12 Life Hacks For Traveling With Kids

Traveling with kids is definitely not the same as traveling with adults. Without kids, you rarely have to worry about being the noisy person on the plane, or getting bored on a long road trip. With kids you have to worry about that and so much more!

These genius ideas will help you make your traveling a little bit easier – even for your kids! So get ready to enjoy those well-deserved vacations. All aboard!

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12 The Bunk Beds


If you're staying with family they're probably welcoming you with open arms, but maybe with not enough beds for everyone! These portable bunk beds are a great idea to give the kids a safe place to sleep during the trip. They are also great for camping trips! Get them here.

11 The Snack Basket


The snack basket is the most essential thing to have on a road trip, especially a long, boring one! Make sure you include plenty of everyone's favorites. Don't forget a ton of wet wipes and hand sanitizer.

10 The Carry-On


As much as you'd like to pack all your flight essentials and important documents in your favorite purse, you might need to switch to a bigger, better option when you have kids. Look for a spacious backpack that will fit everything from your gadgets and travel documents to an extra change of clothes for you and baby, and plenty of toys and snacks for the little one.

If you are traveling with a baby, a carrier might make your life so much easier than a stroller when navigating through the airport!

9 In-Flight Entertainment


Entertaining a baby or a child on a long plane ride could be a hard thing to do. If they're not big sleepers, you might have to think of new ways to keep them from screaming bloody murder for 5 hours. A good idea might be to bring gel clings (like those on the photo), new books or even a traveling backpack with different options to keep them entertained.

8 The Travel Tray


It's hard for the kids to do fun stuff while they're strapped to their car seats, but you can always bring them travel trays (that you can make yourself!) so they have a place to color, draw, watch movies, or craft on.

7 The Portable Legos


Legos can be a pain in the butt. They're so small, if they fall you'll probably lose them forever – and as luck will have it, you'll probably end up losing the one piece your kid suddenly can't live without. But there is a genius way to take them on the road – or on the air! Make your own portable Lego kit, where your kid can build whatever they'd like without losing pieces!

6 Plane TV


Give yourself a few minutes of well-deserved peace and quiet during a plane ride by installing your iPhone on the seat in front of your kid using a zip-lock bag. Don't forget the headphones!

5 Maximize The Space


Traveling means that you will have limited space to carry all the necessities for your child. Be very smart about packing! Use containers in various sizes to compartmentalize your bag – you'll be able to carry more without having to invest in a larger bag.

4 The Travel Bag Surprise


Kids get excited about vacations pretty easily, but usually they don't love the actual traveling involved – especially when there's a long road trip involved. Save yourself thousands of "are we there yet?"s by packing surprise travel bags to be opened at certain points during the road trip. You can pack a new book, snack or activity in each bag.

3 DIY Road Trip Games


There are a lot of road trip games that you can play with your kids along the way, but if you personalize one so that it's specifically for your family – or your destination! – you might get them even more excited about the ride. This DIY "Would You Rather: Disney Edition" game is a great example.

2 The Sleeping Tent


If it's hard for your kids to catch some z's during a flight, make it a little exciting! Make sure you bring a blanket (or ask the flight attendant for one) and then make their very own sleeping tent. It will keep the light out and will be like a little fun adventure before the real adventure begins.

1 Bring Two Of Everything


If your kid loves their pacifier, make sure you bring plenty of them! You don't want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere (and by that I mean 30,000 feet above the ground, maybe) without your only pacifier.

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