12 DIY Face Masks For Every Skin Problem

We've got 99 problems, and at least 10 of them are because of our skin. It's so fickle. It's too oily, then it's too dry. Sometimes it has pimples, other times it has wrinkles. And does it ever look healthy and glowing? No. And if it does, it's only when we're at home by ourselves with no chance of seeing anyone who might appreciate it.

Stop being a slave to your skin issues. Check out these 12 DIY face masks that will solve all of your annoying skin problems and give you the beautiful complexion you've always wanted.

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12 For Dry Skin: Honey and Coconut Mask

Some people only get dry skin during the winter months. Others are cursed with dry skin throughout the year—and it's super annoying, just in case you were wondering. Your skin is always flaky, and sometimes it gets irritated and raw.

Solve your dry skin problems with this soothing honey and coconut mask. It couldn't be easier to make, just follow the recipe. The honey and coconut work in tandem to nourish your dry skin, and make it soft and supple.

11 For Oily Skin: Brown Rice Flour Mask

Equally as annoying is oily skin. It may not flake off like dry skin, but it always looks greasy. And if you don't wash your face every few hours, it starts to feel gross. Nip greasy skin in the bud with this face mask. Brown rice flour works to soak up all that excess oil, while avocado moisturizes your skin. The apple juice is invigorating, and it all comes together to turn you into a fresh-faced beauty.

10 For Acne: Bentonite Clay Mask

Dammit, acne! Isn't it enough that you made our teenage years unbearable? Why do you have to make adulthood a pain in the ass, too!?! Guys, don't let acne rain on your parade—stick it to those unsightly blemishes with this bentonite clay mask. Your skin will benefit from the neutralizing and disinfecting powers of apple cider vinegar, as well as the detoxifying action of bentonite clay.

9 For Clogged Pores and Blackheads: Blackout Mask

You might be lucky enough to evade the whole "adult acne" thing, but no one is safe from blackheads. And they're just . . . ugh. What you need to do is pull all of that dirt and dead skin out of your pores. And you can totally do that by making this blackout blackhead mask. Activated charcoal helps even out your complexion, and draws all of the nastiness out of your pores. Adios, blackheads!

8 For Rough Skin: Avocado Mask

If your skin feels more like sandpaper than actual skin, you're not alone. And you're in luck, too. This avocado face mask has everything you need to turn your skin from untouchable to silky smooth. The avocado and yogurt in this mask will nourish your skin, while the egg whites will provide it with some much-needed protein. A little lemon juice to balance out the oils and, voilà! Soft and smooth skin.

7 For Itchy Skin: Oatmeal Mask

While people with dry skin are far more likely to have itchy skin, it can happen to anyone. Maybe you have allergies or a sensitivity to one of your cosmetics. Whatever the reason, you need to soothe that irritated skin of yours! And the best way to do that is with this DIY oatmeal mask. If you had chicken pox when you were little, you know how good oatmeal feels to itchy skin. Yogurt and honey are an added bonus that will help bring moisture back to your skin to stop itchiness in its tracks.

6 For Dull Skin: Coconut Oil Mask

The flawless, glowing skin in the face wash commercials is what we're all aiming for. But you can't have glowing skin when your skin isn't, well, glowing. Eliminate your lackluster skin once and for all with this coconut oil face mask. Lemon is a natural toner that will tighten your pores and balance oil production. Meanwhile, coconut oil and honey refresh your skin to make it brighter and healthier.

5 For Scars and Acne Marks: Carrot Mask

Carrots are chock full of vitamin C. That's great, because vitamin C is a natural antioxidant, which promotes collagen production, fights free radicals, and diminishes acne marks and other scars. Give this simple mask a shot to reduce the appearance of those troublesome spots.

4 For Wrinkles and Fine Lines: Banana and Lemon Mask

Alright, body. We know we're getting older, but we don't need you to remind us with the fine lines and wrinkles. Stave off ageing with this nourishing (and delicious sounding) face mask. Honey and lemon will soothe and tone your skin. And bananas are just what your skin needs to diminish those unsightly ageing signs.

3 For Dark Circles and Bags Under the Eyes: Turmeric Face Mask

Turmeric is an amazing little spice. It's natural anti-inflammatory and reduces free radical damage. This makes it the perfect choice for fighting off dark circles. Give your face a healthy dose of turmeric with this mask, and watch in amazement as those eye bags disappear.

2 For Uneven Skin Tone: Yogurt and Rose Petal Mask

Even out your skin tone with this yogurt and rose petal mask. Rose petals and aloe vera work perfectly for reducing inflammation and soothing your skin. And the lactic acid in the yogurt will exfoliate all of those dead skin cells, leaving behind lovely, smooth skin.

1 For Dark Spots: Almond and Yogurt Mask

If dark spots are the bee in your bonnet, you don't have to put up with them! Whip up this recipe, which combines almonds and yogurt to make a tasty snack nourishing face mask that your skin will love. Almonds are full of vitamin E, which your skin needs to maintain its elasticity. This mask also has a touch of turmeric powder, which will help reduce the appearance of dark spots.

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