, “Dinero,” and starred in the movie, Hustlers.

16 Cardi Can Count SZA Among Her Nearest And Dearest


It seems Cardi B has an impressive inner circle of celebrities, including SZA. According to CheatSheet, these two stars paired up for a performance a Coachella and SZA was clearly impressed by Cardi because she later took to social media to celebrate her for being “inspiring.”

15 Madonna Thinks Cardi B’s Personality Is Like A Shining Light

Via Madonna Instagram

Madonna and Cardi B may be one of the most unexpected celebrity friendships, but the Queen of Pop has nothing but love for Cardi. In fact, she’s so impressed by her that she shared a photo of them on social media and captioned it how much she loves the rapper. Madonna also praised Cardi B “for shining your light at the party last night!”

14 Bruno Mars And Cardi B Are BFFs, And It Started On Social Media

Via Rolling Stone

Bruno Mars and Cardi B have collaborated professionally on "Finesse (Remix)” and they looked like they had fun doing it, but according to Bustle, this friendship may have started on social media. Back in 2017, Mars was asked by a fan what he was listening to, and he responded by saying it was Cardi B’s music. Mars also shared a selfie of the two of them on social media, and gushed about how the rapper was “everything I’d hoped she’d be.”

13 Cardi B Showed Her Love For Selena Gomez When She Was Hospitalized

Via Daily Mail

When Selena Gomez was hospitalized for a reported “emotional breakdown” (via HollywoodLife), Cardi B was quick to show her support for her friend. She took to social media and shared a sweet photo of the two of them, which she captioned with the message: “You are amazing.”

12 Miley Cyrus Has Hinted At A Project That Will Involve Cardi B

Via Daily Mail

We don’t know for sure how close Miley Cyrus and Cardi B are, but we do know that there are reports that they may be collaborating in the future. According to Teen Vogue, fans think that Cyrus hinted at working with Cardi B on an upcoming track. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but this would certainly be something worth listening to.

11 Cardi B Likes Shawn Mendes, Despite Him Previously Forgetting The Lyrics Of Her Song

Via Daily Mail

Shawn Mendes tried to sing the lyrics of Cardi B’s song, “I Like It,” during an appearance on The Tonight Show but forgot the words, CapitalFM reports. But it seems that Cardi B still likes the singer because in an interview with E! News, she was asked to give celebs a rapper name, and she commented on how the girls “love them some Shawn Mendes.”

10 Post Malone And Cardi B Have Stepped Into The Studio Together

Via Daily Mail

You don’t collaborate professionally with people you don’t like, right? So, it may be safe to assume that Cardi B and Post Malone get on well. The pair have joined forces with French Montana for “Writing on the Wall,” and all three of them appeared in the accompanying music video.

9 Katy Perry And Cardi B’s Baby Daddy Are Close

Via PopSugar

Cardi B’s baby daddy, Offset (one part of Migos) appeared on Saturday Night Live with Katy Perry, and she was photographed hugging him at Versace’s 2018 Met Gala After Party. Cardi B was also at the same party, and it seems that the two women know each other by association.

8 Drake And Cardi B Seem To Get Along Really Well!

Via Rap-Up

Drake and Cardi B have posed for pictures together, and appear to get on well. The rapper praised Cardi when she appeared at OVO Fest, introducing her to the crowd by stating that he was going to leave them “in the company of grace and greatness,” Metro reports.

7 U2 Star Bono Has Nothing But Nice Things To Say About This Rap Queen

Via Daily Mail

Cardi B has a few surprising fans that no one would have guessed, including U2 frontman, Bono. According to PopSugar, Cardi B revealed on social media that after the 2018 Grammys she received a note from Bono. "He said I'm the biggest thing in Ireland," she said. "He knows me! I can't believe it!"

6 Timothee Chalamet Thinks Cardi Is A ‘Legend’

Via Daily Mail

In an interview with Harry Styles (via Grazia Daily), Timothee Chalamet was asked about Nicki Minaj and Cardi B’s bad blood (more on this later), to which he responded, “Nicki went to my high school but… Cardi’s a legend so why can’t we all just love each other…”

And here are the 8 she does not get along with...

5 Rah Ali And Cardi B Got Into A Fight At A New York Fashion Week Party

Via Rah Ali Instagram

Rah Ali is good friends with Nicki Minaj, which sort of makes her enemies with Cardi B by association. But the two women were also involved in a physical altercation in 2018, Complex notes, claiming Ali she was responsible for the bump on Cardi’s head. Nicki Minaj also discussed the incident on Queen Radio, confirming Ali was responsible.

4 Azealia Banks Has Compared Cardi B To A Poor Man's Version Of Nicki Minaj

Via Daily Mail

Another female rapper who can’t stand Cardi B is Azealia Banks. Banks is known for being outspoken, and according to NickiSwift, she has compared Cardi B to Nicki Minaj. Let’s just say, her comments were not flattering at all, as she referred to Cardi as the "poor man's Nicki [Minaj]."

3 Nicki Minaj And Cardi B Have Been Vocal About How Much They Dislike Each Other

Via PopSugar

Perhaps the most well-known feud that Cardi B has been involved in, is with fellow female rapper, Nicki Minaj. According to Vanity Fair, things have gotten physical between the two women, and Cardi is said to have thrown her shoe at Minaj at the Plaza in New York for the Harper’s Bazaar Icons party.

2 Apparently Moniece Slaughter Should Think Twice About Comments She Likes On Social Media

Via Moniece Slaughter Instagram

You have to be careful what you post on social media, or in Moniece Slaughter’s case, what you “like” because you never know who’s watching. According to NickiSwift, Slaughter had tweeted about Cardi’s sister, Hennessy Carolina, blocking her on social media without reason. Carolina responded by saying she had a good reason, and that was for the negative things Slaughter “liked” about her sister.

1 Funk Flex Says Cardi Doesn’t Write Her Own Songs And He Has A Big Issue With That

Via Funk Flex Instagram

Funk Flex respects artists who write their own lyrics, and according to NickiSwift, he has taken issue with Cardi B for not. He is reported as saying: "Cardi's consistently getting somebody else” to write her material, and that he “can’t stand” rappers who don’t write their own.

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