12 Dogs Dressed As Harry Potter

Everyone loves to play dress up, even the family pup. It can be difficult to keep a dog in costume, but some people have found a simple way to make their canine companions look absolutely magical. With just a black cape, some pipe-cleaner glasses, and a little imagination, these Harry Potter costumes prove to be both easy and enchanting.

Whether the pooch is posed for a photo shoot, or just fantasizing about the next game of Quidditch, each looks extra adorable wearing Harry’s signature round glasses and Hogwarts attire. Here is a spellbinding list of 12 dogs dressed as Harry Potter.

12 Even Professor Snape would be impressed by the preparedness of this pooch. Fully equipped with spell books and secret ingredients, potions class doesn't stand a chance

Via: flickr.com

11 As proud as can be, this pup looks as if he’s just received his acceptance letter to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Time for a visit to Gringotts Wizarding Bank, where, hopefully, more than just bones await

10 Armed with a broom and a keen sense of direction, this corgi could play Harry Potter's double in the next Quidditch match. He's guaranteed to sniff out the opponents' weaknesses

9 This Yorkshire Terrier came prepared to make the House of Godric Gryffindor proud. Slytherin doesn’t stand a chance against this pint-sized pro. After all, Harry was a remarkably small boy for his age

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8 While Professor McGonagall may have scolded Harry Potter more than once for his disheveled appearance, this pug seems to have nailed the clean-cut look Gryffindor strives to achieve

7 Following the Marauder’s Map can lead to some drafty tunnels beneath the castle. It’s important to wrap in a proper scarf when planning to wander, especially if hoping to walk all the way to Hogsmeade

6 Focus and attention are key when practicing new spells. This little pup is concentrating on an encroaching squirrel. Fearful it may be an animagus, he’s poised to cast an untransfiguration spell the moment the critter comes in range

5 All the shaggy hair must be hiding the signature lightning-bolt scar that makes Harry Potter so famous. He’s probably trying not to draw any undue attention his way; it’s already hard enough to lead a normal life as the chosen one

4 Complete with pipe-cleaner glasses, this Corgi has mastered Harry’s fearless stance, as seen on all eight movie covers. The pup looks like he’s ready to take on You-Know-Who all by himself, if only he could remember where he buried his wand

3 Stealing a flying car and traveling from Platform 9 ¾ all the way to Hogwarts is just fine and dandy, until the car comes crashing down into the Whomping Willow. While begging for forgiveness and pleading not to be expelled, it’s best to appear remorseful and frightened: a look mastered by this pooch

2 Attentive and obedient are not words usually used to describe Mr. Potter. However, with some training, this look-alike managed to stay focused long enough to show off his perfectly-tied Windsor knot, something the real Harry very rarely managed.

1 Just like Harry Potter to catch the Golden Snitch in his mouth; at least this time he didn’t swallow it! Regardless of how it was captured, the game is over and Gryffindor wins! 150 points to this French Bulldog for being the perfect Potter impersonator.

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