12 Flattering Photos Of Lizzo (8 Where She Was Obviously Caught Off Guard)

She's a cover girl (Vogue, Allure, Elle, Clash, Billboard, V, and Essence, just to name a few!), a fashion model (Good American), the subject of many a meme, and an all-around powerhouse of a singer and girl-power queen.

And while Lizzo is perpetually epic in everything she does, the camera does sometimes catch her off guard.

It's not often, of course. Lizzo has a reputation for rocking the most epic styles... And not caring what anyone thinks while she does it. Her fashion sense (and her music) is off the charts, but even when the paparazzi catch her on the street, 99 percent of the time she's prepared.

But sometimes fans catch a glimpse of a more laid-back Lizzo, the lady behind the persona. While her up-front attitude is in-your-face, other times different emotions come out. Here are 12 stunning pics of the star, along with eight where she clearly wasn't prepared to be snapped.

20 Of Course, Only The Best For IG


Yas, girl! Lizzo is no stranger to perfectly posed snaps for IG, and this one is proof of how photogenic she is. Of course, a lot of work goes into getting her pics just right, from the poses to the filters to the fashion. Clearly, posing is a huge part of the business.

19 But Smiles Aren’t Always Staged


This photo took Lizzo by surprise in an adorable way—look at that grin. Usually her stage personality takes over in every image, but this time, a photographer caught Lizzo wearing an authentic smile. Sure, she puts a lot of effort into looking good, and we admire that. But it’s nice to know she’s a real person, too.

18 Did You Know She Could Do Casual?


With all the out-there styles Lizzo shows off on the red carpet and on stage, this one made us do a double-take. Of course, she still looks fantastic in jeans and a tee and toned-down makeup, so you can't say she was caught off guard when she posed for this photo.

17 But Haunted Houses Get Her Down

ET Canada

E Online documented Lizzo's foray into a haunted house for Ellen, and let's just say... She definitely wasn't prepared for this. She was shrieking and falling on the ground as the tried to get away from the ghouls... Of course, this made for great footage for Ellen, even if Lizzo herself wasn't impressed.

16 Other Times, She’s Got The Bomb Lighting


If you didn't know it already, here's some news: Lizzo has graced countless magazine covers, plus the pages of endless other magazines. She's clearly comfortable in front of the camera, and with pro stylists on hand, we can't blame her for looking totally gorgeous. We're still jelly, though.

15 Her Red Carpet Looks Are Always Lit

Teen Vogue

The sunglasses themselves would intimidate most of us, but Lizzo isn't afraid to rock bold styles like this heart-print dress. On the red carpet, Lizzo always shows up prepared to have everyone at the function bowing down to her. And this appearance was no different.

14 But The Music Can Take Her Away


Part of Lizzo's appeal is how real she seems. But with her perfectly coiffed looks, it's sometimes tough to relate to the outspoken artist. Which is why on-stage snaps like this are so relatable. Look at her gettin' down and getting into the music! She definitely wasn't cheesing for the camera here.

13 No Bad Hair Days To See Here


This is such a casual look on Lizzo, but the rest of us feel totally frumpy in our jeans and sweaters. Leave it to the superstar to wear a totally bland outfit but make it pop. Just look at her hair, and those lips! Clearly, she's spent time primping for this pic.

12 Her Stage Looks Are On Point

Irish Times

Part of the fun of watching Lizzo perform is seeing all her crazy outfits. But unlike her wedding dress for "Truth Hurts," Lizzo's other performances don't involve all-white bridal styles. Instead, she wears sequins, tassels, glitter, spandex, fishnets, and more, and we're here for it. Plus, peep her hair. Amazing!

11 But Coffee Runs Draw Attention, Too

The Image Direct/Twitter

Looking at Lizzo's impromptu coffee run side-by-side with the glam shots she posts on social media, it's clear which snap she was unprepared for. Still, she had her nails did and her sunnies on, and the bling around her neck spoke for itself. We're sure she prefers the juice promo, but honestly, it's all the same to us.

10 Makeup Like This Doesn’t Do Itself


When you look this good, you ignore signs that say no photos! And even more proof that it's not necessarily the bomb lighting that makes Lizzo look good. This is the same style she wore on stage, yet in natural light, she still looks phenomenal. Definitely a staged snap, but we don't even care.

9 But When Her Stylist Recommended This…


We can't exactly say that the photographer who captured this image caught Lizzo off guard... After all, it looks like she's posing... That said, whoever instructed her to wear this sleeping-bag looking garment is no friend. Clearly, Lizzo did not look in a mirror before sitting down for this photo shoot.

8 Not Every Look Is Uber-Glam

Boston Herald

Just another day on the job for Lizzo, who looks more painted to perfection in this snap than any of us could in real life. Again, this was for a photoshoot, but Lizzo's eclectic style and attitude come through clearly. From the patterned jacket to the see-through top to her natural hair, we love it all.

7 Casual Outings Cause A Stir

Houston Chronicle

Chron reported that Lizzo visited a local university campus to encourage up-and-coming artists. And clearly, she was prepared for the cameras. Her all-white ensemble made for perfect action shots as she toured the school, watched the band perform, and smiled and posed like the diva she is.

6 She Can Rock Rainbows, Too


Honestly, who looks good in rainbow print? Again, the answer is Lizzo. She looks good in anything, and part of it is the attitude. Of course, she definitely underwent hours of prep time to get this style just right, if her green strands are any indication.

5 Her Style Is 100 Percent On Point


How can Lizzo manage to look angelic in a dress that would make the rest of us look like an ostrich? The stylist for this shoot knew what they were doing, because, despite the fluffy feathering on this dress, Lizzo looks absolutely picturesque. And pastels? Way to switch things up.

4 But Her Street Wear Is More Casual


As unlikely as it seems, Lizzo can also be the girl next door. Sure, this two-piece ensemble isn't something all of us can rock. But the outfit is a more casual look than we're used to. And judging by the look on Lizzo's face, she wasn't prepared for paparazzi to start clicking.

3 She Rocked Waist-Length Purple Hair


Really, need we say more? Not just anyone can pull off purple, waist-length hair plus a geometrically-styled single-piece outfit. But again, the leotard look is something Lizzo can totally nail, and she's had plenty of practice rocking these types of 'fits on stage. She can also get down while wearing inches-high heels.

2 But Music Festivals Weren’t Always Catwalks


At a music and arts festival back in 2016, Redbull interviewed Lizzo about her Prince collab and emerging career… These days, of course, Lizzo wouldn’t dare step out in a tank top and fisherman-style hat… Right? Either way, she probably wasn't prepared for the impromptu interview, but she handled it like a champ anyway.

1 But Sometimes Her Attitude Gets Away With Her


Most of the time, the attitude and facial expressions you see on Lizzo are more or less fake. After all, she's got a stage persona to keep up appearances with. The thing is, sometimes her inner diva comes out (and she's different from the outer diva, trust us), and we get epic snaps like this one.

Sources: Chron, E Online

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