12 Grossest Food Combos That Sound Oh So Wrong But Taste Oh So Right

Are you a closet eater? When someone rings your doorbell unannounced, do you have to stash all your weird snacks around the house? Well don't worry, you're not alone, and you won't be judged. So take the pickles and whipped cream out from under the couch cushions and stack them on your coffee table proudly for all your guests to see.

When you were a child, you could get away with a lot. Things like mustard and ketchup sandwiches might have made your parents give you a funny look, but you paid no mind to their disdain. You were a kid and didn't have a care in the world.

Now as an adult, you find yourself still craving the weird food combinations that you loved as a child, or rather, you've developed new ones and mastered them.

If you haven't tried it, then don't knock on it! Here are some food combos that would make a regular person gag, but we guarantee that it might tickle the tastebuds in all the right ways.

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12 Tuna on Pizza

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If you're use to eating a traditional pizza then it may come as a surprise that some people might enjoy cracking open a can of tuna fish and adding it as a topping. If you've been hiding this peculiar additional pizza topping, don't worry, you're not the only one.

11 Blue Cheese and Popcorn

Most people are satisfied with adding butter and salt to their popcorn, but if you are not like most people, then surely you have tried your own concoctions. Blue cheese might be stinky, but when paired with popcorn, you'll gladly accept the smell as a small obstacle.

10 Eggs and Peanut Butter

via kellyrunsforfood.com

Peanut butter and eggs might sound like an unlikely duo, but in retrospect, they're both breakfast foods. If you're feeling adventurous during your next breakfast, why not try this peculiar sandwich? You might love it.

9 Ketchup on Everything

via friendshipoverfries.blogspot.com

We all have that friend who puts ketchup on anything and everything. Like putting ketchup on eggs isn't bad enough, right? Wrong. It's absolutely delicious. A hardcore ketchup lover will stop at nothing, no one food is safe. Ketchup sandwiches aren't even off the menu.

8 Mayo on Pizza

via huffingtonpost.com

Mayo on pizza doesn't sound like the best idea. Not only is it frowned upon, but it just doesn't seem necessary. But if you fold your pizza in half and think of it as a sandwich, then mayo will start making more and more sense to you.

7 Dipping Your Bread Into Coca Cola

via quittingsugar.com

Now this might be one of the weirdest combinations ever. It's completely normal to eat a sandwich accompanied by a glass of coca cola, but to dip your crust into your glass? Now that's just messed up... or is it? According to the few people who have tried this, it tastes amazing.

6 Chips and Ice Cream

via smritidisaac.wordpress.com

We've all heard of the classic duo that is french fries and milkshakes. So why would ice cream and chips be any different? They're basically the same foods only presented in a different form. Next time you're craving salty and sweet, try it out!

5 Dark Chocolate and Beets

via avocadoplease.com

Most of the time, the only thing people like about beets is their pinkish color. We've all tried them in a salad with vinaigrette but with dark chocolate? Never. It definitely doesn't look that bad, but don't let the pretty colors fool you.

4 Coffee and Salt

via lifestyle.toggle.sg

Never thought of this alternative for sugar? Well that makes two of us. Maybe you've tried this by mistake, and to your surprise liked it? Or maybe you spat it out in disgust. Either way, it's a thing.

3 PB & Hummus

via veganepicurean.blogspot.com

It seems like the only thing these two ingredients have in common is that they both have the word ''pea'' in them. But this vegan concoction is a delicious healthy treat. Whether it be on toast or with cucumbers.

2 Fries And Whipped Cream

via llfblog.com

This tasty treat will surely hit all your taste buds. You don't have to hide your whipped cream bottle when you go out for burgers with your friends anymore. After trying it for themselves, they'll be thanking you.

1 Omelettes with Honey

via honeywhatscooking.com

If you're getting bored with your conventional breakfast, try this dish for a change. The honey will give your omelets the boost it needs to satisfy your indecisiveness. No more picking between a salty or sweet breakfast, now you can have both.

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